And that was 2015.

Image Bar Again the last day of the year. What has happened again soon! Last year we sat around this time in France in the snow, fleeing the fireworks. Now you don’t have to, Brandir doesn’t like it but isn’t really upset. Chidish and Cytaugh have not responded to this until now and therefore do not seem to suffer from it. Hopefully that will stay that way! Still a big walk with the hounds in the PANNEHOEF, normally they can go loose some pieces but because of the nice weather it was so busy that they had to remain largely on the line. Bales but yes, they only run a round, at five thousand square meters you can also enjoy. For this year I had once again enrolled for the Winner. Fortunately Sonja offered to come and go along, I had them all three reported so good help I could use and Simon’s hobby is not it! So Sunday the thirteenth left we packed early in the morning and slumped towards Amsterdam. Chidish and Cytaugh behaved exemplary, truly Deerhound worthy. 20151213_114812

Chidish also showed neat, but Cytaugh made a jar of it, which really must be ‘ shown ‘ in advance. They both got a lot of promising from Willem outer camp. Brandir showed himself from no angles, he clearly has no more fun in it and yes, you can do better with a sack of potatoes in the ring, which is more manageable then. He got the reserve CAC and reserve CACIB. After the show it is always good rest, especially if you can safely lie with your father.


20151213_120515_resized     Since Chidish defeated his sister at the battle for best puppy he had to appear in the honour ring in the afternoon. This was a good experience for him, great ring, lots of people, loud music and many other dogs. He was impressed, but showed himself fairly well. Cytaugh had already had it and just wanted to go home. So as soon as I came out of the honour ring, where Chidish of course was not selected, we took our mess together and walked towards the exit. Cytaugh, who had not done a pee all day, despite several requests, could not stop and did just before the exit, in the middle of the hall, a big puddle on the clean, shiny, marble floor! Then they have to make sure that the exhaust places are just as clean, they would have thought. And Right She has! The weekend after I was allowed to approve in Cuijk. The quality of the hounds was severely attacking me, something that has already been noticed by me and many other greyhound stadium judgements in recent years. Many errors are; Too few or just too many ribwelving (Italian greyhounds!), much less nobility in the heads by high foreheads and non parallel lines, too few lendewelving, short tails, too steep on the wrists and of course a bad gait work. And if you give a ZG because the hound is a very disturbing mistake or has so many mistakes that one you really can’t do, you’ll be watched as a judge angry. The people had to read the qualification rules and the standard of their race, they would understand. But it’s not nice if you wait for the moment your winner steps into the ring and that doesn’t happen! Anyway, hopefully it will be better in the coming years with the quality. Picture Coloured Cross   Another few hours and we’ll slip the new year back in. What will it bring us? I wish; That people are taking a little more account of each other, which are less aggressive on each other, just being more socially and friendlier against each other. That makes life a lot finer!

Happy NEW Year!!!


IMG_0690 October has been in the sign of RONO Beach for many years. We've been there almost every year, mostly with coursing hounds but in recent years only with hounds running on Friday. Sonja has also consistently been present in recent years. This year, during the training, Brandir started halfway through the trail after Bernice had walked the first piece. Brandir started full surrender and walked a good second half together with Bernice. The puppies also walked a quarter of the course with great enthusiasm. The days after were pure relaxation, a little walking and courses watching. Monday the 19th everything is packed again and home. IMG_4590 Thursday 22nd of October I left for Hermannsburg. I would stay a long weekend with Sonja and walk the show in HanoveIMG_4600r on the Saturday. In order not to make it Stressig we had the Friday load. For the puppies it was the first time they came to Sonja but they found everything fine and beautiful. Only the stairs running to sleep above with me, gave some problems. After two nights we decided that they would have to stay downstairs. And that went fine! Saturday to the show. Brandir still needs one CACIB and I had hoped to address him here. Unfortunately, this kite did not get up, he got the reserve. Chidish and Cytaugh behaved exemplary and this time became Chidish best Jüngsten. So We were able to go home in time to make another big walk. IMG_4605 IMG_4621 Copy       The next day it was fine again to take pictures and.. They have succeededIMG_4645 Copy!                     IMG_4652 Copy                It took some time but the result is also there!         IMG_4663 Copy            IMG_4674IMG_4680    IMG_4671 Copy                                         On these photos are Cytaugh and Chidish 7 months young and Brandir nearly 3.5 years.      

And on Monday another nice piece walked. It was again beautiful weather and the trees were brilliantly discoloring! The hounds were very run loose and had fun for ten!

IMG_4688 IMG_4692   IMG_4699                    

Tuesday morning my mess packed up again and home. Quickly cleared the car and cleared the caravan because Thursday we left again for a weekend CC2000. Again we had beautiful weather! Simon and Gert Jan had a nice trail with an obstacle in it. In Total there were such a thick 60 hounds, but the most beautiful courses were those with 7 Afghans and 4 Saluki's, always a joy to watch. Brandir and Bernice have walked together with a Barsoi and also Chidish and Cytaugh were allowed to have a piece. It was again a wonderful weekend!

CropBrandir about the obstacle!


Picture Thistle   The month of September started with the Puppydag in Waalwijk. For this day some 50 puppies of all breeds were reported including Aislinn, Cytaugh and Chidish. Cytaugh and Chidish thought it was great to see Marijn, Theo and Aislinn again! In the first game round, where in each group five puppies were judged by two masters, both Cytaugh and Aislinn were first and Chidish second in their group. In the second round, with four puppies per group, Cytaugh and Aislinn were again first and Chidish had a shared first place. The third weds battle round is a second chance round, the puppies that were previously last placed. In the fourth game round, Cytaugh was second, Chidish third and Aislinn first. In the fifth round, Cytaugh and Chidish had to enter the same group while Marijn ha20150906_143624 (6)d to Aislinn in the ring simultaneously. So I had to arrange a handler for Chidish. Yes, and a Deerhound show is something else! So this was the last round for Chidish, he was placed fourth and flew out. Cytaugh became first in the group and Aislinn third. So Aislinn and Cytaugh went on to the sixth game round and were fourth and third in their group of 9 puppies. Now it became exciting because there were only eight puppies to the final and there were really some wonderful puppies! Aislinn was finally eighth and Cytaugh sixth. The puppies were after all that show of course tired but they have gained a great experience and that was what it was about. Picture Coloured Bar Two weeks later we had the young dog-Veterans Day of Stichting group Greyhounds. There were 15 Deerhounds reported of which the veterans male was absent. Chidish was only in his class and Cytaugh and Aislinn stood with their two in class from 4 to 6 months. Aislinn became first and Cytaugh second. In the end Barnes more Energy of Viola and Wolfgang Müller became Best young Deerhound. It was a nice day, slightly fresh but fortunately dry! Image Hound with Hare The weekend next was the coursing in Lichtenvoorde. We always like to go here; The atmosphere is pleasant, you will be fine with the caravan, a large coursingveld where a good route can be put on, friendly people and you can walk in the surroundings. On Friday afternoon was the training and of course Brandir, Chidish and Cytaugh also walked. First we let Chidish walk a bit, he went like a spear behind the hare. Meanwhile, Cytaugh was on the side barking of excitement, when she was finally also allowed to run very well. Next, Brandir was allowed. When Brandir is started on the turntable, he runs the stars of Heaven. It's not to believe how hard he can! So that's why his straight abdominal muscle is soured so quickly, he gets hurt and really doesn't want to walk anymore. The next day we let them run in the break again, but then Simon made the start more or less next to the turntable to make it easier for me. But for Brandir this did not work; He did not start but when Cytaugh Losschoot and behind the Hare, Brandir did join. With such a small circle of a few hundred meters he gets no trouble and if he has it, we might be able to build it. But in the meantime we have to go cycling a bit more, his condition really leaves to be desired. Anyway, unfortunately Cytaugh and Chidish may still not participate next year, but we hope to be back from the party in Lichtenvoorde.


Image Hound with Hare   The last month was a busy month, much on the road and a concern. The weekend crowning mountain, early August, was reasonably relaxed. It was for CIMG_3975hidish and Cytaugh the first great trip, staying in the caravan, meeting many, many other greyhounds and people, the first show experience and for the first time in ' public ' walking a piece of coursing. They did great, loved everything, showed up well above expectations and walked very enthusiastically behind the hare. IMG_3976IMG_3978 Sonja also came to let Bernice take part in the coursing. She ran together with Lotte from Alex and Dini. They weren't splattered courses, both of them weren't really in a top condition. But they had fun and that's what it's all about. It turned out that in the reception they had a decent collision as Bernice could not stop on time, the proof delivered this picture of Annemiek. Luckily they diDSC08994adn't like it. But I have to say that I found it extremely childish of a number of people to whine about the fact that Sonja and I took pictures of Chidish and Cytaugh on the edge of the Coursingveld. There was no dog bother, we and the puppies did not make any noise and were also absolutely not in the careers of the coursing hounds, there is no one on or to look at. And yet people have to complain about it. These people have probably never been in layman's times, but it happened that the coursing hounds walked between the audience! A good hound has no trouble and if he does, he is not haasvast! WednesIMG_4153dIMG_4098aPicture C18y August 12th I went with the hounds to the Losloopbos in thirst. After half an hour I came across a small Scottish Collie. The animal looked badly neglected, the fur was full of tangles and there were crusts on the nose. After having hung around fIMG_4245or 20 minutes on the ' site ', having listened or was not called and asked several passers-by to know if they knew this dog, I decided to take the poor animal with me. Given the size and yuling I was convinced that it was a bitch of around 10 years. I had also felt under the belly whether it was a male but couldn't find anything, just tangles. The Collie just walked with me towards the car but in it they didn't. After I lifted them up and put them in the car, they crawled in a corner and popped into each other. While driving, I saw that she was terrified! Such an old dog afraid of driving, very strange. I rode right along my vet to see if she was chipped and if so if it was registered. chipped but not registered. IMG_4249 I went home to see the poor animal and I was terrified. This dog was not a bit in the burdock but was almost totally felt, including felt strands and huge tangles! My idea to put the scissors in there, I put straight out of my head, that was uninitiated work. I wrote a cry of distress to Annemiek and the next morning she stood by me on the pavement, armed with razors and a bottle of dog shampoo. We placed the kitchen table by the window, hung a running light for extra light, put a rubber mat on the table, put the Collie on it and started to work. As Annemiek progressed, the bewilderment was greater. How couldIMG_4261 people neglect an animal so terribly!!! Annemiek has peeled her like an orange! When the belly came to a turn, it suddenly turned out that it was a male! We didn't come up with laughter anymore! Yes, and then suddenly you can say no more to him, so after several names have passed, it became IMG_4275Remy. You know it, from ' only in the world '. In Total, Remy had four hours on the table before his jacket was out. In the pictures you can see that I mean that literally!!! After the shaving we washed him nicely but we had to dunk him twice before he didn't feel any more fat.   IMG_4278

And that's how he looked after his makeover. Deliciously Fresh!

In the course of the ensuing days, Remy went on to run better and at some point he even lifted his paw to urinate. Who knows how long he hasn't been able to do that because of all the tangles! By now I had decided that Remy would not go back to his old owners anyway, they were allowed to pop up. People who neglect their dog are not yet worthy of a toy dog! In the meantime, he had adapted perfectly, ate well and listened to his new name. We would find a good home for him but first he had to go to Germany where we would have Trautskirchen the Deerhound Jahresausstellung on Saturday 22nd August.

Before we left on Wednesday 19 August, an email from Annemiek came that Remy was missing but the fine didn't know. Later that week she had seen this on the site of Amivedi and after consultation Annemiek has passed our telephone number.

Packing and dropping, with the dog basket extra for Remy, we left towards Trautskirchen. After one night we arrived in Trautskirchen. It was pretty hot and we had to protect Remy from burning the sun, because yes, of course he didn't have a coat anymore, but still wanted to lie in the sun.

Picture Coloured triangleFriday night we were called by a woman who said that we had her dog. After she passed the chip number, we said that I would let it read out and call her back on Sunday. Sunday it was indeed her dog. At first she wanted to get Remy right, but I said that we would stand on Monday near Frankfurt and that it was better to get him there. And so came to pass; Monday afternoon they came to get Remy. Fortunately, Remy was happy to see his owners again and after a penetrating conversation with some advice (Remy was way too thick and drank too little from himself), we gave Remy with it. They promised that they would bring him to the groomer more often because they couldn't keep up, Remy wouldn't allow it! This dog had not learned from childhood that life was more than twice a day a round in always the same forest and every day the same chunks!

When I saw him again a few weeks later because I had his collar and she was mine, I was shocked by his sad expression on his snoot. He looked even older and was just as thick as when I found him. Poor animal. With pain in my heart I left, knowing that I could not do anything for him.

Anyway, back to Trautskirchen. For this Jahresausstellung, 77 hounds were reported for Bryan Doak of the Rosslyn kennel in Ireland. First, the veterans and then the puppies were approved. Chidish stood with one other male in his class and won. Cytaugh had two females in her class, but honestly these were not competition either. So Cytaugh had to IMG_4351fight her brother for best Baby and this she won. At the end of the day she was even Baby Best in Show! Brandir obtained a third place in the Championship class. It was a bit of an atmospheric show with little really nice Deerhounds, the quality in Germany clearly goes backwards. Best male and BOB eventually became land Lord von der Oelmühle of Florent Friedrich and best bitch was barns more Energy of Life by Viola and Wolfgang Müller.

IMG_4379 Copy

Sunday was the coursing. The terrain was strongly inclined and by the sun and the wind, bone dry. This resulted in a large number of injuries, while some hounds were ontvelt. Bernice started out in the morning and walked a good course, but in the afternoon she threw her hat again (but at least she had no broken feet!) and finished in last place.


  Monday the mess packed up again and drove towards Camping Park Wispertal. (End of the afternoon Remy was picked up here.) We have been here for a number of days before we went to Bad Homburg on Friday, where Sonja would help to build the show and I tried to sell some ceramics, and Brandir, Cytaugh and Chidish had signed up for the show. Cytaugh became best Baby and Brandir BOB. Sunday 30 August once again packed up again and at the end of the afternoon we were back home, a dog poorer.


IMG_3959 And here then a few pictures of our bantam Faverolles. I find the very fine kadam because they are not aggressive towards each other, almost not brooding and just look very nice! The dark colored, top right, is the rooster. IMG_3962     Below our old Favi, which the stockpot is sprung. She is now about 10 years. IMG_3964     Aren't they cute?

Murder of O'Cockaigne Estate!

Two weeks ago, Sonja came here to give her self-bred Faverolles to me. Two hens and a rooster. We had agreed that they would slaughter the three Wyandottes, which did not lay eggs, and that we would pick up a few Faverolles in Zwartewaal. So said so done. The young Faverolles quickly felt at home and our old Favi liked it, so of that young stuff around him. IMG_3935 On Friday-afternoon, Marijn and Theo brought the pedigrees of Cytaugh and Chidish. They had taken Aislinn of course, and the puppies thought it was great to see each other again, they had giant fun. While we enjoyed a glass of cult and a Harinkje, these three played continuously. Really enjoy! IMG_3938 IMG_3940           After Sonja had left again on Sunday, I had a quiet week in which I could give my attention to the puppies and the young Kadam, a little bit could best rattle and a bit of sculpting. The Kadam had to be put on every evening and the five out of Zwartewaal still did not understand how they had to go out in the morning. But…. Last Wednesday morning they all suddenly walked outside and they all sat neatly next to each other in the evening! Hey, hey, they had it through. They grow like cabbage, like Chidish and Cytaugh, and eat the ears of my head. But yesterday morning struck the doom. While I was feeding the hounds I heard a huge uproar outside, all the birds beat alarm; Robins, magpies, blackbirds,, everything. When I ran to the coop, I saw a large bird of prey taking off from the Ren. There was no Faverolle to see, they all had hiding in and under the green, except that one, who lay lifeless on the ground. It was a Zwartewaal Faavje, it had clearly underestimated the danger and had fallen victim to it. I am sure the old Favi she has warned, she is very good at that, but the Zwartewaal five has never learned this and they will not have responded to her cries. A very hard lesson for the others, I haven't seen the rest of the day. Only this afternoon they walked around more freely and came out of my hand eating. I did yesterday afternoon a big just tense over the open piece in the run because the rover knows now that there is something to get. Well, beautiful no more!

Petition for name change.

Picture Standing Deerhound   I met the following petition on the American Deerhound list. One wants to change the name Deerhound to Scottish Deerhound and I think that is a good thing. The breed finally comes from Scotland. So, Scottish Deerhounds lovers, sign this petition!!! https://www.change.org/p/ Caroline-Kisko-Secretary-and-director-of-Communications-the-kennel-club-LONDON-to-re-designated-the-broad-currently-registered-as-the-deerhound-to-the-Scottish-deerhound-in-recognition-of-its-iconic-status-as-the-only-native-Scottish-hound ? recruiter = 55649174 & utm_source = share_petition & utm_medium = Facebook & utm_campaign = autopublish & utm_term = des-LG-NO_SRC-Reason_msg  

Chidish and Cytaugh

IMG_3799 Copy By now we are a few weeks further and Chidish and Cytaugh have found their turn well. Brandir is incredibly refurbished and eats like a boat worker, he's even on the thick side! He enjoys plenty of his children, plays with them, keeps an eye on them and feeds them on. IMG_3801 Copy IMG_3817 Copy                 IMG_3829             Chidish Chidish and Cytaugh amuse themselves expensive with the many toys that are rondslingert, the pine apples and branches that lie everywhere, the chickens and everything that creeps and flies.       Cytaugh … And the proud Papa Brandir Also they have found their cool spot for when it is hot. We are not so happy about it, because they dig up the wiring of the garden lights and the dry, mulled sand walls of course terribly but they find it such a nice place that we still allow it.IMG_3853 Copy   They regularly go to BOS and HEI and Brandir always takes them along in his wake. Especially Cytaugh finds this very exciting and also shows the greatest guts. A promise for the future!! IMG_3857 CopyIMG_3863                         IMG_3886 CopyIMG_3890

World Exhibition and puppies.

Image Sir Brian     On Monday 8 June we left the beginning of the afternoon in the direction of the world exhibition in Italy. One night just in France and two in the Black Forest, southern Germany. Here, Simon had found a nice campsite at a height of 1100 meters and we went sporting, hiking, mountain. Thursday to Pavia where we thought to find a nice campsite again. The staff was very friendly and helpful, the room was very small. On Saturday the greyhounds were approved in the_DSC6378 huge exhibition hall in Milan. Since the Deerhounds were the first to turn, I had the opportunity to follow several inspections. The inspection of the Deerhounds was strange to say the least, but that was not only with the Deerhounds. Manipulated tails were placed, the other side of the line was very often important, totally unsound hounds, which really cannot walk normally, were placed above Sounde hounds and so on. Fortunately, both Whippet inspections were a joy to look at. Anyway, Sunday we left for home as we agreed with Marijn to Chidish and Cytaugh on Tuesday afternoon. We are delighted about this!   TuIMG_3704 Copyesday afternoon June 16, finally. The three puppies walked outside with Marijn and after a chat and received some papers, we did Cytaugh and Chidish on the leash, in the car and home. What was Brandir happy when he saw those two apenkoppen the car coming out! After having walked around a little, theIMG_3713 Copy fence of the dam went and played and ran around as if they were not used otherwise. All the toys were taken out of the basket and scattered over the terrain, Brandir also had to retaliate, but this did not look bIMG_3724 Copyad at all!IMG_3716 CopyIMG_3705 Copy           IMG_3742                       Yes, and then we have to sleep, but of course two on one bed.       IMG_3762 Copy     And meanwhile they grow like cabbage. They are not afraid of anything, find everyone and everything fun and interesting, so far nothing has been demolished, eat well and listen to their name. It's a wonderful couple!   IMG_3769                IMG_3771 Copy   And if Chidish has another sleeping spot, Cytaugh crawls at Brandir. IMG_3764 IMG_3786 Copy     After sleeping and eating it has to be played again. We had to leave the ' Dog Bank ', which is now nice. This afternoon Chidish discovered the hole and the first picking flew all around. It will not be long before we have to get a new ' dog Bank '. But first they can still have fun!

Young stuff.

IMG_3606 A few weeks ago I heard a beep while I was walking the water. I searched for a litter but couldn't find anything. In the end it turned out to get the beep from the jar that stands between the front door and the outside crane. The first days we saw the parents not so often but the young stuff became more and more hungry and the parents got it busy. With the camera in the attack I took place in the dooIMG_3615r opening of the caravan that was ready before leaving for Tüttleben. Both PA and Ma Mees flew off and on with caterpillars and flies.IMG_3616     Flying into it is not that difficult, but we did wonder how the young birds had to come from that jar. How Ma and PA did I could capture but the boy had already flown out when we came back six days later from Tüttleben. IMG_3623IMG_3620               In the same period, Sonja had a number of Faverole eggs hatched by her chicken. They have come out just before Pentecost. Four small Favi's and one dresdener dwarf. If they are large enough they will live in the Oekelsbos.   On Saturday the 30th of May we picked up the puppies and went to the shopping centre in Etten-Leur. It was very funny to see the differences in the characters so clearly. Aislinn regularly sat down on her gatje to handle the impressions, Cytaugh walked along very well to the strap but went into the brakes occasionally and then started to buck and Chidish was exactly in the midIMG_3625 Copydle of the character. We may have walked 500 meters but already did almost an hour ago! After this we went to our house where Brandir completely got out of his roof. What was he happy surprised to see the puppIMG_3632 Copyies!   IMG_3644 Copy          Cytaugh was the boldest, she went right with toy dragging and gently challenged her father. It's preferable to play brandir with them, but that's not going to be, he still has to wait a few more monthIMG_3639 Copys! Chidish is a real Beerhound! Both normal beer and white Hoegaarden tasted him well. After this trip we brought them back to Marijn. Another 10 days are waiting and then Chidish and Cytaugh come to the Oekelsbos for good.

A tour of Germany.

scannen0004   After on Wednesday the 15th of April the car packed with clothing and footwear for show and coursing, Brandir's show-and Coursingspullen and three Pinus's of thick and a half meter length, left Brandir and I on Thursday morning towards Hermannsburg. By celebrating, Brandir and Bernice could greet each other. After having walked the hounds first, the PINUSN went into the ground and Sonja and I loaded my stuff in the camper. Friday morning we headed towards ' Gut Bast ', near Großenaspe, for a weekend show and coursing. When we were about 10 kilometers away Klingelde the phone. Simon. He reported that at half past eleven a mail had come in from Dennis Buroh, the sonderleiter of the show, with the announcement that foreigners were not welcome. One reason was not there! It is of course crazy to send an email to someone who still has to travel 700 kilometers the next day to take part in the show. Anyway we arrived as if we knew nothing, Dennis and his mother greeted and asked if everything went well. Right, we were told that there were problems with the veterinary Office and that the foreign hounds were not welcome. There were all sorts of vague reasons, strange stories told and excuses concocted. We were also told that all foreigners had been notified on Wednesday by phone or e-mail. Sonja responded by saying that I was foreigner and did not hear anything. Dennis muttered something of that the email probably hadn't arrived and that there was a solution to be found. Then Sonja climbed into the phone to discuss with the President of the Landesgruppe and hear how the fork was in the stalk. A thick hour later we took the decision to mention in Brandir's passport Sonja as co-owner to solve all problems and to be nagging and to make sure that Brandir could participate in the show. When we showed Dennis the mail that Simon had been forwarding in the meantime, he said that it had taken a long time!!! For the DWZRV-Sieger show, 13 Deerhounds were reported. Fortunately, the Czech Keur Mistress recognized the right type of Deerhound but still gave far too many U-tak. Brandir became best male and Edlyn Shadrachs gift to Caoinlan, a beautiful female of Danuta Materzok-Köppen, became BOB. Bernice won the Open class with the reserve CAC but since Edlyn is in the waiting period she cannot use the CAC and moves it to Bernice. With this, Bernice became German champion!!! Edlyn Shadrachs Gift to Caoinlan makes an ugly slider. [/caption]   On Sunday the coursing took place. The field was an event area where polo competitions were also held. It was huge, super tight, just cut (very nice in stripes) and so in the morning, through the moisture in the loose grass, very smooth. Several hounds made a slider. The route that had been turned off did not exceed the 500 meters while you could have put at least 1000 without difficulty. Also it was very unimaginative and even dangerous. After that the Barsoi's had walked first, the trail was changed somewhat, something more length was created and a ridiculous point was taken out. At the Deerhounds were 8 bitches reported, 7 present. In the first turn, Bernice ran with Craige or Canadagh Caoinlan of Evi Neserke. This has only walked the half course and was withdrawn for the second round. Bernice walked, after an arduous start, 53 points together, which was good for a second place! In the afternoon she was classified with Edlyn Shadrachs gift to Caoinlan, which was at the top of 54 poinIMG_3489ts. Bernice started again very laboriously and also kept it in the same weather. She first greeted a jury member and then walked to me. I sent them back again and after saying goodbye to the jury, she made the cold. Miraculously, she got no N.D. and landed on the fifth, so last place. Monday morning we packed the stuff again and left for Flessenow. A tiny village on a dead end, located on the Schweriner See. A lake south of Wismar. Here Sonja had found a quiet campsite where we remained until Friday. The weather was perfect although a fresh breeze from the lake was blowing the campground. We could enjoy walking and cycling and during the first walk I saw something, which seemed very much like a snake, shooting away. It was about 50 cm long and brown/black in color. During the walk we heard and saw more shooting. Once back, Sonja first looked up what it was, it turned out to be young esculaap gezondheidswinkel snakes, fortunately not toxic. The following days I regularly took my camera to record one on the sensitive plate, but of course we didn't see one more. IMG_3526On Monday evening there was a very nice sunset and at some point the moon stood between the trees and there was a bright Venus. BeautifuIMG_3532l! We have had a wonderful week holiday and have completely come to rest. Even Silva was occasionally relaxed when Brandir lay at her on bed! Because normally she likes the space and her rest. This is really a unique shotIMG_3535!             As it was quite warm, it was wonderful that during the cycling the hounds could occasionally cool down in the lake. But because IMG_3539of the strong wind there were some waves and that made it very exciting! Brandir always sees scary beasts in the water.     IMG_3542   Friday morning we left again but it is highly recommended if we go back to Wismar in the future to stick to this campsite a few days before or after the busy weekend. Early afternoon we arrived in Wismar. Angelika was there fifteen minutes later. After installing, the cult tasted delicious again. Sonja and Angelika worked in the ring on Saturday at the Galgo Jahresausstellung. When the show was going to start, there was a huge mood down, everyone and everything was soaked at once. There were only three Deerhounds reported for the show. Bernice was the only bitch and got it CAC and became forest, Brandir BOB. Later in the day, Brandir was selected for the first three for BIS, but as a beautiful Galgo ran into it, it was bis. Sunday only Bernice and Brandir walked the coursing. They went again as a spear of start only stopped Brandir after a few hundred meters. With his eyes he followed the hare and when the weather was over he went back again. Bernice ran a wonderful course. We have the idea that they only start well when the hare is just before their nose, they can start very quickly and if they are allowed to walk together! This is of course a bit tricky with competitions. In the afternoon it actually went the same, Bernice ran fine and Brandir but the half course. Pity but maybe it C20comes again. The secretariat acted for no meter. This was the day before the registration started. All booklets were thrown together, without numbering, in a bucket. We have been working for two hours to select and number them. Angelika helped on Sunday, but occasionally came out with a red head on the camper. The person behind the computer could not do this work at all, it all went far too slowly and when the computer went on to lead his own life, the disaster could not be overlooked. Angelika could not bring any change. It took forever to start with the second turn, at the award ceremony we have had to wait all the time. What a Drama!!! But the person in question thinks that she is doing it all well and is not going to leave it to another next year. Not very baguma. Monday morning we wrapped up the mess and left for Hermannsburg, after which I drove back home on Tuesday. The holiday was up again. Picture Coloured Bar      

Puppies and chocolate coursing

C14   Since the last few months, Bernice suffered from skin irritation, we made an appointment in De Bilt before Wednesday 8 April. Bernice's Kidney energy and self-confidence has improved tremendously after its castration but now it appeared that her spleen energy was on the low side and that can naturally express itself in skin problems. Chidish Thursday evening we are looking at the puppies creature. What grow that hard! They already got themselves insured by the coffin and showed playing habits. The male, Chidish, already has a real reuenkop and Cytaugh and Aislinn, the girls, are really feminine. In terms of construction, they also look very promising. IMG_3461 Copy       Friday morning we packed up the lot again and we headed for Axel. We had long ago Brandir and Bernice signed up for the chocolate coursing and because it is always good to be there we would see if Brandir would walk. Bernice started wavering but better than in Tüttleben. Brandir went along but after a few IMG_3468 Copyhundred meters he stopped. Sin. Bernice happily walked through. Brandir got just enough points from the jury to start again in the second round, but again he walked a small piece and then ended. Bernice was first with the CACNL, good for a glass of cult!      


IMG_3292 Last weekend, 27-28 and March 29th, we were back in Tüttleben. The Thuringia Windhundclub was allowed to organize the DWZRV-Siegercoursing this weekend. Initially, the weather forecasts were excellent but as the weekend approached, they became increasingly bleak. At the beginning of the Thursday afternoon we arrived. Sonja and Angelika were already there and so after we had finished setting up the awning, we could enjoy the traditional cold glass sect. Angelika naturally also had Xena with it and this one has gone completely out of her roof with Brandir, which can play those two fun with each other! Simon had all the time on Friday to make a good route. Since there were 200 hounds reported it should not be too long and could be walked inversely. The grass was very short and there were no puddles on the terrain, partly because of this there was finally a nice, fast, good on all criteria to judge, trail. Since Brandir and Bernice had walked the last Coursingtrainingen so well, we had a good courage to sign up for this ' important ' coursing. There would be 4 males and 8 bitches. IMG_3315 In the first turn, Bernice ran with Islay's Jilleroo. Bernice started very slowly, but once she walked, she walked the stars of heaven. She showed a better condition than Jilleroo but because of her bad start she had less points. Brandir had to run for the first time with another dog, Islay's Jock. He ran his licence at the time with Picaro, which he knew somewhat but this strange thing…..?! He looked aside, his ears went up and then all the tension flowed out of his body. Jock flew off and Brandir stayed standing. With his eyes he followed the hare but his paws did nothing. Too bad, but not. The second males course consisted of Islay's Kurt Cobain and Islay's Janitor. The reception was not quite as it should, but the jury was halfway the field and didn't see it. For the afternoon program Birog was pulled back and so there were only 7 bitches and 3 males. As a result, Bernice and Jock were grouped together. Again, Bernice started badly and again after about 10 meters the corridor came in. Sin, she can walk so well! Jock got 81 points and Bernice 76. She landed in sixth place. As a last course, Kurt Cobain and Janitor were back together. And sure enough, what was to be expected happened. A large slugfest party arose in which Janitor did not eveIMG_3401 Copyn look at the hare, he went purely for his partner. Up to three times he flew it to the throat and despite the frantic attempts of one of the owners, he did not intend to stop it. What was I glad that Brandir didn't ran!!! If he had such a thing, he would never walk again. No, then rather a Deerhound with a super character that runs no coursing than such an aggressive thing that is not to be trusted. But I think the owner thinks it is very normal. Before this dog had to walk she stood somewhere afterwards with no other person or dog in the area. However, I heard the dog clearly growl when we walked on the other side of the fence at least 10 meters away. The owner was very helpful. Even after the slugfest party, the dog did not get a reprimand and it was allowed to go to the hare as a reward!!! These kinds of dogs and owners make the sport broken and damage the name of our breed. Also, the risk is that the dog that happens to react aggressively and then you are rolling the ball. Breeder and owner must take responsibility and should not let such dogs take part in coursing or running! It is irresponsible!  

Brandir and Bibelot ' s puppies.

WP_20150328_12_08_08_Pro   I regularly drive to Oud Gastel to admire the puppies. Unfortunately the small male died a few days later, his longetjes were not sufficiently developed. Really sin, it was such a nice little guy! Fortunately, the three survivors are doing very well, they grow like cabbage and haveWP_20150328_08_12_56_Pro now opened the eyes and ' steps ' through the throwing box. It is always a pleasure to behold, I can linger for hours over the coffin! Every time I come from there, I become wildly kwispelend, extended sniffed at by Brandir. I know, he's possessed of puppies and can't wait until he's allowed to see them. But yes, just as I have to wait until they are old enough.  

Unfortunately, unfortunately….

  Yesterday I got the message from Marijn that the puppies were born. Unfortunately, it has not gone as we had hoped. Childbirth began a few days early and the first four puppies that came out were dead of which the latter had been almost digested. Of these the sex was also no more to determine. Marijn had already noticed earlier that week that Bibelot on one side did not thicken and there was no life to see. That proved to be correct. The puppies were aIMG_3279lso less developed and lighter in weight than the four that were born, happily alive and healthy, after that. Many hours later a dead puppy came out, this one was also immature. The four survivors are two males and two bitches, the death born puppies were also two males and two bitches. That was very nicely divided! It is really a pity that it has been walked because Marijn had a lot of applicaIMG_3282tion and now we have a shortage of it anyway. But yes, nature goes its own way and let us hope that these four will continue to do well. Fortunately Bibelot does it well, she eats again and cared for her puppies excellently.

A day zoo.

Brederand1 IMG_3219 Copy   In the week of 2 to 7 March, Sonja was here with Bernice and Silva. Brandir brightened up again and enjoyed all the attention of his sister and Sonja. IMG_3227 CopyWonderful walks where the two could enjoy themselves, walk through garden centres and buy beautiful plants and a day zoo were on the program.   IMG_3240 CopyIMG_3236 Copy C14 For four people I had tickets for the ocean in Rhenen so that came out nicely. For Silva, it would be too much to go over street paths, so she would only break her feet. So it stayed at home. We restrained and descended with Brandir and Bernice to the zoo. Bernice was right at all hoteldebotel of an ostrich, which was quite exciting! Giraffes were way too big! And lions were also far too big to be able to go for cats. IMG_3248 CopyCopy (1) or IMG_3251When the Pelicans opened their beaks and went terribly noisy, the hounds didn't like them anymore.   SCAN0099 Copy (3)This little monkey was very interesting, especially when he started to jump back and forth against the gauze. But when Brandir began to bark, we walked through. IMG_3256 Copy      

This little monkey stayed quietly, a pity that there was glass in between, though!?

IMG_3260 Copy

              These were Brandir's favorites! The little Pandas. He really found it all too crazy! Yes, they seemed pretty much like big cats!     And then the meerkats, which came right to the glass to make the hounds look closer! That was of cIMG_3265 CopyIMG_3270 Copyourse great fun!   When we were going to have a late lunch in one of the restaurants there, Brandir and Bernice were happy to be able to lie down on their dresses as it was already quite strenuHound with Hareous for them!   After some coursingtraining, Sonja left for Hermannsburg on Saturday, but on 26 March we meet again in Tüttleben.

Brandir becomes father!

181_8199   This morning I got a call from Marijn with the great news that Bibelot is pregnant. During the Swift echo there were already about 7 to 8 Embryootjes to be seen. That promises what! Now just thumbs that everything keeps going well and that we will be delighted with a beautiful litter of healthy purebred Deerhound puppies around March 24th.  

What will Brandir be happy when he gets company again!

No Facebook girlfriend but a real one!

scannen0004     After the death of Caintha, on 13 January, I called Sonja from her bed early in the morning and asked if she could please. My thoughts were only at Brandir. How he responded to the hushed body of Caintha told me more than enough. Of course he had never been alone. All morning he was totally off the hanger and looked at me from under his eyebrows leery. In the course of the afternoon Sonja was here, it's about a little 500 kilometers and that with the camper takes a moment. When Brandir saw the camper on the ground he went right out of his roof. Fortunately, that hFritzen's Laviniaelped! But it was very strange, the last time Sonja was here they were still with his six, the Deerhounds, now in total only three. On 29 December, Sonja had to let the old Lavinia sleep. Lavinia couldn't find any rest and the last few nights was just walking around, which is not healthy for anyone. Lavinia has become 13 years, 2 months and 15 days old. We will also miss this lady very much, precisely because she was so unproblematic like Caintha. After long walks and what Coursingtraining Sonja is on Sunday 18 January again left. The first days after that it was still with Brandir but then he stopped eating again and walked squeaky through the house. What I had to do with him! On February 1, it happened that Simon had to go to Denmark for his work and so I could get a lift to Hermannsburg where Sonja lives. Sunday morning we crammed our stuff in the car, a nice mattress for brandir and riding. After four and a half hours we arrived in Hermannsburg. Brandir and Bernice were of course intensely happy that they saw each other again! That afternoon we have done some coursingtraining and they run well!!! They are both apparently losing all the painsIMG_3155 and nasty experiences and walking really formidable. Now just hope it stays that way. The next day there was snow! We made wonderful walks, you can walk for hours without encountering anyone or a street. Blessed! Since Sonja has two females, we had decided that Brandir had to get used to that they also walk around in this House. So Brandir on the leash and the cats left the room. That waIMG_3160s exciting! Brandir wanted to chase the rear but unfortunately… he didn't get that chance. After a small hour and a few corrections he could loose. We always had to say that he had to be sweet and quiet, but it went wonderfully well. Occasionally he could even sniff at a cat as long as he did it quietly. Unfortunately, the next day, he got the chance to chase them out, and then the Cats didn't like him anymore. But Brandir was at home in any case no longer so fixated on them and that made it easier for everyone. IMG_3179A very nice toy is ' the mouse to the stick '. The fabric mouse, which is attached to an elastic band, is filled with something very attractive. It's actually a cat toy but the hounds also find it fantastic. Calhoun was there also completely possessed and jumped, also with three legs, meters high the air in. Tuesday evening, Sonja and I have been to the cinema. It's for me I believe almost 40 years ago that I was last in the BIOS! And then just a German movie! But it was good to follow and we had a lot of fun. IMG_3187Wednesday morning it was blissful weather, the sun shone and no sigh of wind. Actually it was only 3 degrees but the sun was already so powerful that it was good to hold out. So mattress for Brandir to go out, cup OF coffee and enjoy! On Thursday evening Sonja and I have been eating out. A very nice restaurant in an old barn, very atmospheric and cosy. The food was very good. Friday afternoon Simon was back from his work and we would actually go for a few courses but it had frozen too hard so it did not pass by, but a great walk in the beautiful surroundings. And after a delicious meal, a pleasant evening, a good breakfast, we left on Saturday morning towards Rijsbergen.

Sonja, thanks for everything, you're a real girlfriend!



Bibelot of the Meirse Meadows as everything lucky around 24 March puppies are born with Marijn van Irishl, Deerhoundkennel "van de Meire Weiden". The mother is Bibelot of the Meirse Weiden-Dutch junior champion, Dutch champion and Profiter 2013. IMG_3214 The father is Nimloth Brandir-Dutch, German, Belgian youth champion, Europa Jugend Sieger ' 13, Dutch and Belgian champion, Benelux Winner BE ' 14. If you are interested in a puppy, please contact Marijn via vdmeirseweiden@hotmail.com

Cosequin for sale.

SCAN0099 Copy (2)For years I have given my older Deerhounds Cosequin. As soon as they showed some form of osteoarthritis or stiffness when standing up, they got Cosequin. You usually saw a tremendous improvement within a few weeks; The movement in general and the rise went smoothly again. Even if one of the athletes suffered a thick toe or severely injured a joint, I put the same on the Cosequin. The consequences of that injury were much milder. Since at the time I had a good number of oldies and athletes waIMG_3190lking around, I bought the Cosequin in large quantities. But at a fast pace the number of users dropped and now I still have some pots standing. I would like to sell these before the expiry date. The Cosequin I have is the ' Double strength Cosequin DS ' and there are 250 tasty tablets in a jar. Composition: Glucosamine hydrochloride Minimum 500 mg, Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate minimum 400 mg. and Manganese minimum 5 mg. I have been told this is one of the best Glucosaminepreparaten as this ' excellent ' can be picked up. I ask €95.00 per pot and 7.50 shipping costs but I can also take it to a show or coursing, which saves something again. If you are interested, please send an email to o.cockaigne@planet.nl  

26-3-2003 "Caintha O'Cockaigne" 13-1-2015

IMG_2729   End 2012 began Caintha with ' reverse sneezing '. It was not often but something too often. After research with an ENT specialist, the diagnosis was made ' tubulopailifeer adenocarcinoma '. Or a tumor in the nose. I was told that it was low-grade and that Caintha could be old with it but soon Caintha suffered from nasal outflows in the form of bloody mucus. Unfortunately I was not familiar with the possibility of a new protocol of irradiation, but when Johan de Vos told me this, I made a work of it. It is called Quat-shot protocol and it implies that the tumor is irradiated 4 times within 48 hours and then during 3 months, once a month. In advance a CT scan is made to see how the tumor is situated and a mould is created in which the head is fixed during the irradiation. The scan was made on Friday 7 November, for this she had to of course under full anesthesia. When she woke up, at first everything seemed normal but after some attempts to stand it turned out that she was somewhat paralyzed in the back. She didn't put her feet away well and couldn't stand stable. After several more studies and an MRI scan to exclude a possible hernia, the cause could not be found. After a long talk we left Caintha in Utrecht as she could get the best care if needed. The next morning we were called at half past ten that the weather went fine with Caintha and we picked it up. At first we had blown off the rest of the treatment but after a couple of conversations with several doctors we decided to have the irradiation carried out anyway. The first session was 17, 18 and 19 November. We had put the caravan on a nearby campground so that the drive would not take too much time. This was fine and was also a piece of more relaxed for Caintha. The short-lasting narcoses was fine, she was soon the old one and she had caught a myxomatosis rabbit even once an hour after the irradiation. (when she dropped it, hupte happily continued again). A few days after the fourth irradiation, the nasal outflows stopped and in the course of the following days the nose sounds were also a lot less. We were absolutely delighted! However, IMG_3009after two weeks the skin turned red and her yuling Balder. But yes, that was transient. However, Maurice, the treating oncologist, found it quite strong after the first irradiation session. The second session took place on 17 and 18 December. I had to drive this time back and forth since the camp site last time had a Christmas market and therefore no place for us. But… After Caintha had had her first irradiation on Wednesday morning, I found that she did not recovered fast enough. By the time I drove back in the afternoon I had big doubts about whether or not to let go of the irradiation. After arriving in Utrecht I first met Maurice and found that she was very sensitive in her stomach. To exclude all kinds of nasty things, they made an ultrasound and nothing was found again. Since she was light under anesthesia, she gave the second irradiation, but although she was walking out of the treatment room she was absolutely not in order. I stayed there for quite a while to see if she revamped but partly because Caintha was so incredibly easy and adapted to everything and everyone, I left them again on Maurice's advice there. There is always a doctor nearby and the nursing staff is also constantly in the same room. The next morning I was called that she was fine again. Of course I then decided to finally stop the treatment. Very sorry, we were halfway through the treatment and this struck but Caintha could not tolerate the anesthesia anymore. How it would proceed was not to say. On Tuesday morning 13 January, I wake up slowly from a back and forth running Caintha that makes very strange noises. I hear her sneezing, Proestonians and Rochen. When I was awake enough to realize that it was not good, she jumped in an alarming way with me on bed. I did the light and startled me rot; Her whole snoot and paws were under the blood and it gushed out of her nose. I quickly jumped out of bed. Caintha had also jumpIMG_1979ed from bed and ran into the room with great fear. What I saw there is with no pen to describe, the whole house, all the dog beds, the walls, the couch, the floor, everything sat under the blood. She must have walked around for a long while. I conducted her to a bed and quickly took out a towel and a bag of ice cream. I put this on her nose in the hope of stopping the bleeding but soon I saw that it didn't make any sense. Calling the vet I dressed up. In record time, driving through three red traffic lights, I was in the clinic. After a short conversation, Caintha had been lying on the ground, so much blood she had already lost, it was clear that Caintha had no future. If the bleeding vein could be already poem, it was a matter of minutes, an hour or a day but the vein would enter it again. And again I had to make a very simple but o so heavy decision. Caintha would be 12 years in March and if she hadn't had this tumour, it was also a breeze. She was still so incredibly fit and bright. She was the last surviving from the first litter of Amy, where she also became increasingly similar. We have done so much with Caintha, so awful of her companions, also during the coursings. From Caintha you could have one hundred, so straightforward, always sweet and friendly against everything and everyone, she was too good for this world.    

 Enjoy Caintha, from those eternal hunting fields!


An extremely black day.


January 6, 2015, an extreme black day for O ' Cockaigne; I have had to take the inevitable decision to make Calhoun sleep.

  IMG_2715 Copy   It started sometime in October; Calhoun coughed so very occasionally and of course the alarm bells were ringing. The first place where metastases of bone cancer emerge is in the lungs. So we made an appointment for October 30th in Terneuzen with Johan de Vos. On the long photographs that were made then no metastases can be seen but a strange white spot above Calhoun's heart, between the bronchi. The week on it was the opportunity to make an ultrasound to see what exactly that was. It was hard to see but the diagnosis was; Heart base tumor. There is still no official treatment for this, but the oncologists have already achieved very good results with certain drugs. So I went loaded with a cooler and a bag of medicine out the door. After three days Calhoun got high fever. One of the drugs could cause this but after I had stopped for quite some time, and with everything actually, the fever continued to flare up. All kinds of antibiotics have been passed. In the end Calhoun responded the best to Xeden or Marbocyl and Prednoral. Meanwhile, Calhoun lost his appetite and therefore his energy resulting in muscle decrease. Of the nearly 50 kilos he used to weigh, he now weighed only 38. There were also all kinds of blood tests, including heart worm and Pancreatitis to explain the fever. On 21 November another echo made his belly to see if the pancreas looked abnormal. Absolutely not so. Also all the other bodies looked good. Then Calhoun was again a fever-free period and started again with the chemo in pill form and other medications against his heart tumor. Three days later, Calhoun again had a fever stopped with the medicines. We then decided to make a CT scan on December 15. After a long study the conclusion was drawn that it was not a heart base tumor but a cancerous lymph node. This pressed his esophagus partially close and also in his small left lung lobe was a small scoop to be seen. IMG_2758 CopyAfter a long reflection, a lot of thinking and contemplation, we decided to let Calhoun operate in Ghent. The surgeon, Bart van, is very skilled in this type of operation and he gave Calhoun a decent chance to survive. Unfortunately, Christmas and New Years were at the door, so the operation was scheduled for January 6, 2015. And this was just too late. Meanwhile, Calhoun deteriorated. He stood on nierdieet in canned feed form supplemented with white bread and spaghetti, at least this was almost liquid so that he could put it into the slob. But after a week he had to eat smaller bites and had to go slower to avoid accumulation in the esophagus. When he drank and kept his head too low, the water ran out of his beak again. He regularly felt troubled by fever attacks and had no more fut to walk. Because of this he became increasingly slacker. Sometimes he had good days and he walked another round but then he was also ready for the rest of the day. With old and new we have still fled to France to avoid the fireworks, there he could not stop at all. Luckily he had a fever-free period and felt pretty good. He liked it, a new environment, new pieces for walking but his bad condition prevented nice, big walks. 6 January, early morning, for me and Calhoun far too early, in the car and towards Ghent. Fortunately, not too much delays on the way because I was already stressed enough. When I arrived I asked if it was not wise to make a CT scan first to see if a lot has changed. Unfortunately, there was no possibility, only the next day but then the surgeon could not wait and another week could not. After consultation nevertheless decided to operate. We had agreed that if it went well and the tumors could be well removed, one of the assistants would tell me but it was a ' mission impossible ' then Bart would come to say it. After two hours of waiting I saw Bart appear…. Unfortunately, in those three weeks, the tumour had grown in such a way that it fell heavily against it. He had grown over a length of 20 centimetres around the esophagus and also partially in it, and he also pressed the esophagus close to the mouth and had grown into the right lung. It was no longer possible to remove all of this. Yes, and then you can not do anything but give permission to make Calhoun sleep.   IMG_2850   I have waited heavily for the Calhoun to take home again, after a small hour he was back in the car. When we drove there, a cat crossed, I still said; "Look, Calhoun, a cat!" but his beloved head did not appear next to me.