Murder of O'Cockaigne Estate!

Two weeks ago, Sonja came here to give her self-bred Faverolles to me. Two hens and a rooster. We had agreed that they would slaughter the three Wyandottes, which did not lay eggs, and that we would pick up a few Faverolles in Zwartewaal. So said so done. The young Faverolles quickly felt at home and our old Favi liked it, so of that young stuff around him. IMG_3935 On Friday-afternoon, Marijn and Theo brought the pedigrees of Cytaugh and Chidish. They had taken Aislinn of course, and the puppies thought it was great to see each other again, they had giant fun. While we enjoyed a glass of cult and a Harinkje, these three played continuously. Really enjoy! IMG_3938 IMG_3940           After Sonja had left again on Sunday, I had a quiet week in which I could give my attention to the puppies and the young Kadam, a little bit could best rattle and a bit of sculpting. The Kadam had to be put on every evening and the five out of Zwartewaal still did not understand how they had to go out in the morning. But…. Last Wednesday morning they all suddenly walked outside and they all sat neatly next to each other in the evening! Hey, hey, they had it through. They grow like cabbage, like Chidish and Cytaugh, and eat the ears of my head. But yesterday morning struck the doom. While I was feeding the hounds I heard a huge uproar outside, all the birds beat alarm; Robins, magpies, blackbirds,, everything. When I ran to the coop, I saw a large bird of prey taking off from the Ren. There was no Faverolle to see, they all had hiding in and under the green, except that one, who lay lifeless on the ground. It was a Zwartewaal Faavje, it had clearly underestimated the danger and had fallen victim to it. I am sure the old Favi she has warned, she is very good at that, but the Zwartewaal five has never learned this and they will not have responded to her cries. A very hard lesson for the others, I haven't seen the rest of the day. Only this afternoon they walked around more freely and came out of my hand eating. I did yesterday afternoon a big just tense over the open piece in the run because the rover knows now that there is something to get. Well, beautiful no more!

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