Petition for name change.

Picture Standing Deerhound   I met the following petition on the American Deerhound list. One wants to change the name Deerhound to Scottish Deerhound and I think that is a good thing. The breed finally comes from Scotland. So, Scottish Deerhounds lovers, sign this petition!!! Caroline-Kisko-Secretary-and-director-of-Communications-the-kennel-club-LONDON-to-re-designated-the-broad-currently-registered-as-the-deerhound-to-the-Scottish-deerhound-in-recognition-of-its-iconic-status-as-the-only-native-Scottish-hound ? recruiter = 55649174 & utm_source = share_petition & utm_medium = Facebook & utm_campaign = autopublish & utm_term = des-LG-NO_SRC-Reason_msg  

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