No Facebook girlfriend but a real one!

scannen0004     After the death of Caintha, on 13 January, I called Sonja from her bed early in the morning and asked if she could please. My thoughts were only at Brandir. How he responded to the hushed body of Caintha told me more than enough. Of course he had never been alone. All morning he was totally off the hanger and looked at me from under his eyebrows leery. In the course of the afternoon Sonja was here, it's about a little 500 kilometers and that with the camper takes a moment. When Brandir saw the camper on the ground he went right out of his roof. Fortunately, that hFritzen's Laviniaelped! But it was very strange, the last time Sonja was here they were still with his six, the Deerhounds, now in total only three. On 29 December, Sonja had to let the old Lavinia sleep. Lavinia couldn't find any rest and the last few nights was just walking around, which is not healthy for anyone. Lavinia has become 13 years, 2 months and 15 days old. We will also miss this lady very much, precisely because she was so unproblematic like Caintha. After long walks and what Coursingtraining Sonja is on Sunday 18 January again left. The first days after that it was still with Brandir but then he stopped eating again and walked squeaky through the house. What I had to do with him! On February 1, it happened that Simon had to go to Denmark for his work and so I could get a lift to Hermannsburg where Sonja lives. Sunday morning we crammed our stuff in the car, a nice mattress for brandir and riding. After four and a half hours we arrived in Hermannsburg. Brandir and Bernice were of course intensely happy that they saw each other again! That afternoon we have done some coursingtraining and they run well!!! They are both apparently losing all the painsIMG_3155 and nasty experiences and walking really formidable. Now just hope it stays that way. The next day there was snow! We made wonderful walks, you can walk for hours without encountering anyone or a street. Blessed! Since Sonja has two females, we had decided that Brandir had to get used to that they also walk around in this House. So Brandir on the leash and the cats left the room. That waIMG_3160s exciting! Brandir wanted to chase the rear but unfortunately… he didn't get that chance. After a small hour and a few corrections he could loose. We always had to say that he had to be sweet and quiet, but it went wonderfully well. Occasionally he could even sniff at a cat as long as he did it quietly. Unfortunately, the next day, he got the chance to chase them out, and then the Cats didn't like him anymore. But Brandir was at home in any case no longer so fixated on them and that made it easier for everyone. IMG_3179A very nice toy is ' the mouse to the stick '. The fabric mouse, which is attached to an elastic band, is filled with something very attractive. It's actually a cat toy but the hounds also find it fantastic. Calhoun was there also completely possessed and jumped, also with three legs, meters high the air in. Tuesday evening, Sonja and I have been to the cinema. It's for me I believe almost 40 years ago that I was last in the BIOS! And then just a German movie! But it was good to follow and we had a lot of fun. IMG_3187Wednesday morning it was blissful weather, the sun shone and no sigh of wind. Actually it was only 3 degrees but the sun was already so powerful that it was good to hold out. So mattress for Brandir to go out, cup OF coffee and enjoy! On Thursday evening Sonja and I have been eating out. A very nice restaurant in an old barn, very atmospheric and cosy. The food was very good. Friday afternoon Simon was back from his work and we would actually go for a few courses but it had frozen too hard so it did not pass by, but a great walk in the beautiful surroundings. And after a delicious meal, a pleasant evening, a good breakfast, we left on Saturday morning towards Rijsbergen.

Sonja, thanks for everything, you're a real girlfriend!


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