Young stuff.

IMG_3606 A few weeks ago I heard a beep while I was walking the water. I searched for a litter but couldn't find anything. In the end it turned out to get the beep from the jar that stands between the front door and the outside crane. The first days we saw the parents not so often but the young stuff became more and more hungry and the parents got it busy. With the camera in the attack I took place in the dooIMG_3615r opening of the caravan that was ready before leaving for Tüttleben. Both PA and Ma Mees flew off and on with caterpillars and flies.IMG_3616     Flying into it is not that difficult, but we did wonder how the young birds had to come from that jar. How Ma and PA did I could capture but the boy had already flown out when we came back six days later from Tüttleben. IMG_3623IMG_3620               In the same period, Sonja had a number of Faverole eggs hatched by her chicken. They have come out just before Pentecost. Four small Favi's and one dresdener dwarf. If they are large enough they will live in the Oekelsbos.   On Saturday the 30th of May we picked up the puppies and went to the shopping centre in Etten-Leur. It was very funny to see the differences in the characters so clearly. Aislinn regularly sat down on her gatje to handle the impressions, Cytaugh walked along very well to the strap but went into the brakes occasionally and then started to buck and Chidish was exactly in the midIMG_3625 Copydle of the character. We may have walked 500 meters but already did almost an hour ago! After this we went to our house where Brandir completely got out of his roof. What was he happy surprised to see the puppIMG_3632 Copyies!   IMG_3644 Copy          Cytaugh was the boldest, she went right with toy dragging and gently challenged her father. It's preferable to play brandir with them, but that's not going to be, he still has to wait a few more monthIMG_3639 Copys! Chidish is a real Beerhound! Both normal beer and white Hoegaarden tasted him well. After this trip we brought them back to Marijn. Another 10 days are waiting and then Chidish and Cytaugh come to the Oekelsbos for good.

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