IMG_3292 Last weekend, 27-28 and March 29th, we were back in Tüttleben. The Thuringia Windhundclub was allowed to organize the DWZRV-Siegercoursing this weekend. Initially, the weather forecasts were excellent but as the weekend approached, they became increasingly bleak. At the beginning of the Thursday afternoon we arrived. Sonja and Angelika were already there and so after we had finished setting up the awning, we could enjoy the traditional cold glass sect. Angelika naturally also had Xena with it and this one has gone completely out of her roof with Brandir, which can play those two fun with each other! Simon had all the time on Friday to make a good route. Since there were 200 hounds reported it should not be too long and could be walked inversely. The grass was very short and there were no puddles on the terrain, partly because of this there was finally a nice, fast, good on all criteria to judge, trail. Since Brandir and Bernice had walked the last Coursingtrainingen so well, we had a good courage to sign up for this ' important ' coursing. There would be 4 males and 8 bitches. IMG_3315 In the first turn, Bernice ran with Islay's Jilleroo. Bernice started very slowly, but once she walked, she walked the stars of heaven. She showed a better condition than Jilleroo but because of her bad start she had less points. Brandir had to run for the first time with another dog, Islay's Jock. He ran his licence at the time with Picaro, which he knew somewhat but this strange thing…..?! He looked aside, his ears went up and then all the tension flowed out of his body. Jock flew off and Brandir stayed standing. With his eyes he followed the hare but his paws did nothing. Too bad, but not. The second males course consisted of Islay's Kurt Cobain and Islay's Janitor. The reception was not quite as it should, but the jury was halfway the field and didn't see it. For the afternoon program Birog was pulled back and so there were only 7 bitches and 3 males. As a result, Bernice and Jock were grouped together. Again, Bernice started badly and again after about 10 meters the corridor came in. Sin, she can walk so well! Jock got 81 points and Bernice 76. She landed in sixth place. As a last course, Kurt Cobain and Janitor were back together. And sure enough, what was to be expected happened. A large slugfest party arose in which Janitor did not eveIMG_3401 Copyn look at the hare, he went purely for his partner. Up to three times he flew it to the throat and despite the frantic attempts of one of the owners, he did not intend to stop it. What was I glad that Brandir didn't ran!!! If he had such a thing, he would never walk again. No, then rather a Deerhound with a super character that runs no coursing than such an aggressive thing that is not to be trusted. But I think the owner thinks it is very normal. Before this dog had to walk she stood somewhere afterwards with no other person or dog in the area. However, I heard the dog clearly growl when we walked on the other side of the fence at least 10 meters away. The owner was very helpful. Even after the slugfest party, the dog did not get a reprimand and it was allowed to go to the hare as a reward!!! These kinds of dogs and owners make the sport broken and damage the name of our breed. Also, the risk is that the dog that happens to react aggressively and then you are rolling the ball. Breeder and owner must take responsibility and should not let such dogs take part in coursing or running! It is irresponsible!  

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