Our Craffitsh is no more.

Sunday, December 11th, it was now time to take our Christmas picture. We decided to drive all the Galderse Meren lakes to make "the Christmas Picture". Arriving there it turned out to be very busy, then drive to the Mastbos, nice places enough! The almost twelve and half-year-old granny Amy was also with us and therefore we were looking for a place that was not too far away, also because of Craffitsh of course. Quickly shoot a few nice pictures and continue walking, because a nice little walk, grandma Amy is very nice. Of course Calhoun and Cwillyaigne made it exciting again, but because we kept Craffitsh on the leash, I could make some nice pictures of him. Craffitsh could only be 6 years, 7 months and 25 days old. On Wednesday morning 14 December, Craffitsh indicated that he took a very long morning stroll of 20 minutes. He walked a short way behind me and showed very tired. While I made the breakfast for the hounds he occasionally joined me and supported but partly on his left foot. But he did not get crippled and did not notice that he really had pain. I was walking the rest of the day to Mull. In the afternoon in the clinic still with Rens, our vet, spoken and some antibiotics for his lungs taken with them. I had the idea that he would still have a good life for a few days. 15 December, Thursday morning early, when Simon got up to work, he wanted to pressee with me on bed. When it was time for the morning walk and he came from our bed, I was not happy. He had a clear pain and tried not to use his left hind leg. However, he wanted to walk with the Pressee, which was a 10 minute stroll. After that he ate very well and he charged his foot some more. Doubt struck, or not yet… In The course of the day I had to help him twice on his bed and finally I chopped the knot and called the clinic, knowing that it could only go worse, never better. The pain would only get worse and the risk that he would break his leg was increased by the day. Rens arrived in the evening. Day my dear Craffitsh, but soon go to NAF NAF, your support and leave in the past and the future.

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