Grandma Amy Twelve and a half years!!!

Hurray!!! Today Grandma Amy, Edle Emmy vom Welzerberg, has become twelve and a half years! She is still in very good health and mentally there is also nothing wrong with her. She knows exactly what she wants and as it has always gone with her; Her will is law. As soon as Simon wakes up, Amy also stands up to take his place in bed. She loves that and it always takes me at least 10 minutes to get her back from bed. The slice of cheese, which she gets at our breakfast in the morning, you don't have to forget! And I'm late with making their supper, Amy lets see it though!  

She has periods that she is a bit less active but the last few days she runs a whole round of more than two kilometers in the morning and also in the evening we walk a little bit. If she is on the leash and she doesn't feel like it, she stays as a donkey and does not resist a leg anymore. To move her you have to push her! She runs loose and she makes no sense then she just turns around and walks back. But if she makes sense, she determines the route and can sometimes happen that you are on the road for half an hour or that your hair is suddenly lost because she has disappeared through a hole in a hedge or an open fence. She is just as curious as when she was two!

We hope to be able to enjoy her for a long time!

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