New "Scottish Deerhound Primer" by Barbara Heidenreich.

The new "Scottish Deerhound Primer".


Since today, the new "Scottish Deerhoun Primer" by Barbara Heidenreich, Fernhill Deerhounds from Canada, is downloadable. Barbara wrote her first primer in 1970 to make her puppy buyers Deerhoundland. In the meantime it has been adapted and re-released several times and now it has been adapted to the digital age so that everyone can download it, print it and read it above all.

I really recommend it to everyone. There are an awful lot of important Deerhound-specific issues mentioned, all written by people who have a real sense of Deerhounds. For example, there is a recipe for the Magic Meetballs, a delicacy for Deerhounds who really do not want to eat or quickly use after e.g. An operation. Also the values of the heart are in it, so that if you have your Deerhound examined by your veterinarian you can show these values so that no misunderstandings arise about the dimensions of the heart as they are rather different from a normal canine heart. And so it is full of interesting facts. A real must! Go to enjoy and learn.  

Barbara Thanks!!!

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