Cody is back home.

Cody is back home.

  On the way back from Hungary, 12 June, we got an emergency call that Cody had to be picked up urgently. Angelique, the owner could no longer take care of him due to circumstances. As soon as we got home, I picked up Commander Cody, as he was officially called. Cody is a brother of Coney and Caintha, and is also already 9 years old! When I picked him up he was shaved two weeks before and looked like this picture. He seems like a great puppy and behaves, despite his slight heart problems, too. It was, of course, getting used to him but after a few days he started to play.

The funny thing was that he searched old toys! With this multicoloured donkey he played a lot as a puppy, 9 years ago. He also wanted to play with Calhoun but he didn't dare to play with your old uncle?!

        By now we are a few months further and Cody feels completely at home. He has demanded the guest room and there is a prince Gelmatras that I have ever gotten from Angelique. It should be so! His fur has grown considerably again and he is going to look more like Cavanaugh, a real woolly. He is only much lighter in color and finer in construction.

Meanwhile, we decided that Cody will stay here. He is doing well and has a lot to his liking. He enjoys the forest walks and, like his sister Coney, loves to walk through the largest dredging puddles. The more dirty, the more delicious!

I hope we can enjoy this delicious Doug for a long time.

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