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CC2000 with a tail.

IMG_1442 CopyOn 23 March. We had a CC2000 party again. Since it could not on another date, it was this time on a Sunday. Unfortunately, it also coincided with a coursing in Belgium and the show in Leiden. The number of hounds that was signed up for our party was not smash hit high but this allowed Simon to put a nice long trail away, time enough! This time We were a guest at the group, a location where the two annual Greyhounds Show had been held by the wind dogs. There is plenty of space to camp and the field that is next to it is sufficiently large. Most of the trees that were around the field were harvested and because of this, large passageways were created between the two fields and the field was not so enclosed. On Saturday afternoon we arrived in the pouring rain. Waiting until the mood was over, was not an option so quickly the awning was zipped to the caravan and put everything in its place. By two, it was dry and a watery sun broke through. Nice weather to take a walk while Simon and Gert Jan would explain the route. You can walk around the area without the hounds having to go to the belt. At least, the one who does not hunt, so Calhoun and Brandir on the line. CodyIMG_1121 Copy was very much in his sense, he regularly passed Gehuppeld and challenged Brandir to play. Unfortunately, this is not as good as he is sitting on the leash. That Cody is still well fit with his almost 11 years shows from these pictures that are taken a few days earlier. IMG_1134     When it came on, Cody Brandir was still the boss! At the end of the day I walked a nice piece with them and again Cody showed himself fit and happy.


Sunday morning from the feathers, the sun was shining and it looked much promising. Soon the hounds give food and own breakfast. Cody showed himself tired. He also absolutely didn't want to eat. Perhaps he had done too much yesterday, after all, he has been around for almost 11 years! Slowly the participants trickled in and in the end I still had 34 coursing hounds on my skin paper. Els and Emrah were also there with their new Slough puppy Gabr. What a wonderful little guy! Enthusiastically he went behind his "rabbit"!IMG_1424 Copy

There were a total of 5 puppies, 2 of about 6 months and 3 of 3 months, who have put their first coursingstapjes on this day. Hopefully they will all do well in the future! Unfortunately, in the course of the morning the sun disappeared and there was a big cold wind. I had been looking at Cody orphans a few times and saw that he was getting worse. His heart rate was very high and irregular, actually fluttered it but what and he was also stuffy. I made an appointment with a vet through the lady who was in the canteen and I could go there an hour later. Soon you will have to walk Calhoun and Caintha so that they would be happy and happy, and Hamza, Cody in the car and away. The vet found a very high temperature which is of course very dangerous in combination with the fluttering heart and the high age. Cody got two injections and the doctor hoped it would help. When I returned, I left Cody in the car because it was pretty warm in the awning. In the course of the afternoon Cody wanted to get back in the awning and on his stretcher and seemed to be revamping something, not much but he looked a little brighter and was no longer so stuffy. IMG_1453Against Threes, the last hound had walked and we could clean up everything, again in the rain. After that, we had a nice drink with some people and then we had to break the awning again, pack and go. Cody lay relaxed in the car, until just before Tilburg he started to squeak a bit. Luckily there was just a parking lot and I could sit in the back of him. Cody relaxed again and lay quietly. Moments later, he beeped again and I noticed that it really did not take him well and said Simon to call the vet that we were coming. But… It didn't have any more. Cody blew out his last breath. Brandir crawled in a corner, Caintha lay with big eyes to watch her brother and I, I could only hold Cody and whipped him listening that he had to do his brother Cavanaugh, sister Coney and mother Amy the greetings.

IMG_1120 Copy

26-03-2003 Commander Cody O'Cockaigne 23-03-2014


Brandir and Bernice are purity!!!

O'Cockaigne Deerhounds-purebred Deerhounds.

IMG_8060 (2) (800x533)

Since last year it is possible to have a greyhound tested on varietal purity via the DWZRV. Through the following link you can read all about the nomination of Ms. Dr. Wimmer. Vortrag von Frau Dr. Wimmer über den DNA-Test zur Rassebestimmung bei Windhunden… For the Deerhounds you can here können Sie die Ergebnisse der Studie Herunterladen (PDF)…  Find more. In the article below, written by Dr. Dominique d Caprona, the same is treated but you will also find everything about the other greyhounds and halfwind dogs. Http:// In the past year has shown that many hounds are not purity and as you can read/See, this is also the case with the Deerhounds. Last year, Sonja had her hounds take part in the test and also the blood of Cheytah was then investigated. Fortunately, she appeared to be purity. SONY DSC       In the meantime we find that there are several breeders selling dogs as Deerhounds while this is longdogs and/or lurchers. (A longdog is a cross between greyhounds and a lurcher is a cross between a greyhound and another dog, usually a shepherd or terrier.) A very wellCaintha 8.5 Years Young known Deerhoundfokker, who has been in the breed for many decades, has recently announced that he has never seen a Deerhound with Hubertus claws and also the colour ' wheaten ' according to Dr. Jödicke (He has already reported this in the last century) for quite some time ' Extinct '. But there are also ' grey ' crossings where in most cases you can see certain forms of body parts that the dog is not purity. If you doubt the varietal purity of your greyhound, you can let it be tested by having some blood (EDTA) in your vet. It must of course also check the chip number using the union booklet or the pedigree. This should be along with the form completed by you and your veterinarian, which you can find on the site of the DWZRV (www. → Formulare → DNA Fingerprint) sent to Frau Ursula Arnold, Schlierbacher Weg 56, 64678 Linden Felsen, Germany and accompanied by a letter stating that it is the "DNA Test zur Rassebestimmung bei Windhunden". If you send it somewhere else you will most likely not get a correct result. The cost of the test is approximately 80,-euro, you will receive a later account.


 Anyway, in order to be all misery in the future, we have also tested Brandir and Bernice and fortunately this Deerhounds is also a real Deerhounds!


Pressure, pressure, pressure.

Finally I have time again to report some about the O'Cockaigne hounds. Almost the whole month we have been on the road with hounds and caravan. But I start with April 20. On this day was the show in Goes. For this I had Brandir enrolled in the Youth class. Only three Deerhounds were reported; Prince of Jasper and Ineke, Bibelot of Marijn and Brandir. Prince became BOB and Brandir got the reserve CAC. He now has one point for his Dutch youth Championship and as the CAC moves on, also a tip for the "adult" championship.

On Tuesday, April 23, Calhoun received his 6th chemo cure. In the meantime he loses a lot of hair but where it was practically bald, it starts to grow again. He didn't respond so well to this "last" cure. He has not eaten for a long time and has therefore fallen pretty well. He was also very quickly tired and did not make much sense in walking. Since Johan de Vos wants to deal with him again, we had an appointment before 10 May. First blood pricking and checking and then we would take long pictures. The blood results were not so smash hit, some values were too high and it was decided that no chemo would be given. The long pictures looked "beautiful". HIEP!!!! That was at least something! In the meantime Calhoun is again completely the old and Tuesday 4 June we go again to Terneuzen for possibly its next chemo cure. On Thursday the 2nd of MIMG_9106ay we headed for Berlin. The night was halfway by Sonja, Brandir did not know what he saw when his sister came to greet him! The next morning we drove all the way to Göhlsdorf, Simon was invited to join the international coursing judging and I was asked to approve during their CAC show. The coursing would take place on a large fenced lawn and fortunately the hounds could stretch the legs here on Friday afternoon. But of course there also had to be walked. Saturday morning, Simon, Angelika and Sonja went on the road and soon left the majority of the 9 hounds. It was immediately hit, several hares had to choose the Hazenpad and Calhoun got red wild in his nose and was right away. After a thick 15 minutes he came exhaustIMG_9115 Copyed back, which had walked enough for the rest of the day! And Simon had enough stress for the rest of the weekend, which left Calhoun (fortunately) no more loose! The weather was extraordinary, almost 30 degrees but with a little wind so it was still well toefen. Only for a big walk it was soon too hot for our elderly club; 3 of 10 years and 1 of 11.5. On Saturday so the show, Sonja showed Brandir, Bernice and Silva. There were 9 Deerhounds reported, 8 present. Brandir and Bernice got their first YOUTHCAC and Brandir became JeugdBOB. BOB and BIS became the Kilbourne Harvest Moon, the brother of the father of Brandir and Bernice, living in Finland. Sunday, the coursing for which two Finnish Deerhounds were reported. One of them was blixen the Great Scott, this male had walked with Calhoun in the Czech Republic during the EKC in 2009. It was clear to see that he was a day old! Monday morning we all left again. We first went to Tüttleben to put our caravan there before the Pentecost weekend. From here we drove home on Tuesday.


Thursday, May 9th we had the Deerhound club match. Brandir became third in his class, Coney won the veteran class and Caintha was third in this class. Friday morning 10 May so first with Calhoun to Terneuzen. Then quickly get some stuff in the car, Calhoun out and Brandier Erin and head towards Dortmund. Sonja had left with me at the same time so that we would arrive roughly right in Dortmund. Unfortunately, Sonja landed in more traffic jams than me and I was there before. After a short fifteen minutes brandir and Bernice could greet each other again and we made a lovely walk in the large nearby park. Saturday was the VDH-Europasieger-Ausstellung in the Westphalia halls. 18 Deerhounds reported, 17 present. Brandir won the Youth Class (2) and got his second YOUTHCAC, Europe became Jugendsieger and JugendBOB. Bernice was not reported. For the Sunday there were 9 Deerhounds reported and all present. Brandir was now the only one in the youth class and was given a ZG because he was too young. Why do you sign a young dog in the Youth class???? Surely you can't expect a male of less than a year to finish??!! Luckily we could get away early so we could pack everything quietly and at the end of the afternoon I was back home. Brandir, 1 year and 3 days young.Wednesday morning we left again towards Tüttleben where we arrived around three. Angelika and Sonja were there a little later. After having installed everything again, we first took a glass of sect. It was delicious again and the enjoyment could begin. Although I have to admit that I still have to say that I did not travel to the world exhibition in Budapest. For this show I had reported in November Calhoun, Brandir and Bernice. Unfortunately, the bone cancer at Calhoun was reported. I still tried to replace him with Coney but got zero on the petition. Bernice continued to suffer from her panostitis and I decided not to go. Because just to travel with brandir that end and feel in it and in sad because of Calhoun, I didn't feel like it either. Anyway, then make the best of it in Tüttleben. Brandir and Bernice had a lot of fun together and together with Angelika and Sonja we stripIMG_9210ped Cody on Thursday of his coat. In stages we shaved and cut him and when he was finished he felt like a young god again. IMG_9354               IMG_9365  

Saturday there were 6 Deerhounds reported for the show. Brandir got his 3rd and thus last YOUTHCAC and may now call himself German Youth champion (DWZRV) He was also JeugdBOB. Since he was also the only male, he was automatically the best dog and bunch, he had to make the course against Xena of Angelika, an adult bitch who later became BIS. Bernice got her 2nd Youthcac. At least she shows up very well, we are already very happy with it. Hopefully she will be even stronger in her work because that doesn't look very nice yet.

C14In the meantime it had often rained very violently and there were gigantic puddles everywhere, so also on the Coursingterrein. Sunday and Monday was the coursing for which Simon was asked to build, run and master the course. On Wednesday afternoon he had already started to turn it off there on Thursday morning the town would partially mow the pasture. At first, Simon had explained a nice long trail, but then it turned out that the chainsaw, normally an iron-strong rotary device, did not pull it. Everything went down again, shortened, extra cut, nothing helped. It really was on the chainsaw. Sin of the beautiful long trail! But because of the rain it was a very spectacular route, the people had to go through water but also the hounds,IMG_9269 Copy which of course gave great pictures for the photo dig. Also the Middenterrein of the racecourse, where Brandir and Bernice could go out of their roof every day, showed large puddles. Since Brandir is absolutely not a water rat, Sonja drew her shoes at a given moment and stepped into the lake. Bernice followed faithfully but Brandir trusted it for no penny. After many lures and candies offering, Brandir stepped gently into the puddle and sure enough, he walked by! Next, Sonja lured him a few more times and now he has not disappeared. Meyappan, Meyappan, what a wimp! IMG_9456 Copy

On Tuesday there was racecourse training. In recent years Calhoun has always done a round race course, he loved that! Also now I got him up for a round. When he heard the hare and saw he was not to keep! He jumped around and screamed of enthusiasm. When he finally took the turn, he dragged me past the Starthok and was barely able to wait until the hare came. He started out super enthusiastic and walked the whole round. No more Saluki times for Calhoun but he has enjoyed it!! WTwo Houndsednesday Kookdag. Sonja, Angelika and Simon would cook for about 20 men and leave, after the shopping, the kitchen. In comparison with two years back, when there were 60 people to eat, they didn't have much work. At seven o'clock we were able to sit at the table and as usual everyone loved it!

Because of the rain we decided not to stay any longer, Thursday packed up again and drove home in one jerk. Bergen laundry, a wet awning, a dirty caravan and my ceramics that I want to finish before the EKC at the end of June, ensured that there was little time left to bore us. Tomorrow we will depart again towards Lichtenvoorde where Renvereniging Swift organises a coursing for the first time for which Simon has offered his cooperation. Hopefully the weather is a bit like that.

IMG_9139 Copy

3 X 10 = 30!!!


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Caintha, Cute Coney and Commander Cody 10 years Young!

Today, March 26, Caintha, Cute Coney and Commander Cody, have become 10 years old. A very respectable age! They are still very fit, walk along every day and play with Brandir. Caintha and Coney lived here all their lives, but Cody came back last June and has in no time adapted to our rhythm of life. With traveling he has no problem and the long walks he finds delicious.      IMG_8897 Copy Cody is a real woolly but that makes him quite attractive. Most people still think he's a puppy, especially if he's gonna play with a stick or make crazy bokkesprong! There he is very good at it!       IMG_8874 Copy IMG_8870 Copy     Is IMG_8872 Copyit not a lovely little guy?!IMG_8944 Copy

IMG_8948 Copy

IMG_8884 Copy

IMG_8928 Copy   IMG_8905 Copy We have been to "the most" today. A recreation area just across the border in Belgium. You can enjoy walking but the most important thing is that it consists of sand and water! And today there was also a severe wind! What does a greyhound want even more??!!             Also Calhoun is doing brave!

Cody is back home.

Cody is back home.

  On the way back from Hungary, 12 June, we got an emergency call that Cody had to be picked up urgently. Angelique, the owner could no longer take care of him due to circumstances. As soon as we got home, I picked up Commander Cody, as he was officially called. Cody is a brother of Coney and Caintha, and is also already 9 years old! When I picked him up he was shaved two weeks before and looked like this picture. He seems like a great puppy and behaves, despite his slight heart problems, too. It was, of course, getting used to him but after a few days he started to play.

The funny thing was that he searched old toys! With this multicoloured donkey he played a lot as a puppy, 9 years ago. He also wanted to play with Calhoun but he didn't dare to play with your old uncle?!

        By now we are a few months further and Cody feels completely at home. He has demanded the guest room and there is a prince Gelmatras that I have ever gotten from Angelique. It should be so! His fur has grown considerably again and he is going to look more like Cavanaugh, a real woolly. He is only much lighter in color and finer in construction.

Meanwhile, we decided that Cody will stay here. He is doing well and has a lot to his liking. He enjoys the forest walks and, like his sister Coney, loves to walk through the largest dredging puddles. The more dirty, the more delicious!

I hope we can enjoy this delicious Doug for a long time.