Terichline Thistle

Terichline Thistle


Breeder: Caroline Dowsett


Born: 9-10-1998


Died: 07-03-2005 Thistle has been suffering from Atrium Fibrilation/Cardiomyopathy for a long time, but we had to put her to sleep because she was unable to combat a virus.


Coursinglicense: DEE4Hound with Hare1 TC


Thistle ran her first coursing on 23-04-2000 and her last on 19-05-2002. During this period, she ran 21 coursings and achieved remarkable results. During the weekend of the Deerhound Jahresausstellung on 22/23 April 2000 in Hoope (D), she got on Saturday the CAC out of the Open class (just 16 months young!) and Sunday she won the coursing as best of all breeds!! Her first CACIL she won in Leek that same year, her second one a year minus 1 day later also in Leek and 6 days later she grabbed her third CACIL in Hoope. She always had the first or second place, only 1 x she was third. She also obtained three German CACC’s, four is enough for the German coursing Championship, unfortunately she did not get a fourth.


The only title that Thistle has achieved is International Coursing Champion.


She has been showed at 24 shows including the English Breedshow where she won fifth place in the Open class. She also obtained, even though she had an overbite; 13 x 1Exc, 2 x 2Exc, 1 x 3Exc, 1 x 4Exc, 1 x Exc, 2 x 1VG, 2 x 2VG, 1 x G, 4 x CAC, 1 x CACIB, 1 x RCAC and 1 x RCACIB. She won three times the Working Dog class at the Deerhound Jahresausstellungen.








Thistle was a lovely girl, always happy and cheerful. She lived for the coursing but when she couldn’t because of her heart she was soon old.

Thistle was not bred.