Dutch coursing calendar 2023 and links to the organizing associations.

Dutch Coursing Calendar 2023



18/19 march – National Voorjaarscoursing organised by WvCNL at Een

1/2 april – International Chocoladecoursing organised by OWRV at Kerkwijk

22 april – National coursing organised by WRV Midland at Lelystad

img_6294-kopie14 may – International Moederdagcoursing organised by OWRV at Axel

28 may – National Pinkstercoursing organised by WvCNL at Leek

10 june – International coursing organised by PWRC at Oude Pekela

12 august – International Bas Meijscoursing organised by PWRC at Oude Pekela

26/27 august – International Zomercoursing organised by WvCNL at Leek

2 september – National Rian van Andelcoursing organised by RWR Swift at Velp

16 september – Nederlands Kampioenschap Coursing organised by WvCNL at Leek

7 oktober – National Grote Prijs van Nederland organised by OWRV at Werkendam

14/15 oktober – Clubkampioenschappen

21/22 oktober – International Herfstcoursing organised by WvCNL ate Een



Dutch Commission for the Sighthound Sport: www.cvw.nu


Links to the associations.

Osse Windhonden Renvereniging (‘t Haas): www.coursing-owrv-haasje.nl 

Pekelder Sighthound Racing Club (PWRC): www.pwrc.nl

Rhedense Sighthound Racing Club (Swift): www.renverenigingswift.nl

Sonse Eindhovense Sighthound Racing Association: www.ewr-son.nl

Sighthound Racing Association Amsterdam (WRA): www.wrvamsterdam.nl

Sighthound Racing Association Friesland (WRVF): www.wrvfriesland.nl

Sighthound Racing Association Midland: www.wrvmidlandlelystad.nl

Sighthound Racing Association Rijssen: wrvrijssen.ophetweb.nu/index.html

Sighthound Coursing Association Nienoord Leek (WvCNL): www.coursing.nl

South Holland Sighthound Racing Association (ZHWR): www.wrzuidholland.nl/

Limburgse Racing Association (LWR): www.lwrvenlo.nl

Geldropse Racing Association (GWRV): www.gwrv.nl


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