Negative drugs

Information to be found on the Link: Veterinary Medicinal information


anaesthetic agent but is also contained in Vetranquil which is used as a tranquilizer in e.g. fireworks fear

Quote from the linked article; “Research has shown that these drugs mainly function as chemical restrictions without affecting the emotional behaviour of the animal. Under the influence of Ace the animal still has a very strong fear, avoidance or exciting behavior but he does not show these reactions physically and is less able to react. The dog or cat seems calm and relaxed but mentally he is bright and still has an intense emotional response to his environment. Ace is a means that prevents the patient from understanding his environment in a logical way. Thus the actual fear level of the animal increases. Coexisting with the situation, the animal is reluctant and it makes a negative association with the whole experience. ”

Ibuprofen (Painkiller)

Never give Ibuprofen or resources with this substance (Advil etc.) because this is toxic to dogs. However, you can give aspirin, this is safer for the stomach.

Sulfa (antibiotics)

Deerhounds can be very sensitive to medications in which SULFA is processed (Trimethoprim-sulfa Antibiotics).