International Race- and coursingregulations.


FCI regulations for International Sighthound races and Lure coursing Events. 


Via this link  you will come to the FCI international regulations for coursing and running.



There are additional requirements for France Per 1-1-2016.

To be able to run in France and to take part in the coursings, a few additional things have to be arranged from 1-1-2016 onwards. One must fill out a form (Formulaire_enregistrement_etranger) and mail it together with a copy of the pedigree to the SCC (French Kennel Club), this is for the registration of the dog (s) and must be done per dog; this is once.

Furthermore there is a form (Assurance a 2016) with which one requests the insurance for the dog (s) per year, there can be several dogs on 1 form. Because it is an insurance, there are costs associated with it. The first dog is free, every next dog costs €3,-and there comes €10,-administration costs.  This form is to be sent to a French (ren-coursing) club that regulates everything. Normally this is done to the club where you want to run the first game this year. This club will receive French licences, with which one can participate in racing and/or coursing all year round.






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