181_8196Since a few years it is possible to have your greyhound tested on varietal purity. So it is not a parental test that only looks at whether the mother is the mother and father of the puppies but a test that shows up to three generations back (i.e. until the great grandparents) whether other varieties have been crossed in your greyhound. Especially if you have imported a hound and are planning to go breeding here, I highly recommend this test.

All about the DNA test to show varietal purity in greyhounds can be found here: Vortrag von Frau Dr. Wimmer über den DNA-Test zur Rassebestimmung bei Windhunden…

For the Deerhounds you can find here können Sie die Ergebnisse der Studie Herunterladen (PDF)… more.

In the article below, written by Dr. Dominique d Caprona, the same is treated but you will also find everything about the other greyhounds and halfwind dogs.


For this test you will let your vet take some blood (EDTA). It must of course also check the chip number using the union booklet or the pedigree. This should be along with the form completed by you and your veterinarian, which you can find on the site of the DWZRV (www. → Formulare → DNA Fingerprint) sent to Frau Ursula Arnold, Schlierbacher Weg 56, 64678 Linden Felsen, Germany and accompanied by a letter stating that it is the DNA Test zur Rassebestimmung bei Windhunden. If you send it somewhere else you will most likely not get a correct result. The cost of the test is about €80,-, for this you will get an account later.

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