A second life for the marble feet of the cups.

IMG_1094 CopyMarble feet.

Do you always find it sin to throw away the cups that you can no longer give away because they are damaged? Give the different parts a second life by demolishing the cups. You can store the metal threads, rings, bolts and screws, they always come in handy, or give them to that handy neighbor who is always on the job. But with the marble feet you can do very nice things! I have them processed in my patio. My terrace is one big mosaic. It consists of the most widely-current types, colours, sizes, shapes, thicknesses, glazed and unglazed stones, tiles and tiling. If I see a stone somewhere that I can use, it goes with me! Laying it is a hellish chore, I do about half to a small meter per hour but it’s a lot of fun to do and the result is brilliant! The different dimensions of the marble feet are therefore very useful in my terrace. Of course you can only use one side because there is a hole in it and a bit of tapping because you just have a crazy corner is not possible. But the different colors and sizes make a lot of good.


I also use the marble blocks as feet under a slightly porous plant pot so you don’t get a wet spot under the pot.


You can also create side tables. It is best if you can cut the marble blocks in half, that saves half the weight but a mosaic of the smallest cubes can also give a very nice effect. Note that they are all equally high otherwise it will be an extra difficult puzzle to get the top right! Take a sturdy but not too thick shelf of wood and puzzle the feet to a square or rectangle with the size you want. Cut the shelf to the size and attach the legs (to get at each building market) underneath. Make sure that the screws do not protrude at the top! Glue the marble feet on the plate but do not forget to glue between the feet so that it becomes a closed whole, otherwise you have to fill the cracks with sealant later. When finishing the sides you take a finishing slat that you like and so wide that you cover both the side of the shelf and the side of the marble feet. Saw them at an angle so that the corners are also neat, secure them with small nails, making sure there is enough sealant between them to seal it properly. The finishing slat must be  coated with a good lacquer.


Do you have a nice idea for the marble feet? Let me know!