Cwillyaigne O’Cockaigne

              Cwillyaigne O’Cockaigne    

Born: 20-04-2005


Died: 25-8-2012 during surgery to her broken under jaw.


Coursinglicentie: DEE55TC C22


Cwillyaigne ran er first coursing on 08-04-2007. She became fourth of the fifteen Deerhounds. From the beginning it turned out that she was extremely fast. This speed would often play her part. In her fourth coursing she earned her first CACIL and CACBL (B). So far she has four RCACP’s (FR), one CACC (D) and one RCACC and two RCACIL’s. She also obtained a “Certificat Lure Coursing” at the coursing in Denmark on 17 October 2010.


Until now, she has been able to participate in two and a half European Coursing Championships. At the first in Switzerland, she was so injured, both mentally and physically, that she took a long time to restore again. In 2007, she became seventh of the fourteen and in 2010 eighth out of seventeen. So far she has enjoyed 33 coursings and many funcoursings, but whether she ever runs it depends on how her under jaw wants to heal. Read more about the Tags “Cwillyaigne”.



Because of her overbite, Cwillyaigne has only been at three shows: one Dutch in which she got a Very Good, one German where she got an Excellent from an English judge and one French show where she also got a Very Good. This is sufficient to be eligible for the CACIL and the German CACC.



Cwillyaigne has naturally a delightful character but unfortunately at the moment her broken jaw ruining much for her. She can’t play or chew on a cowhoof and she loves to do that. Hopefully this year will give a solution.


Unfortunately, Cwillyaigne dies on 25 August 2012 during the fourth attempt to get her under jaw right.  


Cwillyaigne was a sister of Cala (died of a stomach torsion), Craffitsh (died of bone cancer) and Crantiffic Argaï (died of liver shunt).


There is not bred with Cwillyaigne.