Ch. Nimloth Brandir

Ch. Nimloth Brandir


Breeders: Gill and Toby Smith (UK)


Born: 17-5-2012


 Status Factor VII Deficiency: Normal


Status Cystinuria: Affected


Brandir is affected with DCM


Coursinglicensenumber: DEE72RC



Brandir starts his “Showcareer” on  September 2-2012 during the Puppyday of KC Waalwijk. He was 6th in the semifinal. On  November 17-2012 he becomes BIS2 puppy during the KBWC Sighthound Specialty at Kortrijk.



Brandir has so far obtained the following titles; International Champion, Dutch Champion, Belgian Champion, German Champion (DWZRV), Benelux Winner Belgium ’14, Benelux Winner Nederland ’15, Benelux Winner Luxembourg ’16, German Junior Champion (DWZRV), Europa Jugendsieger ’13, Landes Jugendsieger Hessen-Thuringen ’13, Dutch Junior Champion, Belgian Junior Champion, Landessieger Nord MV ’15, Luxembourg’s Champion ’16, Benelux Champion.



Brandir has been to 54 shows so far and has obtained the following qualifications: 3 x very promising, 3 x BP, 1 x BISP 2, 1 x BISP 6, 32 x 1Exc, 8 x 2Exc, 6 x 3Exc, 1 x Exc, 2 x 1VG, 10 x JBOB , 3 x JCAC (DWZRV), 1 x Res. JCAC, 14 x CAC, 10 x CACIB, 7 x Res. CAC, 3 x Res. CACIB, 1 x BISJ 2, 11 x BOB, 9 x BOS, 1 x BIG, 2 x BIG2, 1 x BIS4, 1 x Ex Equo BIS2.


At an age of 17 months Brandir was BOB, BIG and BIS4 at the International Dogshow in Mechelen (B)



At the Breedshow of the English Deerhound Club Brandir became two times ‘Third’ in his class in 2013. In 2014, Brandir was ‘First’ in the Special Coursing/Lure Chasing Class and ‘Fourth’ in the ‘Special Not Bred By Exhibitor’ Class.











During the combination-weekend of show and coursing in Wismar (D), on 26 April 2014, Brandir earned his first “Beauty and Performance” title and June 8, 2014 his second in Tüttleben.







One litter was bred with Brandir (before DCM was established) in combination with Bibelot van de Meirse Weiden, 3 puppies survived. Aislinn, Cytaugh and Chidish.

Chidish died of a sudden cardiac arrest.





Brandir is a brother of Bernice.