Ch. Nimloth Bernice


Ch. Nimloth Bernice   

Breeders: Gill and Toby Smith (UK)

Born: 17-5-2012


Died: 04-12-2021   pneumonia


Status Factor VII Deficiency: Normal


Coursinglicentienummer: DEE65TC


Bernice lives with Sonja Hansen in Hermannsburg (D).



Bernice has so far obtained the following titles; German champion, Landessieger Nord MV 2015, Landes Jugendsieger Nds.-SaAn. 2013, German junior Champion (DWZRV), Landes Jugendsieger Hesse-Thuringia 2013.


Bernice has been to 8 shows with the following qualifications achieved; 7 x 1u, 1 x 3ZG, 3 x JCAC, 3 x CAC, 2 x R. CAC, 1 x JBOB, 1 x BOB, 1 x BOS.





At the coursing in Babenhausen on 16 March 2014, Bernice received a 2nd place from the 13 present Deerhounds.





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Bernice is a sister of Brandir.



Bernice is not used for breeding.