Ch. Edle Emmy vom Welzerberg

Ch. Edle Emmy vom Welzerberg

or Amy.


Breeder: Susanne Ottofülling


Born: 05-07-1999 But she only came to live with us on 11-12-1999


Died: 07-12-2012 old age


Coursinglicentie: DEE43TC



Hound with Hare


Amy ran her first coursing on October 7, 2000. She soon figured out how the game was and usually ran her own course. She ran 35 coursings and obtained 3  CACC’s and a reserve CACIL.



Titles: Dutch, International, Luxembourg, German (DWZRV), Danish and Belgian champion, World Junior Champion 2000 and Belgian Winner 2003.





Amy has 69 shows with the following results: 35 x 1Exc, 10 x 2Exc, 8 x 3Exc, 4 x 4Exc, 8 x Exc, 1 x 1VG, 1 x 3 VG, 2 x VG, 18 x CAC, 7 x CACIB, 8 x RCAC, 4 x RCACIB , 3 x JBOB and 8 x BOB.



On 23 January 2003, Amy was covered by Fritzen’s Great Gatsby. March 26, 10 puppies were born, including two stillborn. Caintha, Cute Coney and Cavanaugh stayed with us.






In 2005, we decide to cover Amy again, but now by Ivanhoe from Highlanders Yard. On April 20, four puppies are born, the fifth is to be taken with a cesarean section, unfortunately this female is dead. Cwillyaigne and Craffitsh stayed with us.













This picture was taken on December 7, 2012, Amy’s day of death.


She was 13 years, 5 months and 2 days old.