Ch. Cockaigne Chidish van de Meirse Weiden

Ch. Cockaigne Chidish van de Meirse WeidenChidish


Breeder: Marijn van Iersel


Born: 22-3-2015


Status Factor VII Deficiency: normal


Coursinglicence: DEE.74RC


Died on september 1 2019 of an acute cardiac arrest.


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During the Jahresausstellung in Trautskirchen (D, 2015), Chidish got a first place with Very Promising in the Baby Class (2) under Brian Doak. In Bad Homburg (D) he also got a first place with Very Promising. At the Young Dogs & Veterans Day of the Dutch Sighthound Club he became first in his class (1). At the CACIB show in Hannover, Chidish received a Very Promising and Jüngsten-BOB. His last performance in the Puppy class was during the Winner in Amsterdam where he became best Deerhound puppy.






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Titles Dutch Champion, German Champion, Danish Champion, Belgian Champion, International Champion, Dutch Junior Champion, German Junior Champion, Belgian Junior Champion, Luxembourg’s Junior Champion, Europe Jugendsieger ’16, Jahres Jugendsieger ’16, FCI Euro Junior Sighthound Winner ’16, Benelux Junior Winner Luxembourg ’16, Bundessieger ’16, Jahressieger ’17, Jahressieger Schönheit & Leistung ’17, Europasieger ’17, Benelux Winner Nederland ’17, Bundessieger ’17, Herbstsieger ’17, Landessieger Sachsen ’18, Benelux Winner Belgium ’18.


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Chidish has been at 80 exhibitions. He obtained;  5 x Very Promising, 1 x Baby-BOB, 1 x Baby-BOS, 2 x Best Puppy, 58 x 1 Exc, 5 x 2 Exc, 2 x 3 Exc, 3 x 4 Exc, 5 x J.CAC (D), 28 x CAC, 13 x Res.CAC, 23 x CACIB, 8 x Res.CACIB, 10 x Junior-BOB , 1 x Junior-BOS, 26 x BOB, 12 x BOS, 1 x Junior-BIS, 2 x Junior-BIS3, 1 x BIG1, 1 x BIG2, 2 x BIG3, 4 x BIS, 1 x BIS3, 7 x Best Brace with Cytaugh and 1 x Best brace with Aislinn.


During the ‘Open Single Breed Show’ of the English Deerhound Club on 16 April ’16, Chidish received “First” in the Junior Class under Judge Dagmar Kennis-Pordham. During Crufts 2017, Chidish obtained a “First” in the Yearling Class under Judge Joan Wragg. And during the “Open Single Breed Show” of the English Deerhound Club on April 1, 2017 a “Second” in open Dog under Judge Jay Phinizy and on April 2 a “First” in the Special Coursing/Lure chasing Class, a “Second” in the Not Bred By Exhibitor Class and a “Reserve” In the Brace Class with Cytaugh under Judge Eve Hamilton. Open Single Breed Show 21 -4-2018 at Sutton Scotney, Judge Tim Finney; Open Dog-VHC and on 22 -4-2018, Judge Mrs. Marie Bryce-Smith 2nd in Brace Class with Cytaugh. During Crufts 2019, Chidish obtained a “Reserve” in the Open Class under Judge Ken Aird.

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Chidish was possessed by coursing. He has done 14 coursings. The fifteenth was fatal to him, he fell dead at the end of the first round.
He has obtained 1 Res.CACC, 4 Res.CACNL’s and 1 Res.CACBL.







Childish had a wonderful character, enjoyed everything and was a huge teddy bear.


Chidish has two sisters; Cytaugh and Aislinn.


There was one litter of Chidish born of which one bitch (as far as I know) died of DCM.