Ch. Cheytah O’Cockaigne


Ch. Cheytah O’Cockaigne


Born: 02-12-2007


Died: 24-6-2012 to a spinal cord infarction


Status Factor VII Deficiency: Carrier


Coursinglicentie: DEE59TC




Cheytah has so far taken part in 22 coursings and obtained 3 CACC’s, 2 RCACC’s, 1 CACIL, 1 RCACIL and 1 CACNL. Her first coursing was on 28-06-2009.  In the beginning she had a lot of bad luck with a throat infection and a thick toe.


She now has the titles German coursing champion, Champion für Schönheit und Leistung and DWZRV Sieger für Schönheit und Leistung ‘ 10.

I received the title “International Beauty and Performance Champion” on 2-5-2014 for her.



Cheytah has participated in two European Coursing Championships and reached a fifteenth and a fifth place.


Show titles: Dutch, International, German (DWZRV), Danish, French and Belgian Champion, LandesJugendsieger S.P. ’08, LandesJugendsieger W.E. ’09, EuropaJugendsieger ’09, Winner (Amsterdam) ’09, FCI Jahrhundertsiegerin ’11 and Jahressiegerin ’11 and ’12.



During the English Breedshow in 2011, Cheytah got a fifth place in Open (16 bitches), a fourth place in Special Racing/Lure coursing (18) and a fifth place in Brace (10) together with Calhoun.



Cheytah has visited 51 shows so far, with the following results: 37 x 1Exc, 6 x 2Exc, 2 x 3Exc, 1 x 4Exc, 1 x Exc, 1 x VG, 4 x JCAC, 1 x RJCAC, 25 x CAC, 9 x CACIB, 4 x RCAC, 4 x RCACIB , 2 x JBOB, 14 x BOB, 1x BIG3 and 2 x BIS. During Crufts 2012, Cheytah obtained a third place in Open Bitch.



Cheytah was very different in character than her brother Calhoun,  she didn’t want to hug and she loved to chase, like her grandma Amy, dogs. She was very easy to deal with and listened well.



Unfortunately Cheytah never had puppies.


Cheytah was a sister of; Calhoun, Cabhan, Comhghall, Clarence, Cocidius, Cscarf, Checuevarah, Coquette Claire and Chime.

Unfortunately, on May 4, 2014 Curney died from probably a brain tumor.

Also this year Cabhan and Comhghall died. Comhghall to the consequences of an error in surgery to a Hernia Perinealis and Cabhan to cancerous growths in the abdomen.

On January 6, 2015, Calhoun died as a result of metastasis of bone cancer.

March 5, 2015, Clarence, or Oban, died as a result of a tumour in his heart.

In 2016 Cocidius died.

In Februari 2017 Coquette Claire died, in June Cscarf and in November that same year, Checuevarah and Chime.