Ch. Calhoun O’Cockaigne

Ch. Calhoun O’Cockaigne

Born: 02-12-2007

Status Factor VII Deficiency: Carrier

Coursinglicentie: DEE62RC

Died: 06-01-20115 as a result of metastasis of bone cancer.

Calhoun ran his first coursing on 08-03-2009 and his second 22-03-2009. Both in France because it was allowed there to participate with 15 months in national competitions. These were his qualifiers for the European Coursing Championship that would take place in the Czech Republic in 2019.

He has run 37 coursings so far and especially the first two years were very successful. He has won 2 CACNL, 3 CACIL’s, 1 RCACIL, 5 CACP’s (FR), 4 CACC’s, 4 RCACC’s and 5 times Beauty and Performance.


He has won the following  coursingtitels; “European Coursing Champion ’09”, “German Coursing Champion ’11”, “German Champion of Beauty and Performance”, “International Coursing Champion ’11”, “International Champion of Beauty and Performance ’14”, “DWZRV Sieger für Schönheit und Leistung “11 “and” Dutch Champion Beauty and Performance ’13 “.


Calhoun has participated in 4 European Coursing Championships and obtained a first, a third, a sixth place and a “rejection for the day”.



Calhoun’s show titles; Dutch-, International-, German- (DWZRV), Belgian-, French- and Danish Champion, Dutch Junior Champion, German (DWZRV) Jnior Champion, Junior Winner + Winner (Amsterdam) ’08, KBWC Junior Winner ’08, EuropaJugendsieger ’09, LandesJugendsieger + Landessieger W.E. ’09, Brussels Winner ’09 + ’10, Landessieger W.E. ’11, Landessieger M.V. ’11, Jahressieger ’10 + ’11, KBWC Winner ’12, Europasieger ’12 and World Champion 2012.


At Crufts ’09 Calhoun earned a first place in the Yearling Class, Crufts ’10 a third place in Open, Crufts ’12 a second place in Open and during the Breedshow ’11 a third place in Open (5 males), a second place in Special Racing/Lure Coursing (18) and together with Cheytah a fifth place in Brace (10).

Calhoun has been so far at 67 shows and obtained the following results: 49 x 1Exc, 11 x 2Exc, 1 x 4Exc, 1x 1VG, 1x 3VG, 34 x CAC, 13 x CACIB, 12 x RCAC, 8 x RCACIB, 4 x JBOB, 14 x BOB, 22 BOS, BIG3 and BIG5.

Calhoun is an extremely sensitive Deerhound. He has a very soft character but with a huge hunting passion. A larger cuddle bear does not exist and the word “dominance” does not occur in his dictionary.      





Calhoun is a brother of; Cabhan, Comhghall, Clarence, Cocidius, Cscarf, Checuevarah, Curney, Coquette Claire, Chime and Cheytah.



Cheytah deceased on 24-6-2012 to a spinal cord infarction.

On 4-5-2014, Curney died, most likely to a brain tumor. Also this year Cabhan and Comhghall died. Comhghall to the consequences of an error in surgery to a Hernia Perinealis and Cabhan to cancerous growths in the abdomen.

On March 5, 2015, Clarence, or Oban, died as a result of a tumour in his heart.

Cocidius died in 2016.

In February 2017 Coquette Claire died, in June Cscarf and Checuevarah and Chime died in November that same year.







Unfortunately, Calhoun has been diagnosed with bone cancer and on 21 December 2012 his left hind leg was amputated. He has had seven chemo therapies and so far (May 2014) it’s fine with him.


Two years and 16 days after the amputation, I had to put Calhoun to leep because of metastases. These had been revealed as a cancerous lymph node at his heart and a spot in his lungs. He has had two more years of his second life but the greater is the hole he left.


Calhoun has not been bred.