Cardhu O’Cockaigne

Cardhu O’Cockaigne

Born: 06-03-1994

Died: 21-01-1997    Atrium Fibrilation/Cardiomyopathy

Coursinglicense: DEE30RC

Cardhu ran his first coursing on 18-06-1995 and his last on 02-11-1996. During this period he ran 13 coursings and earned 1 CACIL.  




Show titles: Luxembourg Youth Champion.



Cardhu was entered on 17 shows and achieved the following results: 1 x P, 7 x 1Exc, 1 x 2Exc, 1 x 3Exc, 1 x 1VG, 1 x 3VG, 1 x 3G, 3 x CAC and 1 x RCAC.




Cardhu had one brother, Callan Kaj and three sisters; Chadé, Cicely and Cinéad.


Callan Kaj has died from a combination of a light form of SLE and heart problems. Chadé and Cicely were killed in a fire and Cinéad died of heart problems.





Cardhu had a height of 89 centimetres, his nickname was “Horse”.


He had a very nice character and liked everything; Coursing, showing and obedience. A delicious hound!