"Magic Meat Balls" or "Satin meat balls" recipe.

Richard's "Magic Meat balls".

These "Meat balls" can be found on the Internet under different names with different recipes. I got this recipe from Richard Hawkins. It's just messing around in the kitchen but the hounds are crazy about it and originally this recipe was designed to support poorly eating, sick or lactating bitches as well as showhounds quickly to get their "show weight". It must be a high-calorie, highly nutritious and tasty supplement, if necessary an independent diet for a short time.


Raw minced meat (as fat as possible but prefer not to mince pork) 4-5 kilos,Prudence and Richard

Mixed cereals such as 7-Corn flakes,

12-18 large eggs (protein separating the egg yolk),

Wheat germ,

Oat flakes (old-fashioned kind or fast boiling but not ' instant '),

Kitchen syrup (from Gail),

First quality vegetable oil,

(not required) Cod liver oil,

(not required) Gelatin powder,

(not required) Probiotics (Recommended for sick hounds),

(not required) Artificial milk/Puppy milk,

As a size we apply a cup of a quarter litre. For starters we cook 4 to 8 cups of the 7-Corn flakes in the required water (cooked grain is lighter to digest). Once it has been cooked and removed from the fire, the protein must be mixed with it so that it still boils slightly (raw protein breaks off biotin). Set it apart and let it cool down well. Then add the raw egg yolk to the 4-5 kilos of raw minced meat, then a large cup of vegetable oil and from the same head a full cup of kitchen syrup. (First the oil, then the syrup, keeps the head cleaner). A large cup of wheat germ, one and a half cup uncooked oats and the last to add the cooled mixture of the corn flakes and the protein.

Now everything is well kneaded and see if it does not drip through the fingers. In The latter case, you can add more raw oat flakes or gelatin and leave to stand until it becomes more firm. (Gelatin works well but is not nutritious and expensive). You can make other additions like: The pulverized egg shells (very good calcium source), two soup spoons of cod liver oil, probiotics, cheese or 2 cups of artificial milk. It is important to know why the ingredient is added. Do you want more fats, carbohydrates or proteins?

Next you create balls or flat packages that are a bit proportional to the big of your hound. An Italian so Buddy Soepbal and an Irish buddy tennis ball. These balls or packages are then packaged separately in a piece of aluminium foil and freezes. You can then remove the desired amount from the freezer every time.

I now have a standard stock in the freezer, the hounds are really crazy about it!