The test for DEPOH is available!

The genetic test for Delayed Post-Operative Hemorrhage (formerly called Delayed Bleeding Syndrome or hyperfibrinolysis) has recently become officially available through Washington State University in America. The study,, is published in the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine.

It will be some time before it comes on the market in Europe, but breeders can order the test and apply it to their litters so that the status of the puppies is at least known to the puppy buyers.

This test tells us which dogs are affected by the genetic mutation that causes Delayed Post-Operative Hemorrhage (DEPOH), which is a disorder of coagulation stability, not clot formation. When it occurs, bleeding is usually (but not always) delayed, usually starting within 24-48 hours after surgery or major trauma. It is prevented or treated with aminocaproic acid or tranexamic acid. Deerhounds that are free of the mutation do not require medication. For Deerhounds that have one copy of the DEPOH mutation, the medication should be available if needed, and Deerhounds with two copies must be given the medication on the day of surgery and for five days after surgery.

DEPOH is a completely different problem than Factor VII deficiency – in fact it is possible for a dog to have both problems.


The test is inexpensive ($65) and is just a cheek swab, so it’s easy to do at home and cheap to mail.

Many thanks to dr. Court for leading this research and the literally dozens of volunteers who shared their experiences, DNA samples and vet records.

More information about DEPOH and Factor VII Deficiency can be found here.

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