Why It’s Important to Get Puppies Exercise




There are still breeders and owners who think that puppies should be protected by giving them or letting them take minimal exercise. A lot of research has been done in recent years and the opposite has now been proven.

When I see how many Deerhounds walk badly and have a wrong position, this can often be traced back to certain breeders who do not give their puppies the space they need. Puppies play and run for hours on end and then sleep for hours throughout the day. The space they need is of course dependent on their age, but you really can’t raise a puppy of 8 – 12 weeks on a piece of land of a few hundred square meters. Unlimited and unforced exercise is a ‘must’ for good, healthy Deerhounds.


This link with an interesting article about it comes from the Scottish Deerhound Learning Center facebook page;

 https://www.vetlessons.com/risk/exercise? fbclid=IwAR3zjqctGXzYFSKuRlObbCv2GdVsDqcWwkZoqah2_NiDaZ9PJRmoXDXbnpc



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