It is a nice bunch of puppies


The puppies are now two weeks old. They grow well and look fantastic. Cytaugh keeps them clean and because of this they shine like a mirror. Caira was the first to open her eyes a bit and was immediately waving to the world! Chasslynn was the first to carefully take several steps and now runs like a spider through the whelpingbox. She is a real racing monster!














In the meantime, all have their eyes open and respond to sound. Now minimal, but in a few days you will no longer be able to open the slide of the whelping box without them hearing it.






They also display playing behavior. Now they usually bite in each other’s ears and legs  lying down and floundering , but it will soon be during walking and falling over.







The differences in character are getting bigger, the males are real males; calmer and less impulsive. But Calum can demand a lot of attention. Chasslynn is a small busy thing, she beeps loud and clear and is usually the first with everything. Caira is clever, smart but not loud, Caoimhe is calm but can grow quite a throat if she wants something, Charlaigne is the quietest of all.

























What they all love is a ‘group hug’, preferably all at the same time getting a hug. Even if one is screeching, he or she often becomes silent when you pick him or her up. They really enjoy being cuddled.

Well, we take the time for that!




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