Puppies are on the way!



After having had the feeling that Cytaugh could be pregnant for more than a week; she doesn’t want to eat any more fish, is lazy as a pig and is occasionally nauseous, I had an ultrasound made of Cytaugh’s stomach yesterday, October 14.

And yes, there were several embryos on display! The doctor did not count extensively but looked like this already 4. Now we hope that enough females will be born so that I can make long-waiting happy.



We expect a lot from this combination. If the right genes are mixed properly, beautiful, strong puppies will be born. Uther largely represents the type of Deerhound that I prefer; strong and powerful with a super sweet character and a good hunting instinct.

A Deerhound capable for what it was once bred for!







Uther is the great-grandchild of Rosslyn Magi Among Shagied. In 2011 Sonja and I went to this male for a mating with Cheytah. Unfortunately no puppies were born then, it would be nice if his great-great-grandchildren look like him!










If all goes well, the puppies will be born around November 17.



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