DNA Research.

SCAN0099 Copy (2)     During the Saturday, April 5, of the English wide Show in Telford, a number of students from Nottingham University, at their offered Deerhounds, have taken DNA material for research into Osteosarcoma (bone cancer), Bronchopneumonia/respiratory tract disease (simply put; inflammation of the respiratory tract), stomach torsion and Fibrocartilagenous Emboli (FCE-See interesting articles). Of course we have also dropped the DNA from Bernice and Brandir. After having thought about it, I offered to take home from Calhoun and Caintha DNA. Calhoun is of course very interesting with its bone cancer! Very sorry that Coney, Calhoun's mother, no longer lives but Aunt Caintha might also be interesting. And… Marijn, of course, lives Calhoun's brother Clarence, a daughter of Clarence and two sons of Chazz (who is a brother of Coney and died of bone cancer). At all six we have taken a swap by their mouths, completed forms and then everything is packaged well sent to England. And now we hope that the research will be progressing quickly and soon! It would be nice if the Dutch Deerhound Club would support this research and would also regulate a DNA decrease day and send the collected material to the University of Nottingham. The more material the better.  

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