Brandir Dutch Champion!

SCAN0246   During the international Dog Exhibition of KC Dordrecht in "The Bread Factory" in Rijswijk, on Saturday 1 November, the Deerhounds was approved by Mrs. Lisbet Utke ramsing from Denmark. Only three Deerhounds were reported; Brandir in the Open class, Isa Christie Sense of Beauty of Jasper and Ineke de Vos in youth class bitches and Pitlochry's July in the Champion class bitches. Brandir received the CAC and CACIB and became Dutch champion. For BOB he had to go against Isa and also this he won. At the end of the day he had to honour ring in and against all odds he was placed second!! This is the second time this year that he is BIG2 while he has only four shows in the Netherlands.

International Herfstcoursing at RONO Beach.

The Chart Polski by Ciska and Ruud. The ' Herfstcoursing ' of WvCNL took place this year during the weekend of 18 and 19 October. Since Simon was divided both days to judging we left Thursday so we had a relaxed day on Friday. Sonja also came with her new motorhome so Brandir and Bernice could spend a nice weekend with each other. On Friday both could participate in the training. We would let Bernice run first and if she would not start, we would send Calhoun and brandir with it. But after some doubt, Bernice put it on a walk and walked the stars of heaven! Would she like to find it again? After Bernice so brandir with Calhoun. Brandir was as usual not to keep it though… He also started Super fanatic! At one time, without looking at Calhoun, he went behind the hare. What were we happy! Would he also like to find it again? That would be fantastic. In Total, 246 hounds had been adopted for the coursing and because of this large number, it was decided to walk on two tracks simultaneously. We expected the second route to be plotted on the other side of the water, but the association that had been invited to take care of this was not safe enough. The conscious Association was WCW out Hopee (Germany). I personally, and several with me, found this to be a wrong choice given the enormous commotion that F.S. has caused in Germany a.o. By committing fraud with Coursinguitslagen. The way in which he is allowed to exercise functions in sport is also extremely dubious. Many oudleden of the DWZRV have already said their membership to what is a great loss for the association. It is in and in sad that one person has been able to harm the DWZRV so much. Three Galgos The beauty of the mop was that the trail that this association had plotted on the right part of the beach was really dangerous. The hare was pulled through a wooden/metal seat and a thick tree. If two hounds would walk in between and accidentally bump each other, either one of them could be considerably injured. This route had to be adjusted on Saturday morning. On Saturday, Afghans, Azawakh's, Barsoi's, the Chart Polski, Deerhounds, Galgos, Irish Wolfhounds, Italians, Magyar Agar's, Pharaoh's, Podencos, Podengo's and Sloughi's were walked. On Sundays the Whippet's and Saluki's. It will be me, but I really do not understand the judging. It used to be the intention that the hounds would be judged in such a way as if it were a real hunt. So if they could catch the hare, they got a good assessment and made an error that had a chance of being looked at, they got a bad assessment. Well, today, as a hound, you can run out of the field without looking at the hare and what happened here on RONO a few times; You land as a hound in the water and only come out when the hare is so far away that you can never catch it again. Even then you can still win! That happened, among other things At the winner of the "Deerhounds". I wholeheartedly support her but I think it is not entirely in accordance with the rules. Fiddle both days the award ceremony was very chaotic. This did not come by the organization but by the disinterest and the undisciplined behaviour of the participants. Everyone kept talking to each other and on Saturday it had to F.S. If necessary, let loudly know that a German hound had gotten too few points in his idea, even though this Galgo had won! It's a pity, the cosiness of the past is far to find, maybe it just gets too big. Luckily there were some nice courses to admire and it was fine again.

Caintha Veterans BIS 2 during JVD of group 10.

IMG_2724 CopyOn Sunday 21 September, Stichting Group Greyhounds held a young dog Veterans Day for the young and old Grut of group 10 and the half-hounds of group 5 at Manege de Fruithof. It was a very successful day with 126 hounds and mostly sunny weather. Very occasionally a few spetters fell down but that was not allowed to press the fun. Two large rings were plotted, which was a wrong choice afterwards. For next year there are at least more planned there, certainly the young hounds demand a lot of attention and it is also, of course, that the aspiring masters have not had the breeds they have had so often in their hands, and that also costs more time. Both the Ierdie and the Whippet Club celebrated a birthday and shared gifts. A delicious pot of apple sauce from the Ierdie and regularly came a box with small Tompoucen along from the Whippet Club. Nice gestures. For the Deerhounds, we had Wilma M. As a judge and she received the 15 reported Deerhounds at the end of the day. The most ancient hound and Deerhound was the last turn, I think it was half past six. This was my Caintha O'Cockaigne with her 11 years, 5 months and 26 days. Of course she didn't want to show, it's not her thing, but to have to leave the ring again was very much. But miraculously she ran for her doing very neatly and also stayed neat. For best Deerhound veteran, she had to compete against the 7 years, 4 months and 23 days old Hartvalley Walk This Way, or Duncan, by Jan Scheer and Joke Groeneveld. The bag of small pieces of cheese did wonders and Caintha walked the stars of Heaven (for her do). Wilma was impressed by this old lady and made her best veteran at the Deerhounds. I was quite proud of my "old cake"!   NeIMG_2729xt, all the best young dogs came in the honour ring and as a second, Lawton's Christopher Columbus of Jasper and Ineke de Vos were placed. Then the best veterans, 8 pieces, including seniors of just older than 7 years. To my great joy, Caintha was placed second here!   Fortunately, Caintha did not suffer from ' reverse sneezing ' during the show. This had previously been regularly due to a tumor in the left part of her nose but lately it is a lot better with her, you don't hear them snoring anymore. This tumor sits high in her nose just under her eye and let's not remove it. He does not cause any trouble or pain and seems to grow very slowly. She gets resistance-enhancing resources and as long as she doesn't get stuffy and doesn't suffer from it, we hope she can become as old as her mother. We are waiting for it. So far, it's good, she runs a long walk almost daily and even plays it with Brandir. Anyway, who knows, Caintha will be back next year when the group again organizes a young dog Veterans Day. Let's hope!

What are those Finns fast!!!

IMG_2484 CopyThe invitation to the European Coursing Championship in Finland on 6 and 7 June 2015 is already online. Via http://suomenvinttikoiraliitto.fi/eccoursing2015/en/you come to the site and you can find all the details.        

And the next 3305 kilometers.

Monday morning 30 June everything packed again and go early to drive towards Trautskirchen. A considerable distance of 580 kilometers of which the first part through the Dolomites with too narrow and too steep roads. Once unscathed arrived in Trautskirchen tasted the beer delicious and was again cared for us by the host of our overnight place. The next morning again early from the feathers and direction house, about 590 kilometers. Originally we would go to Aalborg in Denmark, but because Marijn had asked from the Irishman if our Brandir could cover his Bibelot of the Meirse Meadows (a daughter of a Calhoun brother) and this maid had planned it fine (but not really), We had to go home first! Tuesday evening around six o'clock we were at home. Soon some troop from the caravan, the ceramics from the car and a doing turn. After a successful mating we left on Thursday afternoon towards Hermannsburg (490 km.) where we arrived at about half past eight o'clock in the evening. Soon the hounds exhaust, eat, drink a wine and go to bed. The next day the trip went to Aalborg, again about 55o kilometers. Sonja and the hounds went along with us. Simon and I were invited by the Danish greyhound Club to come and approve, I the show on Saturday and Simon the coursing on Sunday. In the course of the Friday afternoon we arrived in Aalborg. Most people of the board of the Danish greyhound Club were already there and were warmly welcomed. On Saturday I was allowed to approve the 3 Deerhounds, 2 Galgos, 1 Irish wolfhound, 4 Italians, 1 Magyar Agar (absent), 10 Saluki's, 41 Whippets and 8 Afghans. Kim Vigso Nielsen, a Danish judge, did the 8 Barzoi's, 5 Podengo Portugues Pequeno and the 6 Pharaohounds. My colleague started at half past ten with approvals and I had to post him in the same ring. He took over for a long time and also explained to each exhibitor what he had done. He used on average thick 11 minutes per hound! Only against ones I could start. This I found pretty frustrating since I like to give the time to young dogs and puppies. In Total I had 5 absents. Luckily I had very experienced ring staff and the exhibitors were already ready in the ring while I placed the classroom. So it went very fast. The quality of the Whippets attacked me heavily, far too big and therefore no more elegance. This is really a problem in the breed. BIS I made a Afghan female, what a picture! BIS 2 was the Deerhound bitch, it is that she dropped it in the course of the day, so late but what a beautifIMG_2616ul girl! During the day Simon had helped to put a beautiful trail on the gigantic terrain. What a beautiful area to organize a EKC. Space enough! Nearly a hundred hounds were reported before the coursing. Also Brandir and Bernice. Bernice had to walk with the bitch of Randi Kontni, who had made BIS 2 the day before. Bernice ran a few passes, looked to go to Brandir and stopped. The bitch of Randi walked a little hundred metres and also stopped. Brandir had to walk alone, so not, who did not start at all! What a nice bunch! They only had to take an example of the Irish Wolfhounds! Both the owners and the starter could barely stay on the leg, they were so enthusiastic! They walked the entire trail at a good pace and showed that they were playing the game. IMG_2618 As a Turner, the Danes had let someone come from Sweden. He stood in the middle of the terrain on a stellage and turned with remote control. This worked perfectly. His son was sitting at the turntable and operated the brake occasionally when the hare was riding out. Really a very nice system! We really enjoyed this weekend and hope that in the future we will be able to travel some more to Denmark for a show and/or coursing. Monday morning we left again… But not home! Simon would work this week in Denmark and Sonja and I took vacation on the five star campsite "Flyvesandet" on the north side of Fun, about 270 kilometers from Aalborg. IMG_2650   This campsite isIMG_2621 ideal for dog lovers. You can walk along the beach (if it is not too good weather and so there are not so many people) and you can also make a great walk through the forest. The beach is not so wide and there are pieces with stones but the hounds could still be well out of the feet and had fun for ten. IMG_2631   IMG_2635               The previous times that Simon and I were here, a large part of the sea fell almost dry at certain times. You could mudflat hiking! Unfortunately the moon was wrong and the water dropped to about 30 centimetres high, just too high to walk through with the hounds. Really sorry, otherwise you can mudflat hiking mileage! Since Calhoun had raced and played the day before and it would be too much for Lavinia anyway, we only had Brandir, Bernice, Silva and Caintha with it. We have a thick hundred meters through the sea robe but Caintha thought it was nice at some point and wanted to go back to the coast. She reminded me of her mother, Amy, who found that mudflat hiking at that time nothing! It was just as if she had fear that the water would come in once.IMG_2643 Also Sonja and I still have stones collected. The most beautifully drawn and colored specimens can be found here! Sonja Later learned that it is strictly forbidden to take stones along the border. The next time we are here we will stick to it but they are beautiful, so around my plants in the garden. On Friday, Sonja left for Hermannsburg because her husband wanted to leave the day. We stayed for a while but unfortunately had to return to the house, about 825 kilometers. Once we arrived home we were well cooked from all that journey. In total we travelled 4545 kilometers in 22 days!      

European Championship coursing in Italy; What's in a name.

There are some of these months that we do not see our bed in the Oekelsbos. After coming home from Tüttleben, I had just enough time to finish and pack my ceramics, put the hounds in the Defendog, clean the caravan and do the laundry, before we travel to Italy. After that, everything had to be taken back into the party tent and ceramics. The car was jam! Also in the caravan was the necessary road stowed. The journey began on Saturday towards Gelsenkirchen (approx. 200 km.) I was able to approve the Azawakh's, Magyar Agar's, Afghans and Saluki's on Sunday 22 June. It was radiant again and I had some very nice hounds to judge. Especially a very Rastypisch Magyar Agar Youth Female and an exemplary showing Afghans puppy, of which I could grope all the feet without resist, made a lot of impression on me. Trautskirchen inzing Racecourse. Monday morning early from the feathers and direction Trautskirchen (approx. 450 km.), where we held the first stopover on the way to Italy, where the European Championship coursing was to be held on the weekend of 27, 28 and 29 June. Ingrid and Jennifer, Gert-Jan and Jacqueline joined us and the next morning we left for Inzing in Austria for the next stopover (approx. 370 km.). We had chosen the route through the mountains. Beautiful! But the last piece went too steeply downwards, allowing us to cool down in the village of Stilhielden and the rims/brakes with tig litres of water. Oops, that was just as exciting! In Inzing we were at the racecourse. Here the hounds could stretch their legs and especially Brandir enjoyed the meanwhile arrived people and hounds. John and Karin and Monique and Dennis were already there and also later came Alexandra and her son Jordan. As usual, Chris and Henriette arrived in the middle of the night. The next morning the journey continued, crossing the border, over the Brenner Pass, through the Dolomites to Lavarone, Malga Millegrobbe (approx. 220 km.). The road that was discouraged did not turn out to be circumvented and was so narrow here and there that if there were oncoming roads we had a big problem. But it was wonderful!!! (and occasionally very exciting!!!) And don't believe how long you can do about this short distance! It was still a search for the Coursingterrein, fortunately we came across Ingrid and Jennifer who knew the right route. After a further several kilometres of narrow mountain lanes we arrived at 1400 meters altitude in Malga Millegrobbe on a gigantic terrain that had a beautiful accommodation for the cross-country skiers with all the luxury amenities. We could park on a paved parking lot which is normal for the (luxury) motorhomes. Plenty of power and water around the corner. The participants from most other countries haIMG_2303d to drive to the grassy meadows and were able to park between the cows and horses who had the enormous terrain at their disposal. She had to hold a power wire from the plotted coursing courses. Later we heard that the organization did get a lot of damage claims because the cows used the cars and campers as barn piles. This caused some mirrors to break down and/or dents. Also tents are not koebestendig. Furthermore, these animals were definitely not unfriendly or curious, so you could walk through your hounds in a quiet way. Most of the participants were already on Wednesday. Unfortunately, Ad and Anneke had to return to the Netherlands with their five reported Pharaohounds because of a death in the family. Really sad, they were so very excited about this EKC. IMG_2261   IMG_2262IMG_2259The official opening was Thursday evening. There was a small stage with so little space that the spontaneous feast that normally takes place before the opening could not take place. The "real" partygoers were a bit disappointed. As usual, several speeches were held and a wind orchestra had to hear too many songs. The sound quality was also very bad here, so that a huge murmuring soon emerged. No, this opening is at the top of the list of bad and unpleasant openings. IMG_2265 Very nice was that almost all Dutch participants had put themselves in the orange before the opening (and every award ceremony). This is something and thanks to our enthusiasm for the winners, every year the award ceremony is a real feast.     Two courses were laid out on the extensive terrain. Trail 1 was a thick kilometre away against a slope. Here were hefty pits, stones and other obstacles so that the hounds really had to use their eyes. It was a reasonably well-covered trail with sharp twists and a few long pieces but it was not long enough according to the FCI rules. Route 2 was between the "camping pitches" and was explained on a flat stretch of very uneven terrain. It was a great round race course! There was only one place where the hounds had to watch out and the total length of the trail did not exceed the 600 meters. So also not championship worthy!!! And both the delegate of the FCI and the CDL did nothing to!!!   Crazy, or Jet. Chris with TIZPA. On Friday we had five Afghans males and two bitches and five Saluki males and one bitch in the fight. After the first turn, Azarang Taikatalvi of John and Karin was in second place, which was exciting again! He had to fight in the second round again together with the same dog as last year for the first place but unfortunately they walked on the racecourse and this was a big disadvantage for Heiki. He also went down again and this was his chance. But in the end he ended up in fifth place and that of thirty-two Afghans males! Also with the Saluki males and bitches it was exciting after the first circulation. They had walked as the first course on the racecourse. Darayavanush of the Brown fire was in the first place and TIZPA Porgouhar Isfandiyar also of Chris and Henriette stood on a shared third place. There were fifty-five Saluki males and forty-nine bitches. In the girls Crazy of the brown fire of Gert-Jan and Jacqueline was in a second place! But on the technical trail everything turned out to change. Darayavanush landed at the sixteenth place and Tizpa climbed to second place! Crazy did not smash hit, and unfortunately ended up in a twelfth place. The award ceremony was held somewhere else than the opening. Spontaneously the party of the flying flags arose but when the award ceremony began, it turned out that the people could not keep away until the stage so no one could see anything. Also not good of course.   IMG_2402 Saturday, the day of the Deerhounds and Azawakh's. Just before the races started, a cloud fell down and the Coursingterreinen in nebulae. The start was postponed. After half an hour there was a view but after the start there was a cloud again and the whole thing was still quiet. Again, the cloud went quite quickly and the hounds started again. Also this year I was glad that I had no hound in the fight. During the opening on Thursday, a Deerhound male had attacked another hound, and not pretty much! It turned out to be the French male Fait scandale Du Triple Bois by Brigitte Parere. This male gave his name to honour. Also during the first circulation he grabbed his companion and was happily disqualified.  But the evil had already happened, the duped, Islay's Gilroy walked in the second circulation very badly. In the first course in the morning Blixen became the Great Scott started. On 13 February this male became 8 years old. If he topfit would be okay but he wasn't! He started, well, he bumped in and got off after a little 50 meters. At first he stayed what stood, did a few strides and stayed again. The Turner just turned on for the other hound and Scott still had the intention to walk through. Everyone was furious and yelled at the Turner that he had to stop. He didn't! SIMG_2430cott Hompelde again a bit towards the hare and finally his owner managed to catch him. The vet also ran the field to investigate Scott further and nothing seemed to be broken but he was well broken. Normally standing on his feet and walking was not there. I was deeply shocked, who let there be a male of that age, who has not really done well in previous years and was not fit at all, walking!? And certainly not in such a field!!! Sorry, I have no good words for about it. In The third course was conaire or Redbrook of Jan and Joke. He walked with another French male from the same owner as the aggressive male but luckily it went fine. A reasonable course. The course after that was disturbed but the jury did not see it. The course on it ran Islay's Irbhinn of the family the Wagstaff. What you saw arriving on the way, happened at the reception. He did not behave quite correctly, but the hare lay silent and the jury did nothing with it. Then came the course with the aggressive French male and it was so good that this French male flew out, a thick disk. What was I glad my brandir didn't join!!! The character of the males is not going to advance! Really a-typical. Of the six males courses there was only one that was nice and correct and where speed and condition were shown. In the bitches, of course, some more beautiful courses but also several where it was clear that the women's condition was too short. IMG_2512 In the afternoon ran in the first course Conaire with Grayrory's Finlaggan from Sweden. Once the hounds were left loose you saw Finlaggan already look at Conaire. At the time that Conaire one step on the Finlaggan for the lag Finlaggan struck. Result A FAT disk. Funny that Simon has accidentally been able to put this whole incident in the picture. Conaire was the IMG_2520last to regain his course but went down a hundred meters before the shelter and then walked to the Turner. Everyone thought he would get a ' rejection for the day ' (which is normal) but… Nothing is more insane in Coursingland, he was placed fourth at the awards ceremony. (Of course, Jan and Joke also didn't count on it, Conaire was sleeping in the car so Jan had to observe the honours). Sorry Jan, but this picture is too unique not to post.IMG_2588 In the second last males course, Irbhinn ran with Nelungaloo Meshach by Esther Bühler. Immediately after the start disturbed Irbhinn on Meshach But the jury saw nothing. At the reception it was naturally blown. Irbhinn was placed fifth instead of being a disc. Should have. At the Azawakh's (14 bitches) We had two Dutch ladies in the fight including last year's winner; Kainda of Marlou. Also now she ran the stars of Heaven, both in the first and in the second circulation she had the highest number of points. Tigidit Savannah of Elisabeth performed to end both outlets with the lowest number of points.   IMG_2596 IMG_2484 Copy                           The award ceremony was held this evening again at the podium, here was more space and the people were kept remotely by a few urge fences. Apparently that is necessary. Due to the fact that the organisation had the Dutch team the most exuberant, enthusiastic and noisy, she threw the planning of the award ceremony and did the Azawakh's last. They thought it was exciting but we didn't kick in and under loud cheers, a happy and proud Marlou with Kainda was in the first place. IMG_3930IMG_2544   These horses were not really curious but were already grazing right along the Coursingterrein. I shot a few pictures of them and they came ever closer. Actually I got in the way but they decided to walk around me anyway. Joke shot there some nice pictures of it. Still thanks Joke!   On Sunday there were three Dutch Whippet males. After the first turn, Happy Halloween of Mr. Wakefield's Dia-Rafat was in a shared fifth place but after the second turn he could not keep this place. Eventually, he ended up as the best Dutch Whippet in the fifteenth place. Henry Del Karfo of Monique and Dennis baked did nothing of this year and finished in the 40th place, Leroy vom Small mountain of the family Will was zevenenveertigste of the forty Whippet males. At the Barsoi's we had one bitch in the fight; Blagorodnja Krasotá Igrushka of Elisabeth blacksmith. In the first round, she obtained 207 points and was thus in the last place of the forty-six bitches. But in the second turn she did a bit better and crawled up to the éénenveertigste place. Yes, and then the Italians. Twenty-nine did it including three Dutch. After the first turn, Ganim's Ziva of Alexandra Stout with two others was in second place! Poslusjnye Wihri Zjuk of Marga van Zeeland was in sixth place and Poslusjnye Wihri Jetsjoh, also of Marga, in a ninth place. For the second turn they had to go up to the technical trail. Unfortunately it was absolutely no Italians again because it stortregende! At the moment the course of Ziva came into view, a large cloud was slowly rolling over the ridge. He went painfully slowly so we had hope that Ziva could still walk. They started but unfortunately…. The cloud swallowed the little dogs. The Turner stopped the Hare and it was decided that they got the last course. That was really bales. A number of courses later ran a French female named Femme Fatale Gilani de Magistris by Nathalie Hurel. This name did her no good. Halfway through her course she disappeared behind a straw bale and no longer emerged. Apparently she was struck over the head and was lying there. As a jury, he was the closest and ran to it, but could not do anything but keep her against the ground as she tried to get out of what was not successful. The veterinarian was not able to find anything at first and took the female from the terrain as soon as possible and brought it to the veterinary post. Later we heard that Femme fatale had died of a schedelbasis fracture and a broken neck. In and in Trieste! A few courses hereafter, Ziva should run again. A number of participants could no longer make it to run their Italians and thus had to Ziva to the Ark. Simon asked Alexandra if she wanted Alexandra to say that if she did not let her run her now, she would never do it again. Brave though! And there went Ziva, we stood with tears in our eyes and bald fists, which was exciting!!! But she walked the stars of heaven and did not go down once, something you actually see constantly in Italians. What were we all happy when she came unscathed at the shelter! IMG_2604 Eventually, Ziva ended up in fourth place and Jetsjoh on the fifth. Zjuk became fifteenth. It is worth mentioning that Jetsjoh in the second circulation ran the highest number of points of all the Italians all day long! The award ceremony began with the sad announcement of the death of the Italian. All the participants who wore a flag left them lying on the ground and a minute's silence was observed. During the speech that followed everyone was muisstil. There was an in and in a sad atmosphere and the crying stood with many more than laughing. At the awards ceremony of the Italian males, Nathalie Hurel had a sixth and a third place but the flag hung half-stick and of course she didn't come on stage. The ceremony was handled but there was no party, no joy.   On Friday, a number of injuries were already occurring. One of them quite serious, at first everyone thought that the Saluki had broken a paw, but later we heard that he was out of the bowl. Painfully enough of course but better than broken. However, I have to put the comment that this hound was not suitable for walking. At the beginning of the course you could already see it, no bet, high walking and uncertain this hound went over the field, then another slip and over the head with the result of the elbow from the bowl. And there were more Saluki's that didn't ran well. On Saturday, a Galgo broke his paw. This hound was totally unwalked, so from the car the field on and yes, in such areas it is still necessary that you are a little warm and supple. Also, Don Juan of Ingrid got injured, he walked a spierscheurinkje. It was clear to see that he moved twice and after the second time he walked no more diligently to the shelter. And then on Sunday the fatal accident with Femme fatale. This was a trained little dog, this was silly bad luck. However, many other injuries were really due to ongetraindheid. IMG_2357 We and many others think that the biggest problem lies in the fact that the greyhounds are no longer let go. They always walk on the leash and do not learn how to work with their body and eyes. If such a hound only runs on the racecourse, this is not yet such a problem, but it is very much like such a race hound is then put on the coursing! These are the hounds that most injuries incur and sometimes fatal.     If you want to see photos of real coursing click on http://www.lenstreephotography.com/index.html and for live-coursing photos of Saluki's and Deerhounds in Scotland http://www.lenstreephotography.com/Page15.html

A hot Tüttleben.

IMG_2067On Tuesday 3 June, beginning of the afternoon, we left towards Dortmund. Here we stayed at the camper pitch where Sonja and I always stand when we go to the show. It is a quiet place and you can enjoy walking with the hounds. At the same time we are already a thick 250 kilometer from home and thus almost half way to Tüttleben. It has now become a tradition that we are going to Tüttleben with Pentecost. Simon is classified by default to build and run the course before and during the coursing and I had promised this year to act as ringmaster on Saturday 7 June in the ring at the Jahresausstellung of Group 5. Given the experience of last year, that the Coursingterrein was not cut and totally under water, we decided to be there on Wednesday so that Simon had no stress and time to come, had all the time to put away a good route. The terrain was beautiful, grass not too high but also no billiard sheet, Simon was very quick to finish his trail. He had placed the start this time in the middle of the terrain and only the left part was put into use. There was a challenging trail of about 850 meters long, given the expected temperatures, long enough. On Wednesday it was still good to do in terms of temperature; We even made a big walk with the hounds. The rest of the days we could forget this, it was too hot. Calhoun soon searched for his spot; Under the caravan. Every hour he moved a bit further so he had a cool piece again. It is always miraculous how he saves himself with those threIMG_2051 Copye legs, he was even once again early in the morning under the tent canvas by crept to go hunting. Unfortunately for him, there stood around a fencing so that he did not come far. Against the six o'clock he stood again in front of the tent door beeping that he wanted, because yes, back under the tent canvas, that is not possible!! This region has already been extracted in many areas, and he continues to do so, and I have to think about it if we stand somewhere where there is no fence.                                                                     Thursday and Friday I had "holiday", a little Brandir Showklaar make, the others comb but especially not to move too much because it was thick 35 degrees in the shadows! Saturday was the show. Sonja would show Brandir and Bernice under Mr. Tomasz Kuszyk from Poland. Also Fortheringhay's Faerwald Fable, Brandir's big "competitor" was reported in the Open class and another bitch in the Open class at Bernice. Fable went with the CAC and BOB off, Brandir with the reserve and Bernice with the CAC (the other bitch only stayed in Ambling walk). So I was in Ring 1 at the Podencos, Pharaoh's, Podengo's and Cirneci at work. The judge for these races was Mr. Manuel Borges from Portugal. Of course I had studied the standards beforehand so that I knew what to look for and fortunately the judge said loud and clear the report so that I could follow it perfectly well. It was really worth it since there were several copies of e.g. The Podenco Canario were present. I am delighted that I have had this opportunity and have put a lot of effort into it. IMG_2173                                                                                                                              Sunday morning we had to bed early. The starting time of the coursing was set at 7 o'clock due to the expected temperatures. This meant that Sonja had to go out of bed for fives as she did the notification. Simon and I came out against the six. Brandir and Bernice were the only registered Deerhounds and walked as one of the first. Brandir started off well but Bernice doubted again. Brandir looked at where his sister stayed and once she went, they walked the stars of heaven. What can those two walk! Of the initially 49 courses for the first circulation, approximately 45 remained. Fortunately, there were enough employees who took their duties seriously and because of this it ran like a train. AgainsIMG_2196t elves the last course had been walked and the temperature had now reached almost 30 degrees. It was decided that there was no second turn and that was good as well because in the course of the afternoon the temperature went up to thick 38 degrees in the shade! And the only thing that you can still do is take a nap! After two was the award ceremony and Brandir got a delicious sausage as price for beauty and performance. He and Bernice also got a beautiful rosette for their coursing performance. IMG_2047 Sunday again asked out of bed because after nines you could no longer run with good decency with the hounds, it was all too hot for the oldies. There were almost half fewer hounds reported for the second day of the coursing and due to the warm weather (and other reasons), eleven more were logged out. This brought the number of courses for the first circulation to about 22. All employees put everything in order to make the courses as smooth as possible and even manage to run a record number of courses in an hour. Without a break, the second turn was started against Nines and at five minutes before half past eleven the last hounds ran their second course! If this is not a world record….!! Again at half past three the awards ceremony. This is always very atmospheric and cosy. IMG_2035 CopyAll employees are extended thanks both days and the Hounds who say goodbye are brought forward and conceived under appropriate music. This always supplies wet eyes to a number of people, this to the hilarity of the bystanders. Afterwards we drank a nice glass of sect on the good course of the weekend. After this, the shadow soon and also Katja, the president of the club, knew where she could be pamper. IMG_2198                                      Tuesday was lazybones day but again warm and stuffy. In the evening there is still a coursingtraining that Calhoun was very happy with. Together with Brandir and Bernice he walked a short trail of about 450 meters. Caintha really liked it too but I still thought it was too hot for her, she has after all been in charge for eleven years! Wednesday morning we could pack the tent wet, it had geonweerd and rained but it was not very cooled. Against elves we drove away to arrive at half past six in the evening. Meyappan, Meyappan, it's always a short tuffs but definitely worth it!

3 x International Champion of beauty and performance!!!

A very young Caintha O'Cockaigne.

Two years ago I requested the title "International Champion of Beauty and performance" for Cheytah, Caintha and Calhoun.

Calhoun O'Cockaigne Cheytah O'Cockaigne    

After much mailing back and forth, I was finally able to receive the three confirmations last week. Hurray!! It is a bit sad since Cheytah is no longer among us, Calhoun unfortunately can no longer officially participate in Coursings and Caintha is already 11 years and almost 3 months. They are the first and so far the only Dutch Deerhounds with this title. Also all three bred by me and Caintha is the aunt of Calhoun and Cheytah, they are brother and sister.


In order to get the title "Champion International de Beauté et Performance" The Hound must have obtained three CACIB's or 2 CACIB's and 2 reserve CACIB's in, at least, 2 different countries under at least 2 different electoral masters. The period between the first (reserve) CACIB and the latter must be at least 1 year and 1 day. Also, the hound must at least have participated in 3 CACIL events (coursing or running) and have won at least 1 CACIL or 2 reserve CACIL's.


A lovely relaxing weekend in Wismar.

IMG_1878 Since Simon was invited to come to the coursing judging during the weekend of April 26/27, we decided to leave on Thursday morning towards Hermannsburg to spend the night and have a pleasant evening with Sonja and Karl-Heinz. At the end of the afternoon we arrived and after a round of forest with the hounds we enjoyed a glass of sect and then a good meal. IMG_1880The hounds were again very happy to see each other. Friday morning we drove to Wismar at our convenience. It was blissful weather and after setting up our camp we walked in the "Bürgerpark". Brandir and Bernice found the Red deer, who are unfortunately behind a high fence, very exciting. The other hounds know the deer but when they go walking they are always interesting again. IMG_1895The coursing was this year on Saturday. In Total, there were 86 hounds reported, including our Bernice and Brandir, they were the only two Deerhounds. In the morning they walked a good trail. At the start they looked at each other and then enthusiastically went behind the hare. It was an acceptable trail but not really suitable for Barzoi's and Deerhounds, too many sharp twists in succession. In the afternoon, Bernice didn't make that much sense and I had to help her. Still suffer from sham pregnancy? Anyway, Brandir walked the whole trail but was happy when he saw that his little sister was still helping him. After this course, we decided that Bernice would not start at the EKC. Very sorry but somehow these two hounds are still too young and partly because of their panostitisgeschiedenis they just need a lot of time. Hopefully they will be able to join the EKC in Finland next year. At the end of the afternoon was the award ceremony and it was named Bernice as the winner. This wIMG_1917 Copyas not right, of course, a hound that you have to push can never win! When we later got the licences it was also shown that Brandir was the "big" winner, unfortunately without CACC, just one point too little. Sunday we had thIMG_1931e show. Also here Brandir and Bernice were the only Deerhounds. Mrs. Piesik did the inspection and miraculously she made Bernice BOB. During the final inspection, Brandir received his first "Schönheit und Leistung" title. After the show we still had enough time to go to the beach with the hounds. We left us to refer to a dog beach and after a big 15 minutes drive we arrived on the spot. The first piece was sand but soon it was about in many stones and little sand. We held our hearts, but both Brandir and Bernice and Calhoun did not attract themselves and denderden full of fun over the stony beach. IMG_1932 IMG_1940                 IMG_1957 Since Brandir had seen fish swimming in the ponds of the burger Park, he initially barely dared the water. Wet toes did not go any further. So Sonja pulled out the naughty shoes and entered the water. Mad fun!! IMG_1977     IMG_1973                  

Especially Calhoun enjoyed it to the fullest and found it wonderful to chase behind Brandir and Bernice.

IMG_1991 Caintha also enjoyed herself, although she is doing it a bit quieter with her thick eleven years. IMG_1998 IMG_1979  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      And so we ended a wonderfully relaxed weekend in Wismar.

DNA Research.

SCAN0099 Copy (2)     During the Saturday, April 5, of the English wide Show in Telford, a number of students from Nottingham University, at their offered Deerhounds, have taken DNA material for research into Osteosarcoma (bone cancer), Bronchopneumonia/respiratory tract disease (simply put; inflammation of the respiratory tract), stomach torsion and Fibrocartilagenous Emboli (FCE-See interesting articles). Of course we have also dropped the DNA from Bernice and Brandir. After having thought about it, I offered to take home from Calhoun and Caintha DNA. Calhoun is of course very interesting with its bone cancer! Very sorry that Coney, Calhoun's mother, no longer lives but Aunt Caintha might also be interesting. And… Marijn, of course, lives Calhoun's brother Clarence, a daughter of Clarence and two sons of Chazz (who is a brother of Coney and died of bone cancer). At all six we have taken a swap by their mouths, completed forms and then everything is packaged well sent to England. And now we hope that the research will be progressing quickly and soon! It would be nice if the Dutch Deerhound Club would support this research and would also regulate a DNA decrease day and send the collected material to the University of Nottingham. The more material the better.  

"Exciting" Weekend in England!

The English Deerhound wide Show.

After we left Ostercappeln on Monday 31 March, the preparations for the Deerhound wide Show in Telford, England, started immediately. Sonja was driven back home with her camperIMG_1847 and she would stay here for the intervening days. Of course we had to go in between a garden centre, which is actually standard when she is here, and Sonja bought some nice rhododendrons and both of them took a Chinese witch hazel along, beautiful! Also we had to go past the vet for the necessary stamps, worms pills and signatures for Brandir and Bernice. Simon would stay at home and fit on Calhoun, Caintha, Lavinia and Silva, so few hounds he has never had as Sonja and I were gone! On Friday morning, April 4, we were early out of the feathers because we wanted to catch the train of 10.50 hours with a check-in-closes at 10.20. Were previously we had to go past the chip and union control but the trip went smoothly so we were beautiful on time. But…. After Bernice's's booklet was checked and Brandir's turn, it turned out that Rens, my vet had forgotten to put one signature! Well, I could have dicks like brugers but we had to put Calais in, to a vet and a signature. This cost all in all a thick hour and €11. Next time yet again, still in practice, check everything! After all, it all went pretty well, but it was a bit of a traffic jam. At half past four we arrived at the hotel in Telford. After we had checked in, the room had been decorated with dog beds and our stuff and the hounds had been exhausted, it was time for ' a pint of bitter '. Delicious! After that we fed the hounds and made us ready for dinner. Well, this was really English again; Almost not to eat! It turned out that the vegetarian dish and the dessert were still the most delIMG_1846icious! The next morning at 7 o'clock, because Brandir was in one of the first classes. Luckily it was still good weather and the show was kept outside. Judge was Björn Fritz from Germany. The Yearling class was a large class of 11 entries and Brandir found it all beautiful again. But I had to be careful because there were a lot of knorrepotten around and I didn't want to have that Brandir would be bitten in his nose. It was striking that nobody corrected his young male in a good way, a very bad thing. All the other males in his class looked much more mature than Brandir and Björn did not place him as expected. Also Bilbo, Brandir's brother, had been reported. He stood in the Limit class. Bilbo has grown vIMG_1759ery differently than expected and looks very mature, but perhaps he has changed over the years. In the course of the morning it started to rain a bit and at lunchtime it was decided to continue the show inside, in the dining room. Very sorry, because it was much too hot and stuffy so people and animals didn't feel very comfortable. At the end of the afternoon it also appeared that it had not rained any more, but a pity that we did not remain outside. As usual, the quality of the males fell, but there were some nice girls to see. It is striking that here in England the Deerhounds are still real Deerhounds, but different from type and also with quite a lot of mistakes but real Deerhounds. Only one foreign dog ran in between and this was an Australian import. What was also noticed was that there were quite a lot of hounds totally stressed, absolutely not accustomed to being in a room and behaving downright frantic. Among other a bitch of Mrs. Gow was unhandled and the owner made himself so busy and gave himself so much effort to show the bitch a little bit that Sonja still said; "That gets another heart attack"! Unfortunately, she was later admitted to hospital with a heart attack. 2014-05-04Breedshowbis (L) and Res bis (800x533)At the end of the afternoon Björn Cotherstone Shot and Steel made of Morton and Morgan BOB and Greyflas Just peachy from Bailey became BOS. Best puppy was Ehlaradawn Tilla at Kilbourne of Peach. Thanks to Jan Scheer for these two beautiful pictures!2014-05-04 Breedshow best puppy in Show (800x533)                                                                                                      For the Sunday I had been reported to Brandir in the ' Special coursing/Lure chasing Dog or ' class. 11 entries and 2 absents. To my great surprise, Mrs. Clean Brodwall Brandir First placed! What an honor!   HeIMG_1778 earned a pair of beautiful, red, knitted, Norwegian socks for Simon, one and a half pounds and the Pentlands coursing Trophy!!!   This Trophy is not allowed to leave England, so we left him on the way back at Gill and Toby where we would spend the night.     IMG_1789Also I had Brandir reported in the very large class of 23 entries ' Special Not Bred by Exhibitor '. He was here Fourth! Before the show was started, we had cleared the room and checked out. So once the last class was approved we could say goodbye to friends and acquaintances and we left for Dorset. After three hours of driving we arrived at Gill and Toby. Brandir and Bernice recognized their birthplace and were able to uitrazen with little sister Bell. After cheering on Brandir's successes and a very pleasant evening we first shot a series of pictures of the trio the next morning.

 IMG_1801 Copy

  IMG_1817IMG_1814 Copy   IMG_1828 After that they were allowed to stretch the legs before we would leave towards the Eurotunnel. Sunday afternoon it went fine, with his three at the same time loose but now the ladies decided to attaqueren Brandir once more. Then release only two at a time. IMG_1838 Copy  

IMG_1837 Copy

Then soon in the car and hope that we would not get a delay because we were almost too late for our train. Unfortunately, we did not get the net and the first one we could only go over an hour. Pity. When we were in our line before we would ride the train, the departure times changed and at some point our letter was no longer on the board! There was apparently something good wrong! Hours we were waiting to end up celebrating the train, and so we only arrived against the six in France. Always highly annoying, that hour time difference! In France, it soon began to rain and once it was well on the way it came out with baking the air, including hail and thunderstorms. Almost the whole way back we had this again until after Antwerp I could leave the mood behind me. But not for long…  Three hours later than planned we were again unscathed home and the home stayed hounds were very happy that their roommates were there again. We could just get the most stuff out of the car with dry weather, then the mood also burst into rijsbergen.

Deerhound Jahresausstellung to Ostercappeln.

A shining sun for our coat.

The weather forecasts looked good for the weekend of 29 and 30 March. Fine, because in recent years we have had enough Jahresausstellungen and associated coursings in the rain. For this coat, JoyIMG_1456ce Bond of the Regalflight Deerhounds was invited to approve and Mary Girling had come along with her. As usual, the entry of the hounds was accompanied by Scottish musicians but this time there was another carriage with Joyce Bond and Ruth Oess, the oldest Deerhound breeder of Germany (Scottish Highland). IMG_1462 IMG_1460   In Total, there were 80 Deerhounds reported, 28 males and 52 bitches. First a puppy was watched, and then Lavinia came to the turn, she did ' outside competition ' with it. IMG_1465Then the veterans came, the male was absent but the 4 reported ladies were present. Caintha was placed fourth, probably because, as usual, it didn't make much sense to walk. But I was proud of her, she looked with her for 11 years (she was the oldest in this class) still beautiIMG_1484ful!               After a big Jugendklasse was Brandir's turn. Just like last year he was with Fortheringhay's Faerwald fable in the intermediate class and once again won fable. IMG_1528         IMG_1527       After that I was able to look at the other classes at ease, I had no more to show. It is for the first time since years that I only have 2 to show, very strange but so relaxed. The overall quality was not really smash hit. Many dogs did not correspond to the standard, this by different combinations of too high worn tails, curling tails, straight rugbelijningen, too short shoulder blades and arms which gives you a bad onderbelijning and too long legs, too Steep Both in front and ribwelving and too little. Also there were few beautiful heads, many bad ears and bad gaits to see. Joyce gave a total of 1 times a G, 19 times ZG and 46 times a U, in my opinion still far too much. The remainder was either absent or received no qualification because it was the veteran class or ' outside competition '. It was also noticed that there was much more gegromd and extracted by the males than previous years. The owners no longer know how to educate a young Deerhound male???

IMG_1541 Copy

Best Male, Jahressieger and BOB became land Lord von der Oelmühle of Florent Friedrich and Jürgen Rösner (left) and best bitch and Jahressieger was Goshenite or Bestmara also of Florent Friedrich from France!


Day after a Leistungscoursing. Initially, the 30 Deerhounds were reported, but because of the many loopy bitches and the logoff of Brandir (he seems to have been quite bothered by Panostitis), in the end there remained, according to the catalogue, only 23, 4 males and 19 bitches. Started there are only 16 bitches. It was a somewhat bland trail, but because of the high grass and the soft bottom, the length of about 800 meters was enough to test the condition and what was the case with many hounds! IMG_1609

In the first circulation, Bernice was classified with Delightfuldelusion of Gerd fuses. This ran the first few hundred meters and held it then, as usually in recent years, for seen. Bernice walked well but because of an error The Turner hit the hare behind in the corner. Then she was allowed to restart, but the starter put the hare too far before Bernice did not see it. When she started again she walked again and showed great speed and a good condition. But the jury apparently stared blindly at the Hare loss because Bernice ended up with the lowest number of points.

The males stayed in the first turn of Carlin or Redbrook, so that there were only 3 males left for the second circulation. One of these males, Grayrory's Finlaggan, was classified in the second round with Bernice. But Bernice didn't see it sitting and stopped after several meters. N.d. Or "Rejection for the day". Yes, and where that lag..??


CC2000 with a tail.

IMG_1442 CopyOn 23 March. We had a CC2000 party again. Since it could not on another date, it was this time on a Sunday. Unfortunately, it also coincided with a coursing in Belgium and the show in Leiden. The number of hounds that was signed up for our party was not smash hit high but this allowed Simon to put a nice long trail away, time enough! This time We were a guest at the group, a location where the two annual Greyhounds Show had been held by the wind dogs. There is plenty of space to camp and the field that is next to it is sufficiently large. Most of the trees that were around the field were harvested and because of this, large passageways were created between the two fields and the field was not so enclosed. On Saturday afternoon we arrived in the pouring rain. Waiting until the mood was over, was not an option so quickly the awning was zipped to the caravan and put everything in its place. By two, it was dry and a watery sun broke through. Nice weather to take a walk while Simon and Gert Jan would explain the route. You can walk around the area without the hounds having to go to the belt. At least, the one who does not hunt, so Calhoun and Brandir on the line. CodyIMG_1121 Copy was very much in his sense, he regularly passed Gehuppeld and challenged Brandir to play. Unfortunately, this is not as good as he is sitting on the leash. That Cody is still well fit with his almost 11 years shows from these pictures that are taken a few days earlier. IMG_1134     When it came on, Cody Brandir was still the boss! At the end of the day I walked a nice piece with them and again Cody showed himself fit and happy.


Sunday morning from the feathers, the sun was shining and it looked much promising. Soon the hounds give food and own breakfast. Cody showed himself tired. He also absolutely didn't want to eat. Perhaps he had done too much yesterday, after all, he has been around for almost 11 years! Slowly the participants trickled in and in the end I still had 34 coursing hounds on my skin paper. Els and Emrah were also there with their new Slough puppy Gabr. What a wonderful little guy! Enthusiastically he went behind his "rabbit"!IMG_1424 Copy

There were a total of 5 puppies, 2 of about 6 months and 3 of 3 months, who have put their first coursingstapjes on this day. Hopefully they will all do well in the future! Unfortunately, in the course of the morning the sun disappeared and there was a big cold wind. I had been looking at Cody orphans a few times and saw that he was getting worse. His heart rate was very high and irregular, actually fluttered it but what and he was also stuffy. I made an appointment with a vet through the lady who was in the canteen and I could go there an hour later. Soon you will have to walk Calhoun and Caintha so that they would be happy and happy, and Hamza, Cody in the car and away. The vet found a very high temperature which is of course very dangerous in combination with the fluttering heart and the high age. Cody got two injections and the doctor hoped it would help. When I returned, I left Cody in the car because it was pretty warm in the awning. In the course of the afternoon Cody wanted to get back in the awning and on his stretcher and seemed to be revamping something, not much but he looked a little brighter and was no longer so stuffy. IMG_1453Against Threes, the last hound had walked and we could clean up everything, again in the rain. After that, we had a nice drink with some people and then we had to break the awning again, pack and go. Cody lay relaxed in the car, until just before Tilburg he started to squeak a bit. Luckily there was just a parking lot and I could sit in the back of him. Cody relaxed again and lay quietly. Moments later, he beeped again and I noticed that it really did not take him well and said Simon to call the vet that we were coming. But… It didn't have any more. Cody blew out his last breath. Brandir crawled in a corner, Caintha lay with big eyes to watch her brother and I, I could only hold Cody and whipped him listening that he had to do his brother Cavanaugh, sister Coney and mother Amy the greetings.

IMG_1120 Copy

26-03-2003 Commander Cody O'Cockaigne 23-03-2014



The Coursingseizoen has started again, even for us, we thought. Brandir had taken his license on Ronostrand and we let him run a few more times. That's the luck if you own a turntable and bobbins. We then drive somewhere, put a small trail out, knot a real hare skin on a string and spin. Every time we did this, Brandir was exemplary, whether he was walking with Calhoun, Caintha, alone or with his threes. So with good courage we reported him for the national coursing in Babenhausen on 15/16 March. Bernice was also reported because they both needed two coursings to qualify for the European Championship coursing and this would be their first official coursing. For this coursing, 13 Deerhounds were reported, 11 bitches and 2 males. A nice number! In The first circulation BrIMG_1170andir was classified with his sister, Bernice. Well, then I was sure there would not be disturbed. Brandir is a real "fire-type" and would, if he is disturbed once, be guaranteed no more walking. (On the site of the holistic practice for animals "Den Hoek" You can find the type of your hound under "Media Library" and then "the Five Elements in dogs". Brandir and Bernice started well. It went wrong with Brandir when the rope jumped a head. He had to take a closer look at this, but then he picked up the weather and walked nicely and full of surrender behind the hare. Bernice finished with 57 points and Brandir with 48. It was clear that the jury dIMG_1236id not forgave him his mistake! In the break Brandir and Bernice had to check the vet. The vet grabbed Brandir's foot, arch and stretched it, on which brandir loudly responded. But when the vet studied further, Brandir did not hurt any more. Also in the corridor work he showed nothing. So he was allowed to move on to the second round. In the second round he had to walk together with a bitch who had aangegromd him the day before and was shot at him during the walk-in. So I already had a hard head in it, Brandir knowing. And indeed, after the start signal he looked to the right, to that bitch, did a few strides and stayed then standing. Even when the hare came a little bit close to the area, he looked very interested but did not resist a step. Too bad, he's still not strong enough in his ball. Bernice was in second place after the first round and was classified with a dog by Ira Johannes, Islay's Hollyhock. IMG_1285They both went very well from start but Hollyhock showed slightly more speed. Bernice followed better, she is not so experienced yet. It also turned out that Bernice was more agile and once she was well underway she didn't Hollyhock in speed anymore. They walked a wonderful course and were well-matched. IMG_1316   IMG_1399         Sonja does not look happy in this picture but I can guarantee that she was indeed!! Because Bernice ended up in a well deserved second place. And that on her first coursing!

Hound with Hare

The next day we let Brandir and Bernice run for a while and play on the abandoned Coursingveld. After a few big sprints brandir stood on three legs. It shot through me that a few months ago he also lifted his right hind, but after a short walk it was good again. Would something not be right? In the meantime, X-rays have been taken, but of course nothing can be seen. An appointment for follow-up research has already been made, but hopefully it will be solved with a long rest period. For now, no more coursing for Brandir but also no more loose in the woods and behind the fields, which is of course very annoying! But yes, it should be here.                            

New Neighbours!

IMG_1149Peppi and Kakhandaki.

  Since mid-February, our neighbours have two pigs on their terrain. They are called Peppi and Kakhandaki. This was, for the hounds, of course very interesting in the beginning. In order to prevent the pigs from climbing in the tree at the first acquaintance, we have kept Calhoun on the leash, he can react quite violently to such animals. But the acquaintance went fine, the flat pig noses pokeded through the gauze against the pointed houndneusjes and they greeted each other allervriendelijkst. Now Brandir still goes with me almost every day when I go and he wants to have a potato peel or a piece of carrot. Not that he eat…   For Calhoun the fun has long since, there is a fence in between!  

What was the weather a great weekend.

IMG_0884Last weekend, 18/19 and 20 October, we were once again on Ronostrand. Because of all kinds of circumstances we were last three years ago. When Simon was asked to explain and turn the trail, we decided to try to make Bernice and Brandir run for their "Haasvast". Bernice would not be a problem, she had already walked with Picaro of Annemiek Hawkins during the coursing of Swift in September and that went perfectly. But Brandir is still so young in his head, we had doubts about that. But yes, but try because together with Calhoun he runs fine. In fact, we would have liked Brandir last weekend to run with Picaro, but because he had a slightly thickened toe the week before, we did not do this of course. Luckily his toe was all right now and we thought it was best to let Brandir walk with Picaro and Bernice with a fiddle. So figured out, so done. Deer_licht_2 Thursday afternoon we arrived and it felt like old. The trees were still not as beautiful as we were used to, but the beech nuts were already fallen and caused a lot of nuisance between the dogs. It was also found that we were standing underneath a thick oak, where with great regularity the acorns with a rotklap on the roof of the caravan fell, also in the middle of the night!

Saturday morning, early out of the feathers, because those two monkeys had to do their first licence run in quarter for nine. When we walked past Dear Andries, who was a little further afield, we saw that she was wrapping her stuff. Later on, we did not know that she had her papers and that the hounds could not walk. She seems to have been shot out of her slipper and has been called to have a jury member (sounds like a threat). It is said that they should know and comply with the rules. It is now for the second time this year that this ' lady ' is misbehaving during a coursing organized by WvCNL.

Anyway, quarter for nine, first the young female, Islay's Iora Rua of Janine Ballard would run. However, this is still too uncertain and hupte but somewhat back and forth. Then Bernice with fiddle. This went perfectly, they were very well-matched, they met often enough on their way and Bernice showed the jury that she was running her own course.




Then Brandir with Picaro. Brandir went off, looked at Picaro and stopped. He continued to follow the hare with his eyes and when it came to his side, I gave him a push and yes, there he went. The second half of the trail he ran as a spear and didn't look at Picaro. At the reception they both dived on the hare, without any problem. We all had the feeling that he would start better in the afternoon. In any case, Bernice had completed her first license loop well. That was the most importantIMG_0645 IMG_0646thing!         IMG_0647 IMG_0650             IMG_0660          After they went well, when he returned home, a bottle of wine was first in the cooling so that if Bernice would not messing up it the second time, we could celebrate that Bernice may appear on the Coursingvelden next year. After having fed the hounds and we had our own breakfast indoors, we went to see the other courses. It struck us, especially on Sunday, that a lot of hounds did not have sufficient condition to accomplish the 800 meter in a good way. Especially the Barsoi's and Irish Wolfhounds were very disappointing. After the afternoon break, Bernice and fiddle, Brandir and Picaro were again ready for their second licence run. Bernice started very fanatically, Sonja couldn't keep her at the start. So here laughing.. IMG_0697IMG_0698               IMG_0700 IMG_0699                

Sorry Sonja, I couldn't leave it to post them.



After Bernice's fantastic license course, the tensions were high as far as Brandir was concerned. Would he do it right now? He was in any case very fanatical to the start. His first five passes were somewhat wavering but after that he got the spirit and walked a beautiful course with Picaro.

IMG_0758IMG_0776           IMG_0813       IMG_0814                 IMG_0859    

Brandir and Picaro are well-matched, on the long straights Picaro is of course faster than Brandir but Brandir does not beat a mud figure at any rate. By Kien courses they remain quite together and Brandir shows that he is running his own course. Even when the reception is fine, they both dive on the hare without anything of aggression or fear. Fantastic!


Meyappan, Meyappan, what a relief. Brandir has his first good license course inside!

After I had the brandir on a leash and left the beach, I saw Ira Johannen standing with a hound ready. This was not mentioned in the afternoon program and I did not know who it was. Since Brandir really had given himself, I didn't keep looking at how this hound ran but we all (fiddle, Bernice, Picaro, Brandir, Sonja, Annemiek and I) started to run out of the hounds. At the end of the afternoon we were told that this was again Iora Rua from Janine but that there was a lot of commotion since this bitch had left the ground after the first attempt of the morning, crippled the terrain. Two first aiders had found that she had a torn nail and in consultation with the jury it was decided that she was not allowed to walk in the afternoon. Since someone else appeared with her at the start, no one had to say that it was the same bitch, so she started anyway. I have heard about it, she has walked the whole course and got quite lame from the terrain. So this is really not as it should be!!! In the evening, we even knew that Janine was already in the morning before the first turn on the crippled walk of Iora Rua. As an owner you have at eternal times the responsibility for your hound and a broken hound do not let you walk!!! So there was a lot of disgrace and with these two traps the Deerhound owners left a bad impression. Thanks!


After work done it is well resting with your great friend.

In the course of the evening I was asked if I wanted to let Brandir run a licence loop the next day. The jury had talked about it and thought it was good for him. After consultation with Cis and Annemiek or Picaro it was could handle and whether they liked it, we decided to do it. So Sunday morning again early from the feathers and at quarter for nine we were back at the start with Brandir and Picaro. Now Brandir was really fanatic and started just fine. They walked a wonderful course! What a pleasure to see those two fly over the sand! I am glad that Brandir is now also ready to run his licence but we will still have to be careful with him, he is and still remains a ' babyhound '.

After feeding and having breakfast, we have a nice stool to watch the courses, together with Cis and Jannie. We had old fashioned fun again for ten. It was a great weekend!


Deerhound Jahresausstellung in Hoisdorf (Germany)

Due to Coney’s sickness and death I had not yet come to report the Deerhound Jahresausstellung. But better late than never.

IMG_0486 IMG_0487On 7 September The annual Deerhound Jahresausstellung took place in Hoisdorf (D). There were 66 Deerhounds entered for the widely known judge Mrs. Lisbeth Mach. Since this location was rather in the north of Germany, the number of hounds reported was lower than normal. There were also two other shows and the races in Versoix. As usual, the show was opened with Scottish music and every participant was given a glass of whisky when entering the ring.   After the “Stolper class” in which 9 puppies were entered, the veterans first came into the ring. Eight veterans bitches were entered, unfortunately one absent. Best veteran became Fritzen Romantic (eight years and three months) of Rüdiger Jaacks, she became later even best bitch! My Cute Coney (ten years and five months) was placed fourth. IMG_0496

Then the males were judged. Two dogs in the Puppieklas.

Hereafter the Youth class in which Brandir had to compete against the ‘ Youth World Champion ‘ Fortheringhay’s Fearwald Fable by Cristina Wüger. This beautiful young male won a shiny empire by Brandir. But Brandir got (in my opinion very unjustifiably) the trophy for ‘ best head of the Puppy and youth classes ‘. IMG_0505         IMG_0503

Then the five champions came into the ring.  Pyefleet Raffles from Rüdiger Jaacks won this class, he would later become BOB and BIS2. In the Open Class appeared five males of which only one got a Very Good. Neroche Indigo to Oelmühle won this class, beautiful male but can be a bit more masculine. Unfortunately, Lisbeth Mach did not judge rigorously what I always see as a disadvantage for the breed. In the Bitches puppy class only one dog. Five Bitches in the youth class including Bernice. Bernice did not want to show herself, did not want to be touched and walked like a mop. She was third, because she is very typical, with a too high valued Very Good.IMG_0517

Seven Deerhound bitches in the intermediate class, one Very Good and seven bitches in the Champion class, all with an Excellent. Four girls in the Workingclass including my Caintha of ten and a half years. She was fourth, partly because she was a little bit lame. Best of this class was Grayrory’s Exclusive of Ake and Maria Käck. This bitch also got the trophy for ‘best head of the adult classes’ and Beinn Mhor McGrain Caoinlan (2h) from Danuta Materzok-Köppen got the ‘Terichline Feet Trophy’.

IMG_0544         Nine bitches were entered for the Open class. This was won by Fritzen Celeste of Randi Konti but my preference was for Grayrory’s Fabulous. Fabulous has a better front, the head is more typical (also in relation to the body) and she has a better topline.   IMG_0552 IMG_0553


Anyway, for BOB Raffles and Romantic, both of Rüdiger Jaacks, came back in the ring and Raffles went off with the honour.

Photo 6

Left Fritzs Romantic with “The Cute Coney BOS Trophy”, in the middle Lisbeth Mach and right Pyefleet Raffles with the “Miss Norah Hartley Trophy” and owner Rüdiger Jaacks. The complete results can be found at “exhibition results”.

Cute Coney O'Cockaigne

IMG_8948 CopyCeltic Cross Coney


"The Love of My Life", Cute Coney O'Cockaigne, is no longer among us. Saturday 14 September at 7.00 o'clock in the morning, I have to say goodbye to her.


A week earlier we were still at the Jahresausstellung in Hoisdorf (D) where I showed Coney in the veteran class. The Thursday she had a lot of fun in the creek and the woods at Sonja. Nothing pointed to the coming doom. Monday the 9th of September she didn't make much sense in the forest walk and didn't want to eat in the evening either. Strange, because Coney was a very good eater after her sterilization. Tuesday evening she ate again with lots of appetite and I thought the trip might have been too much for her. After all, she was almost ten and a half. But on Wednesday morning Simon woke me up with the announcement that Coney had spat blood. Right I stood next to my bed and went to look. Coney did not show sick or lousy, but there was a puddle of blood under her snoot on the ground. She had no fever, only an inciting thirst. Very unusual. In no time I was at the vet and she was groped, X-ray and echoed. Nothing to feel, nothing to see. She also gave no pain. The diagnosis that was made was; Most likely a stomach ulcer, quite possibly a tumor. I went home with thIMG_0496e necessary medicine and in the course of the afternoon Coney gave up a little bit of blood with water, but then it was over. This gave hope.


On Wednesday-evening, her temperature went up well above 40 degrees. Soon to the duty vet for an injection since I was afraid that the temperature would only go on and that I would be in trouble in the middle of the night. Her temperature dropped and Thursday morning she was quiet and she walked a little bit. Thursday afternoon back for control, now she did hurt and I got painkillers with it. She still wanted to eat nothing, just drink. Friday, her temperature had fallen below 38, for her normal. She became increasingly unstable when she went out to do a pee but she was quiet and relaxed. By twelve o'clock at night it went wrong, she got pain and became restless. After consultation with the vet, I gave her more pain relief and spent the night next to her. Every now and then she was quiet and dozed both in but then flared the pain again and I had to give her some again. By half past six, I gave her some more, but she didn't react anymore and kept a lot of pain. At half past six, Rens called out his bed and asked if he could get the right. With half an hour he was there and has redeemed Coney from her pains. I have gone too quickly, and I realise that it is no longer there.


My Coney, my "Cutie the Beauty", she has given me so much, a bunch of wonderful children, many moments when I was very proud on her but especially much love. What a wonderful character she had!!


All her details can be found under O'Cockaigne Deerhounds-Our Deerhounds

Complaint about Calhoun!

C14Last week there was suddenly a very nice gentleman with us on the pavement. When he was halfway through the terrain he was of course noticed by the hounds and exuberantly greeted by Caintha, Brandir and Calhoun. Once we came to our house, the best man expressed himself as a controller of the dog or animal protection, I do not know anymore. He told Calhoun that he was looking for a complaint because of the fact that Calhoun coursing had walked! I told him that he had just been stormed and greeted by Calhoun and that so it went fine with him. Then I called Calhoun and the best man couldn'tDSC_2547 say anything other than that Calhoun looked beautiful. The other hounds and how they live here, gave him the same. Of course, there was talk about Calhoun's courses, but the gentleman soon had to say that the complaint didn't hit anything. I told the best man that Calhoun was already a puppy of 5 to 6 weeks behind the plastic patch and that he kept doing all his life, plastic and real. Also that during a normal walk or round-racing here on our own terrain behind Brandir on, 100 times more intensively than such a small piece of "coursing" what he did during the trainings of an association or our own Coursingfeestje. The nice gentleman made notes and showed clearly that he had the feeling for nothing to have come. And that was of course the case. When I accompanied him back to his car, he said, "It's a paradise for those dogs." And yes, it's not for nothing to be called O ' Cockaigne.

SCAN0099 Copy (3)

I do have a suspicion of who has hurled this. I just want to say that it was/is laughable and that I very much think it is wasting precious time of people who are really desperately needed in a lot of other places and that it is a waste of money that has cost this action. I therefore propose to the person responsible to make a substantial donation to the body where he has lodged this complaint. That would be really sporty!!

Brandir BIS-4!

IMG_0415 CopyFor the show in Mechelen (Belgium) on August 18, JL. Had I reported brandir in the youth class under judge Mrs. Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari from Finland. I didn't know her and the name also told me nothing. In the Champion class was Regalflight Tarloch of Susanne Baumann (D). Mrs Ahlman told me that this was her race and showed that she liked Brandir very nicely. When I asked her what kennel she had her Deerhounds, she said Sassatown and I was right to burn a light. She was therefore of Sassatown and very long ago I met her partner with hounds but in recent years never heard or seen anything of them. Anyway Brandir got an excellent and became BOB. Before he had to go into the honour ring I took photos by Karl Desai. Brandir had never been on a podium so I was afraid it would be a battle. But no, he did great and Karl really has very nice pictures of him can shoot. Hopefully they will appear quickly on his site so I can order a few.


In the course of the afternoon Brandir had to take up against the other rasgroepwinnaars. The group was approved by Mrs. S. Kealy from Ireland. In the preferred ring, Gary Janssens was with Kilmara or First Avenue for me, a giant of an Irishman of just 22 months young. And although Brandir did not fall into Kilmara, they found each other very nice and would prefer to romp a game. Mrs. Kealy approved the Hounds and Gary and I both had the feeling that we were in for bacon and beans, they barely looked at our hounds. How great was our surprise when we were both in the selection of four. After another round of walking there was placed and Kilmara on the second and Brandir in the first place! It didn't have to be crazier!! But it did. For the BIS inspection there appeared 8 Rasgroepwinnaars, the Dachshund and terrier were not show up. Brandir was in the meantime quite fed up and didn't really want to stand still, he iBrandir 15 months young.s only 15 months after all. So much pressure I didn't want to put on him and let him commit a little. After Mr. Eberhardt (D) all the dogs and Brandir had approved we walked another round through the ring and we had to get out of it all again. We would be called one by one, in order of placement. Very big was my surprise when Brandir was allowed to take a seat on board four! Laden with gifts, we left the honour ring and it was still an entire puzzle to drag it all at once to the car. Simon had the cult standing cold and in the late afternoon sun we toasted to our brandir.

The days after Crowns mountain.

scannen0005Since I had made an appointment for Bernice in De Bilt for control of her Panostitis, Sonja stayed with us until Wednesday. Tuesday so to De Bilt where Annika Bernice would investigate. There was clearly improvement in her Thymus energy but the kidney energy was still much too low. That is why we need to work further. But because Bernice has no more pain and she was aartslui because she was recently running, we could let them romp without having to brake them, so Bernice himself did. IMG_0359   The walks we made were tuned to the elderly club. With one of almost 12 and three out of 10 years, you don't have to walk for hours, also a small hour for Calhoun is also enough. He makes sure he gets enough movement. So also Wednesday afternoon. Barely arrived in the woods he had disappeared, Bernice and Brandir in his wake. After a few minutes, Brandir and Bernice were back, Calhoun took a little longer. Moments later they shot again, but then it took much longer before Calhoun was back again. He had already done enough, but fortunately there was a nice lake in the area where you can have a good stay. IMG_0361IMG_0368           Nothing is more delicious than with a just well-combed coat to enter the water! Lavinia was slightly ahead of the water after she had gone under the Weerijs of the week before we left. Calhoun always enters the floppy, but now the others thought they could. Not so. I had to help Lavinia out of her neck water because the side was too steep, too blubberig and she was trapped in the aquatic plants. I had to help the rest of the elderly club with a butt up. Once again up geklauterd I was sitting from head to toe under the dredge and Sonja but laughinIMG_0363IMG_0369gIMG_0366!               IMG_0373          Yes, and when you come to a piece of sand after water, the gate of the dam is. As usual Brandir is the pineut. IMG_0382             IMG_0383 IMG_0387           IMG_0390IMG_0394                

Coney is also involved.

IMG_0437 IMG_0427         After Calhoun, Brandir, Bernice and Caintha had cleared the field, Coney surrendered a "shrub". IMG_0450         IMG_0454         IMG_0468             When all the branches have been shaken off, Silva can still play with the "Bare Hare".