National coursing calendar 2021 and links to the organizing associations.

National Coursing Calendar 2021Photo-20


Saturday 20-March Een Nat. Voorjaarscoursing
Sat – Sunday 3-4 April Werkendam Int. CACIL Chocoladecoursing
Fri – Sunday 30 Apr, 1-2- May Tápiószentmárton (H) European Coursing Championship European Coursing Championship
Sat – Sunday 15-16 May Axel Int. CACIL / Klassieker Moederdagcoursing
Sunday 23-May Leek Nat. Klassieker Pinkstercoursing
Saturday 5-June Velp Nat. Schanscoursing
Saturday 12-June Oude Pekela Int. CACIL Bas Meijscoursing
Sunday 26-June Spaarndam Int. CACIL Zilveren Tulpencoursing
Sunday 24-July Werkendam Nat. S. en P. Weekend
Saturday 7-Aug. Lelystad Nat.
Sat – Sunday 21-22 Aug. Leek Int. CACIL Zomercoursing
Saturday 4-Sep. Velp Nat. Rian van Andelcoursing
Saturday 18-Sep. nnb Ned. Kampioenschap Ned. Kamp.
Sunday 3-Oct. Spaarndam Int. CACIL/ Klassieker Grand Prix
Sat – Sunday 9-10 Oct. Clubkampioenschappen Clubkampioenschappen Clubkampioenschappen
Sat – Sunday 23-24 Oct. Een – RONO-strand Int. CACIL Herfstcoursing






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Dutch Commission for the Sighthound Sport:


Links to the associations.

Osse Windhonden Renvereniging (‘t Haas): 

Pekelder Sighthound Racing Club (PWRC):

Rhedense Sighthound Racing Club (Swift):

Sonse Eindhovense Sighthound Racing Association:

Sighthound Racing Association Amsterdam (WRA):

Sighthound Racing Association Friesland (WRVF):

Sighthound Racing Association Midland:

Sighthound Racing Association Rijssen:

Sighthound Coursing Association Nienoord Leek (WvCNL):

South Holland Sighthound Racing Association (ZHWR):

Limburgse Racing Association (LWR):

Geldropse Racing Association (GWRV):


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