National coursing calendar 2021 and links to the organizing associations.

National Coursing Calendar 2021Photo-20


Saturday – Sunday 15-16 May Axel, Int. CACIL / Klassieker Moederdagcoursing organised by ‘t Haasje

Sunday 23 May Leek, Nat. Klassieker Pinkstercoursing organised by WvCNL

Saturday 5 June Velp, Nat. Schanscoursing organised by Swift

Saturday 12 June Oude Pekela, Int. CACIL Bas Meijscoursing organised by PWRC

Sunday 26 June Spaarndam, Int. CACIL Zilveren Tulpencoursing organised by WRA

Sunday 24 Juli Werkendam, Nat. S. en P. Weekend organised by ‘t Haasje

Saturday 7 August Lelystad, Nat. organised by Midland

Saturday – Sunday 21-22 August Leek, Int. CACIL Zomercoursing organised by WvCNL

Saturday 4 September Velp, Nat. Rian van Andelcoursing organised by Swift

Saturday 18 September nnb Ned. Kampioenschap organised by “t Haasje

Sunday 3 October Spaarndam, Int. CACIL/ Klassieker Grand Prix organised by WRA

Saturday – Sunday 9-10 October Clubkampioenschappen

Thursday – Friday – Saterday and Sunday 21-22-23-24 October Een, European Championship Coursing Int. CACIL


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Dutch Commission for the Sighthound Sport:


Links to the associations.

Osse Windhonden Renvereniging (‘t Haas): 

Pekelder Sighthound Racing Club (PWRC):

Rhedense Sighthound Racing Club (Swift):

Sonse Eindhovense Sighthound Racing Association:

Sighthound Racing Association Amsterdam (WRA):

Sighthound Racing Association Friesland (WRVF):

Sighthound Racing Association Midland:

Sighthound Racing Association Rijssen:

Sighthound Coursing Association Nienoord Leek (WvCNL):

South Holland Sighthound Racing Association (ZHWR):

Limburgse Racing Association (LWR):

Geldropse Racing Association (GWRV):


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