Ch. Caintha O'Cockaigne

Caintha O'Cockaigne

  Born: 26-03-2003 Died: 13-1-2015 in the aftermath of a nasal tumour.   Coursinglicentie: DEE49TC  

Caintha ran her first game on 01-08-2004, her second game she hit pretty seriously injured, her third game she picked her first CACC and the fourth game her first CACIL. Her last game, where for the second time officially farewell to her was taken, was at 30-10-2011 in Landstuhl (D).


  She has participated in a total of 77 games in many countries and in addition very many "fun" coursings. She has participated in 5 European Championships and has twice been in second place and 1 time on the fifth.

She carries the coursing titles international and German-coursing champion, is West Cup Sieger ' 08 and is after Calhoun (her nephew) the second Deerhound in the Netherlands entitled to the title "Champion of Beauty and performance". She also has the prestigious title "International Champion of Beauty and performance". And she deserved it!

  Caintha has 5 CACC's (D), 1 RCACC, 3 CACIL's, 5 RCACIL's, 1 RCACBL (B), 1 CACP (FR) and 2 RCACP's.

 Show titles: Dutch, Belgian and Luxemburg champion, Luxembourg Youth champion and Belgian Winner ' 04.

  She has visited 48 shows with the following results: 5 x VB, 27 x 1u, 4 x 2u, 2 x 3h, 1 x 4u, 3 x U, 1 x ZG, 2 x 2ZG, 1 x 3ZG, 2 x ZG, 8 x CAC, 4 x CACIB, 9 x RCAC , 4 x RCACIB, 4 x BOB, 1 x JBOB and 2 x VBOB with 1x third best veteran of the show and 1x second best veteran of the show!   Up to two times we tried to get a litter of Caintha but unfortunately Caintha thought otherwise.     Caintha is a very ongecompliseerde Deerhound. Always extremely friendly to everyone and everything. I've never heard her grow growl or see ugly. She's only a huge beep box.     Caintha is a sister of Cute Coney, Cavanaugh, Commander Cody, Curic Myrrdin, Craggan Kalle, Chazz and ConnorMacLeod. Cavanaugh died from a tumour in his lungs, Chazz and Connor to bone cancer and Curic Myrrdin to the MRSA bacterium. At the age of 9, Frances van Lent has had to have Craggan Kalle asleep for A.O. Kidney failure. Caintha's only sister, Cute Coney died on September 14, 2013 on a stomach tumor and Commander Cody died on March 23, 2014 at almost 11 years of age.