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3 x International Champion of beauty and performance!!!

A very young Caintha O'Cockaigne.

Two years ago I requested the title "International Champion of Beauty and performance" for Cheytah, Caintha and Calhoun.

Calhoun O'Cockaigne Cheytah O'Cockaigne    

After much mailing back and forth, I was finally able to receive the three confirmations last week. Hurray!! It is a bit sad since Cheytah is no longer among us, Calhoun unfortunately can no longer officially participate in Coursings and Caintha is already 11 years and almost 3 months. They are the first and so far the only Dutch Deerhounds with this title. Also all three bred by me and Caintha is the aunt of Calhoun and Cheytah, they are brother and sister.


In order to get the title "Champion International de Beauté et Performance" The Hound must have obtained three CACIB's or 2 CACIB's and 2 reserve CACIB's in, at least, 2 different countries under at least 2 different electoral masters. The period between the first (reserve) CACIB and the latter must be at least 1 year and 1 day. Also, the hound must at least have participated in 3 CACIL events (coursing or running) and have won at least 1 CACIL or 2 reserve CACIL's.


Brandir and Bernice are purity!!!

O'Cockaigne Deerhounds-purebred Deerhounds.

IMG_8060 (2) (800x533)

Since last year it is possible to have a greyhound tested on varietal purity via the DWZRV. Through the following link you can read all about the nomination of Ms. Dr. Wimmer. Vortrag von Frau Dr. Wimmer über den DNA-Test zur Rassebestimmung bei Windhunden… For the Deerhounds you can here können Sie die Ergebnisse der Studie Herunterladen (PDF)…  Find more. In the article below, written by Dr. Dominique d Caprona, the same is treated but you will also find everything about the other greyhounds and halfwind dogs. Http:// In the past year has shown that many hounds are not purity and as you can read/See, this is also the case with the Deerhounds. Last year, Sonja had her hounds take part in the test and also the blood of Cheytah was then investigated. Fortunately, she appeared to be purity. SONY DSC       In the meantime we find that there are several breeders selling dogs as Deerhounds while this is longdogs and/or lurchers. (A longdog is a cross between greyhounds and a lurcher is a cross between a greyhound and another dog, usually a shepherd or terrier.) A very wellCaintha 8.5 Years Young known Deerhoundfokker, who has been in the breed for many decades, has recently announced that he has never seen a Deerhound with Hubertus claws and also the colour ' wheaten ' according to Dr. Jödicke (He has already reported this in the last century) for quite some time ' Extinct '. But there are also ' grey ' crossings where in most cases you can see certain forms of body parts that the dog is not purity. If you doubt the varietal purity of your greyhound, you can let it be tested by having some blood (EDTA) in your vet. It must of course also check the chip number using the union booklet or the pedigree. This should be along with the form completed by you and your veterinarian, which you can find on the site of the DWZRV (www. → Formulare → DNA Fingerprint) sent to Frau Ursula Arnold, Schlierbacher Weg 56, 64678 Linden Felsen, Germany and accompanied by a letter stating that it is the "DNA Test zur Rassebestimmung bei Windhunden". If you send it somewhere else you will most likely not get a correct result. The cost of the test is approximately 80,-euro, you will receive a later account.


 Anyway, in order to be all misery in the future, we have also tested Brandir and Bernice and fortunately this Deerhounds is also a real Deerhounds!


Haloween coursing in Landstuhl

Haloween coursing in Landstuhl. On Sunday October 30th the Deerhounds would walk so on Saturday we could make another delicious forest walk. Grandma Amy had to fit on the caravan while we geklauterd two and a half hours over a gigantic steep mountain. Our muscles were in any case well trained once again! Also at Landstuhl the start of the course is on a field next to the racecourse. Then the hare passes through an opening of the fence of the racecourse the Middenterrein. If the hounds follow well totally no problem. After a round on the Middenterrein, the Hare enters the adjacent field by another opening in the fence. Some hounds are shooting the last opening, but they usually correct themselves and they come out well. On Sunday so 11 Deerhounds at the start. In The third course are Silva and Calhoun. Calhoun starts fine and runs fantastic. He lands with 80 points in a shared second place. In The fourth course is Cheytah with Chabibi's Nice. Nice is a very young, enthusiastic girl who follows well, Cheytah is pregnant and does not save in terms of speed. She thinks it is smart, but it passes the exit and loses the hare. She keeps looking and searching but does not think she should go through the opening. Nice get 83 points and Cheytah 47, fortunately no "rejection for the day"! In the next course Celina or Albainn of Gerd fuses and my Caintha. Now we have to be careful with the reception because Celina has already had a disqualification because of unheard-of behaviour. But I don't have to worry about it. Caintha runs very cleverly and is super fast, when she is near the exit she runs first and right behind the hare. Because of this she shoots the exit but sees in her canthus that the hare is right. She is not in doubt, plunges under the wire fencing of the track, takes a huge leap over the dense fence and lands on the little field where the hare continues his trail. Very spectacular! Unfortunately the jury is asleep, I think, because she got only 61 points. Celina apparently had only looked at Caintha, not the hare because he was still walking on the Middenterrein while Caintha made the kill. However, she still got 57 points. Jury…, I don't get anything from it (and that's good too!). In the second turn, Caintha again runs with Celina, even now Celina keeps up halfway and that gives her a "rejection for the day" on it. Calhoun starts with Cunamara's Mango by Eva Petzold. Mango flies off and Calhoun continues to stand. We still have the hope that he will be middenterreined by the exit, but that too does not happen. Also Calhoun gets a "rejection for the day". Cheytah is only classified and gets as a guided dog one that also remains. Cheytah is going to start well but at the first pass she remains standing. "Rejection for the day". Then you drive with two men, almost 2400 kilometers in front, to go back home with two "rejections for the day"!!! Fortunately, the eight and a half-year-old Caintha had saved the family a little. At the award ceremony, her last time was said goodbye, this was her last game. Caintha has always been a very reliable and excellent courser. [/caption] She has participated in a total of 77 games in many countries and in addition very many "fun" coursings.  She has participated in 5 European Championships and has twice been in second place and 1 time on the fifth. She carries various beauty and coursing titles and is after Calhoun (her nephew) the second Deerhound in the Netherlands entitled to the title "Champion of Beauty and performance". And she deserved it!

Cheytah is not in foal.


On 29 and 30 September, Cheytah is covered by Rosslyn Magi Among Shagied. I fell on this 8 year old male because of his similarity to Grandma Amy. A large, powerful, dark male that is very energetic for his age. With few flaws that are not present at Cheytah and vice versa. But unfortunately it should not be, Cheytah is not in foal.  

3 shows in 1 weekend

From 1 to 3 September there were three shows at the WTC Expo in Leeuwarden. On Thursday the CAC show, Friday night the Sighthound evening Specialty and on Saturday the FCI Centenary European Dog Show. Wednesday afternoon we arrived all three, Sonja Hansen, Angelika Evertz and I at a wonderful campsite near Leeuwarden. Here at least we could also walk well with the hounds. When we arrived in the hall on Thursday morning, we first thought we were wrong. There was no greyhound to see and nothing was mentioned on the board at the ring. The rings around us were only spaniels and retrievers. But perched and a little later a Galgo appeared. When the ring staff came, it took a long time before there appeared on the board which varieties would be approved. At first, a wrong skin was hung so that many people thought that their race would be judged first but because we were at this board I could help those people out of the dream because first the Galgo and the Deerhounds would be judged here. André van de Broek approved the only Galgo and 9 Deerhounds. 1 Youth Deerhound was absent. Best male became Calhoun and best bitch and BOB became Fritzs Silver Cloud by Sonja. Silva became a Dutch champion with this CAC. Cheytah got the reserve CAC and Coney was second in the veteran class. [/caption] The evening Specialty on Friday I found a very successful party. The opening of this show was spectacular because the "Borzoi club Singer" performed the Wilhelmus in a very beautiful way. During the whole evening he cared for a wonderful music, which certainly benefited the atmosphere. People walked along to sing and dance and that in combination with the many very beautiful and appropriate attire, this made for a very special atmosphere. 10 Deerhounds were reported for Judge Dhr. A Land Arte from Uruguay. Best Male and BOB became Calhoun and best bitch became his mother, Cute Coney O'Cockaigne. Cheytah got the reserve CAC. On Saturday was the Centenary European Dog Show and our race was approved in the Ice Stadium. The staff was very friendly and helpful, the room was very clean. The 10 notified Deerhounds were approved by Mr. Espen Eng from Norway. For Cheytah and Calhoun no success but Coney got the reserve CAC and became best veterans bitch. In the honour ring became Coney 2nd best veteran of a piece of 40 veterans! Thus, Coney became also FCI Centenary European Dog Show veteran Winner and Dutch veterans Champion!

Coursing Show combination in Crown Mountain

13 and 14 August the combination of the weekend of the Coursing Association "T Haas" takes place to Crown Mountain. On Saturday the (unofficial) show for which only Calhoun and Cheytah are reported. On Sunday the coursing. It's weird but true, our hounds haven't been doing well in this field for several years. What is at wrong we do not know, perhaps not exciting enough, too clear, what obstacles do perhaps wonders. First with beauty and performance ends Cheytah, second becomes Fritzs Silver Cloud, third Caintha and as fourth, Calhoun, also with beauty and "performance" ends.

Cheytah Belgian Champion

On July 24th we travel to Liège the next day because Cheytah still needs 1 Belgian CAC. Unfortunately, the judge, Mrs Hanlon-Carroll from Ireland, Cheytah is not pretty enough and she gets the reserve. Calhoun becomes best male. At the beginning of November, however, the passed CAC van Cheytah falls into the bus so she has become Belgian champion this year!

Wind Dog Show

23 July Greyhounds CAC-show in the For this outdoor show, 7 Deerhounds have been reported for Judge Wim Wiersma. Sonja and I are present with Calhoun, Cheytah and Coney. Calhoun becomes best male, Cheytah best bitch and BOB and Coney gets her first Utje in the veteran class.

European Championship coursing in Oirschot

16 & July 17: European Championships coursing in Oirschot. There were 18 bitches and 14 males, 2 bitches and 4 males absent. What should have been our party has become a tragedy for the employees. Therefore, I do not want to write too much about it, the sweetest i "delete" everything. For those who want to know everything, I refer to the blog of Anne Marie Mourning ( and Lisette van de Kerkhof ( My Calhoun is quite a very sensitive type, for example he hits total stroke If there is a dog or human gilt of pain. So he also felt the tremendous stress with us because of the bad organization. On Friday afternoon he walked to cry while I was trying to convince the exhibitors that they had to stay where they stood. We all had to go out because the catering wanted it, it threatened not to divide coins for the employees. Pure blackmail. Anyway, Calhoun all the way, I totally battled and so the Coursingvooruitzichten broke. Saturday morning I already noticed Calhoun, he was not wild-enthusiastic. He started out badly and walked halfway up the field just a bit back and forth to jump. Chance but I understood him so well, it only hurt because he actually finds such a very nice game but because of the stress could not. Cheytah is very different, which never pulls anything from it, and she walked great. After the first turn, she was in a shared third place. My Caintha was again "undervalued" and ended up being one of the last. One Norwegian bitch, Manticorn's Josefin loved it and the French bitch, Entre Ciel Et Terre Du Triple Bois got so few points that she was not allowed to walk a second time. For the second circulation there was some consternation about the classification of males. In the end there were a number of males with the same partner as in the morning, a pity but for the hounds it fortunately does not matter. We had decided that Sonja Calhoun would start, maybe he would walk easier. And sure enough, he started something better and also walked with more enthusiasm. Before Cheytah was able to start, it took a hare break and because a new hare had to go, all for too long. You saw the enthusiasm in her decline. Sin, she ran clearly less than she can. Manticorn's Julia, a sister of the Norwegian female, who gave the chucked in the morning, got a disqualification in the afternoon (and you'll come all the way from Norway!) likewise her partner Celina or Albainn of Gerd assures. The last bitch courses I have not seen, Caintha had already walked and was through and through wet, stood to shiver and just wanted to go away, to the caravan. I was also more than sitting in the rain, so when Cheytah walked, we quickly went to the caravan, the hounds dried well and then a drink was taken. The award ceremony was only in the evening after Tienen in the dark, in the pouring rain. At the Chart Polski's the wrong national anthem was played and the Deerhound males turned the national anthem without the winner. This was for some of us the drop that caused the bucket to flow, an organization that doesn't even know how a prize-giving ceremony is supposed to expire. What a blamage!! In the males, Cunamara's Miles of Eva Petzold from Germany was European champion coursing 2011 with the CACIL and Calhoun still finished in sixth place with the CACNL. In the Bitches Queen Qumolly Qwinta of Dirty Mind of Eva Vobornikova from the Czech Republic took the title and the CACIL + CACNL and Cheytah became still fifth. The difference between Queen Qumolly and Cheytah was only 5 points!

FCI Centenary World Dog Show in Paris

July 8: FCI Centenary World Dog Show in Paris. 22 Deerhounds reported 4 absent. Calhoun is second with the Res. CACIB, Cheytah becomes third and Cute Coney holds the family-honor high and becomes veterans World champion. A very disappointing show, especially since the same judge last year made Calhoun and Cheytah over almost the same present Deerhounds.

Championnat de France

July 7: Championnat de France in Paris. 23 Deerhounds reported 1 absent. Calhoun becomes best male, Cheytah gets 1h in the champion class and Cute Coney 1h in the veteran class.

Show and CACIL coursing in Tuttleben

10, 11 & 12 June: Show and international CACIL coursing at Tuttleben (D). For the show on Friday, 15 Deerhounds are reported. Calhoun becomes best male with the CAC, Cheytah gets the CAC and Caintha the reserve CAC. BOB becomes Fritzen Silver Cloud by Sonja Hansen. On Sunday 6 males and 10 bitches walk the coursing. Calhoun becomes third with the Res. CACIL, Cheytah Sixth and Caintha ninth at the bitches.

Jahresausstellung Deerhounds in Greppin


July 2: The Jahresausstellung of the Deerhounds in Greppin in the former East Germany. Unfortunately, only 52 Deerhounds were reported, 18 males for Sue Piggott and 34 bitches for Mary Girling. 2 males and 1 bitch were absent. 1 male received a disqualification because of unheard behaviour in the ring. The incredible happened when Calhoun became best male, Cheytah best bitch, BOB and BIS and they were elected to best couple together. And both from the Use dog Class! Such a rash has never had the Jahresausstellung! [/caption] 3 July took place the LCO coursing. Initially 6 males and 11 bitches were reported but 1 male and 2 bitches were withdrawn so they ran mixed. There were very spectacular courses to see as it was a very exciting course. Cheytah became second and Calhoun best male and fourth. Both received the prize for beauty and performance.

FCI Jahrhundertsieger Show in Dortmund

May 8: FCI Jahrhundertsieger Show in Dortmund (D), Calhoun gets second with Res. CACIB and Cheytah obtains the CACIB and the title FCI-Jahrhundertsiegerin

CACIL coursing in Wismar

1 May: International CACIL coursing in Wismar (D). 9 Deerhounds at the start. Cheytah obtains the CACC and CACIL. Calhoun becomes third with the reserve CACC and Caintha became eighth.

Calhoun German coursing Champion


22, 23 & 24 April: Hoope (D). Friday the show, 18 Deerhounds reported. Calhoun becomes BOB and Cheytah best bitch. On Sunday the DWZRV siegercoursing takes place, there are 24 Deerhounds reported. Cheytah runs the stars of the sky in the first circulation but loses the hare twice in the second circulation, losing all chances of placement. Calhoun, on the other hand, obtains his fourth CACC and is allowed to call German coursing champion. Caintha became tenth.

Breedshow in England

16 & April 17: Sonja and I go with Cheytah and Calhoun to the Breedshow in England where 203 Deerhounds are reported. Calhoun is in the Open class (9-4 absent) and is placed there as 3rd. Cheytah is 5th in the Open class of 12 (15 reported). The next day, Calhoun will be 2nd and Cheytah 4th in the Special Racing/Lure coursing class (19-2 absent) and at the 22 couples they will be 5th!

CACIL Coursing in Axel 2011

April 9: International CACIL coursing in Axel. Fortunately 6 Deerhounds at the start. Calhoun wins his second CACIL! With this he would be my third international coursing champion. Cheytah becomes second with R. CACIL and the CACNL. Caintha lands in last place.

Cheytah is covered.

January 6: Cheytah O'Cockaigne is covered in England by Clanardwood Sovereign. Unfortunately, after 4 weeks, Cheytah is not pregnant. Very sorry, we had a lot of expected from this combination. Hopefully the end of the year will succeed.