Deerhound in general

How it goes with Craffitsh

In the course of November, the cancer at Craffitsh is still growing. Occasionally he has to cough but on the long pictures there are no metastases to see. Over time there are air bubbles to see, not good, clogged metastases. Also the blood test shows that he worsened. He must turn on the antibiotics otherwise he gets it stuffy and runs his temperature. The strange thing is that he does not run lame. Occasionally he does not charge his leg 100% and occasionally he does not want to walk along but there are also days when he walks normally and even runs and jumps! How long has he had fun in his life? I ask myself every day but he still looks positive from his eyes and eats like a boat worker.


Very IMPORTANT NEWS!!! In the Newsletter of the English Deerhound Club appeared in the "Winter" edition a very interesting article about the post-operative bleeding of greyhounds and what this means for our Deerhounds. The article itself was written by Dr. John Dillberger, an authority in the field of diseases in the Deerhound but he has his information from various sources that have investigated and are still investigating. The final result of the studies is not yet fully known, but there is already clear what causes death bleeding after surgery. In short, it boils down to the fact that there are very regular greyhounds and Deerhounds 24 to 36 hours (or even longer) after surgery, to get such internal bleeding that they usually die here. This internal hemorrhage is not the result of an error of the operating doctor and it is not Factor VII Deficiency, which has nothing to do with this. At F. VII. D There is a chance that the hound will Doodbloedt after surgery because the mutation in the gene causes no or insufficient blood clots to be made. As mentioned earlier, a very reliable test is available for this genetic abnormality. This type of bleeding after surgery reveals that blood clots are initially produced in the places where it is needed, but that these blood clots are quickly dissolved! The bleeding is not caused by one leaking blood vessel but by all blood vessels that have been cut through during the operation. The veins that are tied or densely burned do not cause any problems. The cause that the blood clots dissolve faster than desired, is that the Deerhounds, like the greyhounds and most likely all greyhounds, have thicker blood flowing at a greater speed and with a higher pressure than in normal dogs through the veins and Causes damage to the vein wall. This damage is repaired (coagulation) but the high speed also increases the fibrinolysis system (which the blood clot has to resolve) and this causes the blood clots to dissolve rather than desired. From a blood test, taken before surgery, one can deduce whether a hound has an elevated fibrinolysis system or not. Furthermore, Dr. Dillberger is recommending that anyone Deerhound to prevent bleeding during 5 days after surgery. The dose is from 24.5 kilos to 36 kilo-500 mg, 36 to 47 kilo-750 mg and from 47 kilo-1000 mg. Those who do not receive the "Newsletter" but interested in the article can email me. Then I send a scanned version by mail. Before your Deerhound has to be operated, I advise you to inform your veterinarian. As soon as I have more information I will publish this.

Haloween coursing in Landstuhl

Haloween coursing in Landstuhl. On Sunday October 30th the Deerhounds would walk so on Saturday we could make another delicious forest walk. Grandma Amy had to fit on the caravan while we geklauterd two and a half hours over a gigantic steep mountain. Our muscles were in any case well trained once again! Also at Landstuhl the start of the course is on a field next to the racecourse. Then the hare passes through an opening of the fence of the racecourse the Middenterrein. If the hounds follow well totally no problem. After a round on the Middenterrein, the Hare enters the adjacent field by another opening in the fence. Some hounds are shooting the last opening, but they usually correct themselves and they come out well. On Sunday so 11 Deerhounds at the start. In The third course are Silva and Calhoun. Calhoun starts fine and runs fantastic. He lands with 80 points in a shared second place. In The fourth course is Cheytah with Chabibi's Nice. Nice is a very young, enthusiastic girl who follows well, Cheytah is pregnant and does not save in terms of speed. She thinks it is smart, but it passes the exit and loses the hare. She keeps looking and searching but does not think she should go through the opening. Nice get 83 points and Cheytah 47, fortunately no "rejection for the day"! In the next course Celina or Albainn of Gerd fuses and my Caintha. Now we have to be careful with the reception because Celina has already had a disqualification because of unheard-of behaviour. But I don't have to worry about it. Caintha runs very cleverly and is super fast, when she is near the exit she runs first and right behind the hare. Because of this she shoots the exit but sees in her canthus that the hare is right. She is not in doubt, plunges under the wire fencing of the track, takes a huge leap over the dense fence and lands on the little field where the hare continues his trail. Very spectacular! Unfortunately the jury is asleep, I think, because she got only 61 points. Celina apparently had only looked at Caintha, not the hare because he was still walking on the Middenterrein while Caintha made the kill. However, she still got 57 points. Jury…, I don't get anything from it (and that's good too!). In the second turn, Caintha again runs with Celina, even now Celina keeps up halfway and that gives her a "rejection for the day" on it. Calhoun starts with Cunamara's Mango by Eva Petzold. Mango flies off and Calhoun continues to stand. We still have the hope that he will be middenterreined by the exit, but that too does not happen. Also Calhoun gets a "rejection for the day". Cheytah is only classified and gets as a guided dog one that also remains. Cheytah is going to start well but at the first pass she remains standing. "Rejection for the day". Then you drive with two men, almost 2400 kilometers in front, to go back home with two "rejections for the day"!!! Fortunately, the eight and a half-year-old Caintha had saved the family a little. At the award ceremony, her last time was said goodbye, this was her last game. Caintha has always been a very reliable and excellent courser. [/caption] She has participated in a total of 77 games in many countries and in addition very many "fun" coursings.  She has participated in 5 European Championships and has twice been in second place and 1 time on the fifth. She carries various beauty and coursing titles and is after Calhoun (her nephew) the second Deerhound in the Netherlands entitled to the title "Champion of Beauty and performance". And she deserved it!

Cheytah is not in foal.


On 29 and 30 September, Cheytah is covered by Rosslyn Magi Among Shagied. I fell on this 8 year old male because of his similarity to Grandma Amy. A large, powerful, dark male that is very energetic for his age. With few flaws that are not present at Cheytah and vice versa. But unfortunately it should not be, Cheytah is not in foal.  

Craffitsh has a thickening just above his left heel

Friday 23 September I note during the combing of Craffitsh that he has a thickening just above his left heel. I have to take that afternoon with Cwillyaigne for control back to Anubis and decide to bring Craffitsh in the hope that they can look at it. This can and photos are taken. The treating doctor wants and cannot confirm my suspicion. It looks too a-typical for Osteosarcoma. Come back in two weeks and then possibly take biopsies. That happens. In the week of October 17 I get the result: Osteosarcoma. I go with Craffitsh to de Bilt in the hope that they will be able to do something for him. In the first instance, development seems to be still in place. On the long pictures there is still nothing to see and from the blood tests it appears that it is not yet so bad with Craffitsh. We have hope.

Cwillyaigne O'Cockaigne breaks her lower jaw

February 28: Cwillyaigne O'Cockaigne breaks her lower jaw. Our bad luck bird. The coursing season has started again for most hounds. Not for our Cwillyaigne. She was born for the accident and has had to skip many coursings because of serious injuries, almost all of them accumulated in the free field during a walk or bike ride.

Last February 28 the weather was hit. We were walking in the fields behind our grove. The hounds ran a bit to rummage on a meadow where normally Belgian draught horses run and suddenly a hare popped away. 

Calhoun, Caintha and Cwillyaigne shot at the back. Since it is actually very safe, no roads or cycle paths and little barbed wire that they know exactly how to get around, I did not get busy and walked quietly with the other hounds that side where they would come from again. The hares usually shoot the forest or tree plantations and then the boys lose them, but this hare decided otherwise. Calhoun and Caintha came back quite quickly and after a few recalls I saw Cwillyaigne in the distance a corner perish. Something was wrong, she didn't get crippled yet.. When she came closer she shot a hare near her, but she just looked… did not react. Not good, I thought. When she was at a distance of about 10 meters, I all saw blood flowing out of her mouth and tried to claw something out of her mouth with her front legs. A branch or so, I thought but after I had persuaded her to jump over the ditch and took her head in my hands, the courage fell into the shoes. Her lower jaw was broken at least in three places. The hare was apparently a concrete diver, I believe there are two or three under the paths and she was happily pushed behind. Anyway, the vet has been tinkering three hours to get the puzzle back together, the jaw appeared to be broken in four places, and she survived. Unfortunately, after 9 weeks it appeared that on the right side (the broken side) had not grown together and that there was botoplossing place at the places where the screws were sitting. So again under the knife, metal plate out there and now just wait and see if the ignition wants to heal. It is now starting to become less thick, but we are still far from there. Pathetic Cwillyaigne, our otherwise cheerful girl is now a heap of misery, she can only occasionally wagging and is constantly afraid that one of the other hounds runs against her yuling. Fortunately, eating (practically liquid) and drinking is good and she can walk with you, just on the leash!   How it went with our bad luck bird. On July 20, Jl. Our Cwillyaigne has been operated again. She obviously suffered from the semi-detached lower jaw, and I dared to let her run away from what was not exactly conducive to her spiritual wellbeing. She is a renmonster.    After many deliberation and roads I decided to go to Luc Janssens, a specialist surgery where I had been with other hounds before. He has a modern clinic, Anubis, just below Antwerp, with all the scanning and X-rays and a whole team of specialists around him. Wednesday morning 9.00 hours we were at places and after the story was heard Cwillyaigne got a antidepressant and was transported to the scan room. After a 20 minutes I could see the images. The left and front side of the lower jaw had grown nicely together but the front screw of the metal plate that was left in it, caused in the right jaw half, where the screw was also fixed, botoplossing. So this plate had to be out again. Right in the back there was a large empty space of about a thick centimeter. Luc Janssens told me, before we took the treatment, that he didn't really find this a present, it would be a heavy operation but especially recovery period. Anyway, the treatment would consist of; Left plate out, right jaw tip clean up, cavity fill with bone marrow from the humerus and antibiotic sponges and then fixate again with a picture. Cwillyaigne stayed behind and I went through gritted teeth home.                                                                                                                               At 13.00 am I got a phone call that the operation had gone well and that I could pick up Cwillyaigne against the six. However, they also had to pull a top notch to allow the jaws to close properly, so the lower jaw had changed so that the Rechterhoek tooth came to the cutting tooth.       For six o'clock we were in Aartselaar. Cwillyaigne was still asleep, she had been awake for a while but she had left her in the drip until we were there. After having spoken all through, we left with a large bag of medicine and an even sleeping Cwillyaigne. I had prepared that she would awaken panicky, which was one of the last times at least so but now she stayed very quiet until one hour or half two at night. Then she started to squeak a bit and lifted her yuling on occasion. At half past three I asked if she had to do a pee, she was right and walked barely Kiebel and did a huge pee. Then I knew that it went well with her and I could with peace of mind to bed.                                                                                                                                 The first week was a tough week. There were days when she had so much pain that she didn't want to drink, let alone eat. It was a crime to get the medicines in, but after a week it went a little better. Everything of course very liquid but we got it in it. The medicine I made in a mortar fine. Her tail we did not see so much wagging and of the walks she enjoyed yet.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             It was striking that after the surgery her Babu was not thickened and I could get there well to keep it clean as she drooled terribly. After two weeks this was fortunately a lot less and she could lick her mouth a bit better. Also the food, still almost liquid, and drinking went well. After three weeks she was clearly a lot happier and we stopped with a part of the painkillers. That went well. In The fourth week we could stop the antibiotics and another week later I stopped the Rimadyl. It goes well, she is cheerful, wants to hunt again love but may not yet of me, eats well although her speed has diminished clearly and even gives kisses again.                                                                   Because of all the anesthesia, her fur was totally down to the buds, so I decided to strip her completely. And what appeared there??? A beautiful "Greyhound"! Personally, I find my "Greyhound" more beautiful than the real.    About a week and a half, we have to go back for control, hopefully the images will show a completely growing lower jaw so that we can close this chapter again after a thick six months.       Bad luck, bad luck and another bad luck for our bad luck bird. 5 September we had to come back for control. We had good hope and Cwillyaigne behaved like old: happy. After an exploratory interview, Cwillyaigne got a whirl so she could be well researched. After some time, Luc Janssens came back with a distressed face. I knew enough; Her jaw had not yet grown to each other. But it was even worse, the space between them was too large to spontaneously grow together, there had been rejection of part of the bone marrow placed. We decided to repeat the operation a week later. On 12 September, Luc placed a second dose of bone marrow between the jaw surfaces. The operation was successful but three days later it was inflamed and the metal plate was exposed a bit. Straight back, let it be cleaned and attached. Cwillyaigne was heavy on the antibiotics and I rinsed her mouth clean after every meal. On 23 September I noticed that the metal plate was visible again, a part of the gums had disappeared. Luckily I was right at Anubis and there they made it as well as possible to sew it back. Unfortunately, it was again open on Tuesday. Luc and his team have beaten five books to find a method to close it right. Eventually they decided to use a part of Cwillyaigne's lower lip to close it. While I was in England to cover Cheytah, Simon panicked that Cwillyaigne scratched the whole lot and was totally panicked. He could go to the vet on Friday morning, but he could do nothing more than just give a hood and painkillers. Saturday I was back home and beholded the drama. Cwillyaigne was our Cwillyaigne no more. This was the well-known drop that caused the bucket to flow. She accepted the strange feeling that her stuck sewn lower lip gave, absolutely not. As long as she was quiet on her bed, nothing was going on but as soon as she got up for a walk or to eat she became wild and tried to scratch her beak with her paw. This could not continue so naturally for a few weeks. I decided that the metal plate had to be out and that her lips had to be sewn together again so that they felt normal for her. On Monday 3 October, Luc Janssens did this and when Cwillyaigne came out of the anaesthetic and moved her beak a bit I saw the change. She was a piece of more relaxed. It is very unfortunate, because the lower jaw was busy growing together, a very fragile bridge was created. But unfortunately, through the operation and because there was no further support, the jaw parts were separated again and the Cwillyaigne's lower jaw was skewed again. Her tongue hangs more outside her mouth than in it and she still has occasional pain but it goes again in the right direction with her, spiritually. It is sin but yes, sometimes you have no choice. On October 25th, almost 8 months after the adventure, I have the last stitches removed. Also the "soluble" which did not want to solve and gave a lot of irritation. Now she gets calm, first everything healed well, both physically and mentally and next year we see again. I just hope that she can go on course again because that is still her lust and her life.

Cheytah is covered.

January 6: Cheytah O'Cockaigne is covered in England by Clanardwood Sovereign. Unfortunately, after 4 weeks, Cheytah is not pregnant. Very sorry, we had a lot of expected from this combination. Hopefully the end of the year will succeed.