Calhoun's first three legged birthday!

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Calhoun's first three legged birthday!

  Yesterday we drank only one bottle of sect; Calhoun's first three legged birthday! But for this we made a lovely walk in the Mastbos with lots of water, wind and especially mud. Calhoun and Brandir were constantly in the weather and I therefore also to keep them with me. Calhoun's ears went up regularly and Brandir was able to read this language in the meantime. Brandir is also becoming more free and disappears from sight. Fortunately he listens very well to the whistle and in no time stands with me to receive his biscuit. Of course they all get a biscuit so I have to make sure that the Buideltje is well filled!   VIMG_1055ery sorry I didn't have a camera with me, I could have shot beautiful pictures. But a few weeks back we were on the way to take the Christmas picture and of course we made some more pictures. So this is not the Christmas picture, which you can find under O ' Cockaigne Deerhounds-photos-Christmas pictures.   This year we didn't need much time to take the picture. With only four hounds it's a lot easier but still they always cops to jump on all sides after a couple of pictures and see them once again to get a neat list! Sometimes we make 50/60 pictures and there's nothing in it to my liking, also it happens that we drive two times somewhere to take the picture. Very often there is always one that looks duf or close the eyes, just stands to yawn or with crossed legs standing. Yes, and of course that is not possIMG_1033ible!   Calhoun is doing really very well. He is also happy and lifelong. Every day he plays with Brandir and also shows that he is still the boss. He is still pretty fast but also knows very well with his powers to go. If it is pointless to chase behind Brandir, or if it is a difficult terrain with a lot of undergrowth and fallen tree trunks, Calhoun awaits a strategic place to take Brandir. He also knows exactly what he can and cannot do on three legs but I am very regularly looking at what he can do! There is a tremendous power in that one hinIMG_1035d leg!     I am very pleased that a year ago I took the decision to amputate Calhoun's Paw. My feeling that I had then, that Calhoun could handle it, has proven to be true. Hereby the happiness of early discovery and no metastases has resulted in me still enjoying my Calhoun every day and Calhoun can still enjoy life every day. And he does!!!

Calhoun will soon be celebrating its second birthday this month!

IMG_0368At the end of August, I got blood again at Calhoun. The creatinine was then 140. Not frighteningly high but higher than late July. On 10 October the weather had risen slightly, to 142. Since I did not see that rising line, I had made an appointment before 18 November with Mr R.J. Cantu. This doctor is specialized in nutrition and wanted to see if Calhoun's diet could be adapted so that his kidneys would be more well-known. I had already emailed Calhoun's complete nutrition list and during the consultation, Mr. Cantu told me that it was one of the better nutritional lists he had seen from private individuals. Also Calhoun's urine and blood were researched and now it turned out to be my fright the creatinine rose to 176! Also there was still some blood in his urine. Mr Cantu mailed me that same afternoon the result of the blood and urine tests with the necessary changes for the diet. Calhoun had to eat more, I also found him slightly too skinny, and there had to be more choline, zinc, iodine and less gistocal and no more garlic by his food. The 200 grams of boiled potatoes were 400 and the amount of mashed vegetables was also doubled. Calhoun became a potato eater! The meat I kept at about 200 grams. Luckily he ate it well but soon I noticed that it was very much. He arrived within 11 days a thick half kilo, which was fine but really much heavier he should not be because then his joints are taxed too much. By now I had an appointment with Johan de Vos. On Friday 29 November a CT scan would be made to see if there were any metastases.

Celtic Hare

The days before November 29th I had quite a bit of nerves. How would it look? How high would the creatinine be now?

First of all, Calhoun was well looked at and felt. No strange things. Then his blood and urine were examined again. For his urine I have to make another ultrasound because there is still some blood in it. But then came the first good news, the creatinine was again sunk to 141! That goes again in the right direction! Also the other values were slightly lower. Then an X-ray has been taken to see if there were any metastases. If they were already on an X-ray, we didn't have to make a scan anymore. That would be a waste of money and time. But……. The X-ray looked beautiful! Nothing to see, at least no metastases. So Calhoun and prick got to go to sleep and was pushed into the scanner a little later. After a small half hour he passed and I was left with him in a room to let him wake up. Now the scan was viewed and I was told that everything looked fine! What a relief, no metastases to see, Calhoun may have a while on this kind of bastard running around!! It is of course not a guarantee and next month it may be different but we are now almost a year after the amputation so we have good hope that it will continue to go well for much longer. So on December 21st we draw a bottle of sect open on Calhoun's second birthday, last December 2 he was 6, 21 December he becomes 1!!!

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We hope to do so often! A playing Calhoun! and a coursing Calhoun!


Support the petition "Stop Dog tax".

  With the following link you can help to abolish the dog tax in the Netherlands. As you can read on that site it is an outdated way to collect money and partly because of the huge differences per municipality in the amount to be paid it is a very unfair system. So click on the link below and fill in the desired details! http://stophondenbelasting.petities.nl/thanks on behalf of all hondenbelasting payers!

Calhoun enjoys.

IMG_0965Last weekend, Sonja was visiting with Lavinia, Silva and Bernice. Because of the predicted bad weather in Germany, she has come Wednesday. Thursday we wanted to make a nice walk with the hounds but when we had them in the car I saw that my right front tyre was leaky. The hounds looked at us with disbelief when we said they had to come out again. Then just a walk in the area. This is of course not so much fun because then Brandir and Bernice can not loose and also Calhoun has to run the biggest piece on the leash as they are different by the young strawberries and other crops. But yes, it was no different. Fortunately we were able to get the band repaired that same day so we could at least take the days here after Nice. Friday before the walk to thirst. Here is a large losloop area with little game and even leIMG_0895ss roads. This was of course big fun for Brandir and Bernice but also Calhoun enjoys here. Nothing is more fun than with his two or threes (he prefers to do Silva too) to chop on Brandir. IMG_0896         IMG_0897 Copy     IMG_0898 Copy           IMG_0899 IMG_0900 Copy IMG_0902                   At some point Brandir can't do it anymore. Bernice bites him in his buttocks and Calhoun grabs him by his neck. In the end Brandir gives himself won and fail on the ground. IMG_0913     IMG_0914           IMG_0915     IMG_0916 IMG_0917                 Now we are just ending by calling Calhoun with us. Brandir is relieved and draws another sprint with Bernice. IMG_0927   We're only just 15 minutes on the road and Bernice is already looking like this! IMG_0931           IMG_0934                    

And our Speelgoedhound Cody, so.

IMG_0939The walk continues and Calhoun makes it regularly exciting by putting his ears in the end. Nothing is lost to him but fortunately the deer have withdrawn safely.

IMG_0960 Copy

Caintha also wants to play with Brandir but as usual, Bernice also has to interfere with it.

IMG_0944   IMG_0984 Copy   After an hour of walking, which is enough for Lavinia, Cody, Caintha and Calhoun, Brandir and Bernice can still romp around at home while Calhoun takes it. IMG_0894           On Saturday we set out on a field in the woods of disk a small piece of coursing for Brandir, Bernice and Calhoun. Brandir started again perfectly and we also let him run with Bernice. I was afraid he was going to play but also this went fine! A very reassurance, as he will have to do this in the short term. Since Calhoun had seen that Simon had done the turning device in the car, he also had to walk a bit. It's incredible but since he's missing his hind leg he's so super motivated that you just can't refuse it! There seem to be a number of people who are struggling to make Calhoun do what he has done all his life. These people have no idea of Calhoun's mental and physical condition. He has no pain, is not sick, is in very good physical condition, he eats well, he drinks well, he is playful and he is cheerful. Since he has losgelopen from puppy in the most wild areas he knows exactly how to deal with his body, even now on three legs. The people who are worried can do this better to the hounds that appear with a very bad condition or crippled on the Coursingterreinen. As long as it goes well with Calhoun I let him do what he wants and for what he is born; Hunt.

Brandir and Bernice are purity!!!

O'Cockaigne Deerhounds-purebred Deerhounds.

IMG_8060 (2) (800x533)

Since last year it is possible to have a greyhound tested on varietal purity via the DWZRV. Through the following link you can read all about the nomination of Ms. Dr. Wimmer. Vortrag von Frau Dr. Wimmer über den DNA-Test zur Rassebestimmung bei Windhunden… For the Deerhounds you can here können Sie die Ergebnisse der Studie Herunterladen (PDF)…  Find more. In the article below, written by Dr. Dominique d Caprona, the same is treated but you will also find everything about the other greyhounds and halfwind dogs. Http://sloughi.tripod.com/preserving/geneticswesterbredsighthoundsgermanyAmy.html In the past year has shown that many hounds are not purity and as you can read/See, this is also the case with the Deerhounds. Last year, Sonja had her hounds take part in the test and also the blood of Cheytah was then investigated. Fortunately, she appeared to be purity. SONY DSC       In the meantime we find that there are several breeders selling dogs as Deerhounds while this is longdogs and/or lurchers. (A longdog is a cross between greyhounds and a lurcher is a cross between a greyhound and another dog, usually a shepherd or terrier.) A very wellCaintha 8.5 Years Young known Deerhoundfokker, who has been in the breed for many decades, has recently announced that he has never seen a Deerhound with Hubertus claws and also the colour ' wheaten ' according to Dr. Jödicke (He has already reported this in the last century) for quite some time ' Extinct '. But there are also ' grey ' crossings where in most cases you can see certain forms of body parts that the dog is not purity. If you doubt the varietal purity of your greyhound, you can let it be tested by having some blood (EDTA) in your vet. It must of course also check the chip number using the union booklet or the pedigree. This should be along with the form completed by you and your veterinarian, which you can find on the site of the DWZRV (www. DWZRV.de → Formulare → DNA Fingerprint) sent to Frau Ursula Arnold, Schlierbacher Weg 56, 64678 Linden Felsen, Germany and accompanied by a letter stating that it is the "DNA Test zur Rassebestimmung bei Windhunden". If you send it somewhere else you will most likely not get a correct result. The cost of the test is approximately 80,-euro, you will receive a later account.


 Anyway, in order to be all misery in the future, we have also tested Brandir and Bernice and fortunately this Deerhounds is also a real Deerhounds!



Hound with HareCC2000

  On the 2nd of November we had a very successful weekend with CC2000. Via a tip from Talreja we arrived in low ants. After Simon had been looking a few times and had made appointments, we were very welcome on 2 November. A small sixty dogs were logged in and quite a few campers and caravans came to the terrain during the course of the Thursday. The weather forecasts were not really smash hit for the Saturday but in the end it all turned out to be very nice, it was a bit fresh and at some point it was gemiezer-raining but all this was not allowed to press the fun. In the surroundings you could walk a lovely and because it was at the end of a road it was also very quiet. Really a place to return again. Since I have not made any pictures myself, here is the link to a series of photos made by our "court photographer" Marc Gale. HTTP://WWW.FLICKR.COM/PHOTOS/BLIZZARDJE/SETS/72157637320353825/for the Friday night we had a fat 20 man to eat. Jacqueline always finds it a challenge to put something tasty for many people on the table, and this time again it has worked fine. It is always very cosy and most of them continue to talk to the late hours. It was again a really old-fashioned weekend course. No whining, everyone lets his hound walk to his own liking and insight, no gestrezzzz and especially many happy dogs snoeten. Delicious!!!    

What was the weather a great weekend.

IMG_0884Last weekend, 18/19 and 20 October, we were once again on Ronostrand. Because of all kinds of circumstances we were last three years ago. When Simon was asked to explain and turn the trail, we decided to try to make Bernice and Brandir run for their "Haasvast". Bernice would not be a problem, she had already walked with Picaro of Annemiek Hawkins during the coursing of Swift in September and that went perfectly. But Brandir is still so young in his head, we had doubts about that. But yes, but try because together with Calhoun he runs fine. In fact, we would have liked Brandir last weekend to run with Picaro, but because he had a slightly thickened toe the week before, we did not do this of course. Luckily his toe was all right now and we thought it was best to let Brandir walk with Picaro and Bernice with a fiddle. So figured out, so done. Deer_licht_2 Thursday afternoon we arrived and it felt like old. The trees were still not as beautiful as we were used to, but the beech nuts were already fallen and caused a lot of nuisance between the dogs. It was also found that we were standing underneath a thick oak, where with great regularity the acorns with a rotklap on the roof of the caravan fell, also in the middle of the night!

Saturday morning, early out of the feathers, because those two monkeys had to do their first licence run in quarter for nine. When we walked past Dear Andries, who was a little further afield, we saw that she was wrapping her stuff. Later on, we did not know that she had her papers and that the hounds could not walk. She seems to have been shot out of her slipper and has been called to have a jury member (sounds like a threat). It is said that they should know and comply with the rules. It is now for the second time this year that this ' lady ' is misbehaving during a coursing organized by WvCNL.

Anyway, quarter for nine, first the young female, Islay's Iora Rua of Janine Ballard would run. However, this is still too uncertain and hupte but somewhat back and forth. Then Bernice with fiddle. This went perfectly, they were very well-matched, they met often enough on their way and Bernice showed the jury that she was running her own course.




Then Brandir with Picaro. Brandir went off, looked at Picaro and stopped. He continued to follow the hare with his eyes and when it came to his side, I gave him a push and yes, there he went. The second half of the trail he ran as a spear and didn't look at Picaro. At the reception they both dived on the hare, without any problem. We all had the feeling that he would start better in the afternoon. In any case, Bernice had completed her first license loop well. That was the most importantIMG_0645 IMG_0646thing!         IMG_0647 IMG_0650             IMG_0660          After they went well, when he returned home, a bottle of wine was first in the cooling so that if Bernice would not messing up it the second time, we could celebrate that Bernice may appear on the Coursingvelden next year. After having fed the hounds and we had our own breakfast indoors, we went to see the other courses. It struck us, especially on Sunday, that a lot of hounds did not have sufficient condition to accomplish the 800 meter in a good way. Especially the Barsoi's and Irish Wolfhounds were very disappointing. After the afternoon break, Bernice and fiddle, Brandir and Picaro were again ready for their second licence run. Bernice started very fanatically, Sonja couldn't keep her at the start. So here laughing.. IMG_0697IMG_0698               IMG_0700 IMG_0699                

Sorry Sonja, I couldn't leave it to post them.



After Bernice's fantastic license course, the tensions were high as far as Brandir was concerned. Would he do it right now? He was in any case very fanatical to the start. His first five passes were somewhat wavering but after that he got the spirit and walked a beautiful course with Picaro.

IMG_0758IMG_0776           IMG_0813       IMG_0814                 IMG_0859    

Brandir and Picaro are well-matched, on the long straights Picaro is of course faster than Brandir but Brandir does not beat a mud figure at any rate. By Kien courses they remain quite together and Brandir shows that he is running his own course. Even when the reception is fine, they both dive on the hare without anything of aggression or fear. Fantastic!


Meyappan, Meyappan, what a relief. Brandir has his first good license course inside!

After I had the brandir on a leash and left the beach, I saw Ira Johannen standing with a hound ready. This was not mentioned in the afternoon program and I did not know who it was. Since Brandir really had given himself, I didn't keep looking at how this hound ran but we all (fiddle, Bernice, Picaro, Brandir, Sonja, Annemiek and I) started to run out of the hounds. At the end of the afternoon we were told that this was again Iora Rua from Janine but that there was a lot of commotion since this bitch had left the ground after the first attempt of the morning, crippled the terrain. Two first aiders had found that she had a torn nail and in consultation with the jury it was decided that she was not allowed to walk in the afternoon. Since someone else appeared with her at the start, no one had to say that it was the same bitch, so she started anyway. I have heard about it, she has walked the whole course and got quite lame from the terrain. So this is really not as it should be!!! In the evening, we even knew that Janine was already in the morning before the first turn on the crippled walk of Iora Rua. As an owner you have at eternal times the responsibility for your hound and a broken hound do not let you walk!!! So there was a lot of disgrace and with these two traps the Deerhound owners left a bad impression. Thanks!


After work done it is well resting with your great friend.

In the course of the evening I was asked if I wanted to let Brandir run a licence loop the next day. The jury had talked about it and thought it was good for him. After consultation with Cis and Annemiek or Picaro it was could handle and whether they liked it, we decided to do it. So Sunday morning again early from the feathers and at quarter for nine we were back at the start with Brandir and Picaro. Now Brandir was really fanatic and started just fine. They walked a wonderful course! What a pleasure to see those two fly over the sand! I am glad that Brandir is now also ready to run his licence but we will still have to be careful with him, he is and still remains a ' babyhound '.

After feeding and having breakfast, we have a nice stool to watch the courses, together with Cis and Jannie. We had old fashioned fun again for ten. It was a great weekend!


Flamingo Calhoun

IMG_8669 CopyThe Thursday before the Jahresausstellung of 2013 in Germany, we were at Sonja in Hermannsburg. The two young neighbour girls of Sonja were fascinated by so many of those big Gray hounds together and came to take a look.

When the youngest saw Calhoun she said to her sister; “Look, he can retract his paw very high!”

Deerhound Jahresausstellung in Hoisdorf (Germany)

Due to Coney’s sickness and death I had not yet come to report the Deerhound Jahresausstellung. But better late than never.

IMG_0486 IMG_0487On 7 September The annual Deerhound Jahresausstellung took place in Hoisdorf (D). There were 66 Deerhounds entered for the widely known judge Mrs. Lisbeth Mach. Since this location was rather in the north of Germany, the number of hounds reported was lower than normal. There were also two other shows and the races in Versoix. As usual, the show was opened with Scottish music and every participant was given a glass of whisky when entering the ring.   After the “Stolper class” in which 9 puppies were entered, the veterans first came into the ring. Eight veterans bitches were entered, unfortunately one absent. Best veteran became Fritzen Romantic (eight years and three months) of Rüdiger Jaacks, she became later even best bitch! My Cute Coney (ten years and five months) was placed fourth. IMG_0496

Then the males were judged. Two dogs in the Puppieklas.

Hereafter the Youth class in which Brandir had to compete against the ‘ Youth World Champion ‘ Fortheringhay’s Fearwald Fable by Cristina Wüger. This beautiful young male won a shiny empire by Brandir. But Brandir got (in my opinion very unjustifiably) the trophy for ‘ best head of the Puppy and youth classes ‘. IMG_0505         IMG_0503

Then the five champions came into the ring.  Pyefleet Raffles from Rüdiger Jaacks won this class, he would later become BOB and BIS2. In the Open Class appeared five males of which only one got a Very Good. Neroche Indigo to Oelmühle won this class, beautiful male but can be a bit more masculine. Unfortunately, Lisbeth Mach did not judge rigorously what I always see as a disadvantage for the breed. In the Bitches puppy class only one dog. Five Bitches in the youth class including Bernice. Bernice did not want to show herself, did not want to be touched and walked like a mop. She was third, because she is very typical, with a too high valued Very Good.IMG_0517

Seven Deerhound bitches in the intermediate class, one Very Good and seven bitches in the Champion class, all with an Excellent. Four girls in the Workingclass including my Caintha of ten and a half years. She was fourth, partly because she was a little bit lame. Best of this class was Grayrory’s Exclusive of Ake and Maria Käck. This bitch also got the trophy for ‘best head of the adult classes’ and Beinn Mhor McGrain Caoinlan (2h) from Danuta Materzok-Köppen got the ‘Terichline Feet Trophy’.

IMG_0544         Nine bitches were entered for the Open class. This was won by Fritzen Celeste of Randi Konti but my preference was for Grayrory’s Fabulous. Fabulous has a better front, the head is more typical (also in relation to the body) and she has a better topline.   IMG_0552 IMG_0553


Anyway, for BOB Raffles and Romantic, both of Rüdiger Jaacks, came back in the ring and Raffles went off with the honour.

Photo 6

Left Fritzs Romantic with “The Cute Coney BOS Trophy”, in the middle Lisbeth Mach and right Pyefleet Raffles with the “Miss Norah Hartley Trophy” and owner Rüdiger Jaacks. The complete results can be found at “exhibition results”.

Cute Coney O'Cockaigne

IMG_8948 CopyCeltic Cross Coney


"The Love of My Life", Cute Coney O'Cockaigne, is no longer among us. Saturday 14 September at 7.00 o'clock in the morning, I have to say goodbye to her.


A week earlier we were still at the Jahresausstellung in Hoisdorf (D) where I showed Coney in the veteran class. The Thursday she had a lot of fun in the creek and the woods at Sonja. Nothing pointed to the coming doom. Monday the 9th of September she didn't make much sense in the forest walk and didn't want to eat in the evening either. Strange, because Coney was a very good eater after her sterilization. Tuesday evening she ate again with lots of appetite and I thought the trip might have been too much for her. After all, she was almost ten and a half. But on Wednesday morning Simon woke me up with the announcement that Coney had spat blood. Right I stood next to my bed and went to look. Coney did not show sick or lousy, but there was a puddle of blood under her snoot on the ground. She had no fever, only an inciting thirst. Very unusual. In no time I was at the vet and she was groped, X-ray and echoed. Nothing to feel, nothing to see. She also gave no pain. The diagnosis that was made was; Most likely a stomach ulcer, quite possibly a tumor. I went home with thIMG_0496e necessary medicine and in the course of the afternoon Coney gave up a little bit of blood with water, but then it was over. This gave hope.


On Wednesday-evening, her temperature went up well above 40 degrees. Soon to the duty vet for an injection since I was afraid that the temperature would only go on and that I would be in trouble in the middle of the night. Her temperature dropped and Thursday morning she was quiet and she walked a little bit. Thursday afternoon back for control, now she did hurt and I got painkillers with it. She still wanted to eat nothing, just drink. Friday, her temperature had fallen below 38, for her normal. She became increasingly unstable when she went out to do a pee but she was quiet and relaxed. By twelve o'clock at night it went wrong, she got pain and became restless. After consultation with the vet, I gave her more pain relief and spent the night next to her. Every now and then she was quiet and dozed both in but then flared the pain again and I had to give her some again. By half past six, I gave her some more, but she didn't react anymore and kept a lot of pain. At half past six, Rens called out his bed and asked if he could get the right. With half an hour he was there and has redeemed Coney from her pains. I have gone too quickly, and I realise that it is no longer there.


My Coney, my "Cutie the Beauty", she has given me so much, a bunch of wonderful children, many moments when I was very proud on her but especially much love. What a wonderful character she had!!


All her details can be found under O'Cockaigne Deerhounds-Our Deerhounds

Complaint about Calhoun!

C14Last week there was suddenly a very nice gentleman with us on the pavement. When he was halfway through the terrain he was of course noticed by the hounds and exuberantly greeted by Caintha, Brandir and Calhoun. Once we came to our house, the best man expressed himself as a controller of the dog or animal protection, I do not know anymore. He told Calhoun that he was looking for a complaint because of the fact that Calhoun coursing had walked! I told him that he had just been stormed and greeted by Calhoun and that so it went fine with him. Then I called Calhoun and the best man couldn'tDSC_2547 say anything other than that Calhoun looked beautiful. The other hounds and how they live here, gave him the same. Of course, there was talk about Calhoun's courses, but the gentleman soon had to say that the complaint didn't hit anything. I told the best man that Calhoun was already a puppy of 5 to 6 weeks behind the plastic patch and that he kept doing all his life, plastic and real. Also that during a normal walk or round-racing here on our own terrain behind Brandir on, 100 times more intensively than such a small piece of "coursing" what he did during the trainings of an association or our own Coursingfeestje. The nice gentleman made notes and showed clearly that he had the feeling for nothing to have come. And that was of course the case. When I accompanied him back to his car, he said, "It's a paradise for those dogs." And yes, it's not for nothing to be called O ' Cockaigne.

SCAN0099 Copy (3)

I do have a suspicion of who has hurled this. I just want to say that it was/is laughable and that I very much think it is wasting precious time of people who are really desperately needed in a lot of other places and that it is a waste of money that has cost this action. I therefore propose to the person responsible to make a substantial donation to the body where he has lodged this complaint. That would be really sporty!!

Brandir BIS-4!

IMG_0415 CopyFor the show in Mechelen (Belgium) on August 18, JL. Had I reported brandir in the youth class under judge Mrs. Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari from Finland. I didn't know her and the name also told me nothing. In the Champion class was Regalflight Tarloch of Susanne Baumann (D). Mrs Ahlman told me that this was her race and showed that she liked Brandir very nicely. When I asked her what kennel she had her Deerhounds, she said Sassatown and I was right to burn a light. She was therefore of Sassatown and very long ago I met her partner with hounds but in recent years never heard or seen anything of them. Anyway Brandir got an excellent and became BOB. Before he had to go into the honour ring I took photos by Karl Desai. Brandir had never been on a podium so I was afraid it would be a battle. But no, he did great and Karl really has very nice pictures of him can shoot. Hopefully they will appear quickly on his site so I can order a few.


In the course of the afternoon Brandir had to take up against the other rasgroepwinnaars. The group was approved by Mrs. S. Kealy from Ireland. In the preferred ring, Gary Janssens was with Kilmara or First Avenue for me, a giant of an Irishman of just 22 months young. And although Brandir did not fall into Kilmara, they found each other very nice and would prefer to romp a game. Mrs. Kealy approved the Hounds and Gary and I both had the feeling that we were in for bacon and beans, they barely looked at our hounds. How great was our surprise when we were both in the selection of four. After another round of walking there was placed and Kilmara on the second and Brandir in the first place! It didn't have to be crazier!! But it did. For the BIS inspection there appeared 8 Rasgroepwinnaars, the Dachshund and terrier were not show up. Brandir was in the meantime quite fed up and didn't really want to stand still, he iBrandir 15 months young.s only 15 months after all. So much pressure I didn't want to put on him and let him commit a little. After Mr. Eberhardt (D) all the dogs and Brandir had approved we walked another round through the ring and we had to get out of it all again. We would be called one by one, in order of placement. Very big was my surprise when Brandir was allowed to take a seat on board four! Laden with gifts, we left the honour ring and it was still an entire puzzle to drag it all at once to the car. Simon had the cult standing cold and in the late afternoon sun we toasted to our brandir.

The days after Crowns mountain.

scannen0005Since I had made an appointment for Bernice in De Bilt for control of her Panostitis, Sonja stayed with us until Wednesday. Tuesday so to De Bilt where Annika Bernice would investigate. There was clearly improvement in her Thymus energy but the kidney energy was still much too low. That is why we need to work further. But because Bernice has no more pain and she was aartslui because she was recently running, we could let them romp without having to brake them, so Bernice himself did. IMG_0359   The walks we made were tuned to the elderly club. With one of almost 12 and three out of 10 years, you don't have to walk for hours, also a small hour for Calhoun is also enough. He makes sure he gets enough movement. So also Wednesday afternoon. Barely arrived in the woods he had disappeared, Bernice and Brandir in his wake. After a few minutes, Brandir and Bernice were back, Calhoun took a little longer. Moments later they shot again, but then it took much longer before Calhoun was back again. He had already done enough, but fortunately there was a nice lake in the area where you can have a good stay. IMG_0361IMG_0368           Nothing is more delicious than with a just well-combed coat to enter the water! Lavinia was slightly ahead of the water after she had gone under the Weerijs of the week before we left. Calhoun always enters the floppy, but now the others thought they could. Not so. I had to help Lavinia out of her neck water because the side was too steep, too blubberig and she was trapped in the aquatic plants. I had to help the rest of the elderly club with a butt up. Once again up geklauterd I was sitting from head to toe under the dredge and Sonja but laughinIMG_0363IMG_0369gIMG_0366!               IMG_0373          Yes, and when you come to a piece of sand after water, the gate of the dam is. As usual Brandir is the pineut. IMG_0382             IMG_0383 IMG_0387           IMG_0390IMG_0394                

Coney is also involved.

IMG_0437 IMG_0427         After Calhoun, Brandir, Bernice and Caintha had cleared the field, Coney surrendered a "shrub". IMG_0450         IMG_0454         IMG_0468             When all the branches have been shaken off, Silva can still play with the "Bare Hare".


Weekend Crowns Mountain

IMG_0121From Thursday afternoon 8 August we were in Crown Mountain where the national coursing of OSS has been held for years. A wonderful location where you can walk well with the hounds. The only downside is that our hounds have something against the terrain; Most do not run well here. This year we had nothing to do officially, but the young stuff had to practise a little bit and we had also agreed that we would cycle a piece with the "puppies". After everything was in place and Sonja had taken her bike from the camper, a round on the terrain test was first cycled. Brandir, Bernice and Silva were exemplary loose along the bike and enjoyed it clearly. They also enjoyed each other again. IMG_0125   On Saturday the show, a good exercise for Bernice, she has occasional cures and also now she didn't want to let herself be groped. Brandir Fortunately has no problems with this. IMG_0145               Bernice's's gang work looks fine, she stretches well and has a nice range but come in and go I hope it still improves greatly. It would be a shame if Sonja can't show her as planned.                IMG_0166IMG_0151                         Of course we had to take a few stationary pictures after the show. Actually they were well fed but the keeper wins. IMG_0190 IMG_0198               And then again fooling. IMG_0208             At the end of the afternoon, Bernice has a small piece of coursing. She did this in full surrender so the next time she can with Picaro, the Galgo of Cis and Annemiek, a piece of course. Hopefully she can run on Ronostrand for her license. Brandir is a different story, he did a lot of fun last year but at the beginning of this year he gained a few negative experiences and now has trouble finding it fun. It is of course a huge egg and sees ghosts everywhere. He still needs a lot of time.   Calhoun and Caintha also showed himself enthusiastically for a piece of coursing and just before they were allowed to start, Calhoun was barking at the hare, but when I let them loose, they looked at each other and stayed standing. When I walked a bit, they went behind the hare and enjoyed the ' kill ', they do it!! However, it is strange that our most hounds are tapping to walk in this area. Something is not up to them.

Outdoor Sighthound Show 27-7-2013

scannen0002Yesterday we were at the Outdoor Sighthound Show at the. This greyhound event is organised once every two years but just like the Greyhounds-CAC-show in Germany, it is characterised by conviviality and the typical Greyhound stadium rest. As it promised to be a long day because I had pledged to bring my ceramics, and so the party tent had to be set up, Simon and the hounds also had to join. The day started warm, very hot but it was soon told that around twelve there could be a huge thunderstorm. Everyone was constantly looking at the sky or consulting his mobile phone to see where the mood was. Well, that came! Fortunately we had secured our tent super well but many others flew through the air, also the big tents that were in the midIMG_1169dle had to sour it. The mood was not as heavy and long as in Pouch and the hail stones were missing but everyone who was not in time in the canteen was soaked in an instant. The car stood an end further, so quickly the hounds in it could not, which were finally also soaked. In no time, the entire terrain was blank, locally, among others under my party tent, but 7-8 cm. Water. Yes, and I had already unpacked and displayed my ceramics and the boxes floated back into the water!! What a Havoc! Some of them could still be kept dry, but most of them were partially soaked again. "Luckily" it was when the temper was driven again very warm and I could let the boxes dry in the sun. Despite this loot, it was a successful show. The small team of people that organizes this deserves a big plume and I would love it if the number of subscriptions would grow. It's really worth it. IMG_1174I only had Brandir enrolled in the Youth class. He got 1h from John Wadood. The pictures are taken by Joke Groeneveld. IMG_1177

It's already a nice little guy but he still needs a lot of time.


Dutch junior champion.


  After in Goes his first U-Talib for the Dutch Youth Championship (and a passed CAC), Brandir took his second U-Tal and a full CAC with BOS during the show in Oss on 31 May. His third U-Tal and the reserve CAC he took during the show in Echt on 7 July He is now also Dutch junior champion. His next show is The Greyhound show, there he has if it is good again some more competition.

A pass on the place for Calhoun.

C16After having received his 7th chemo cure on June 4, Calhoun, he has been lousy for a few days. Lifeless, diarrhea and not eating said me more than enough. On the 1st of July we went back to Terneuzen and his blood was also watched in his urine. It turned out that there were traces of blood in his urine, and some blood values were too high. So… no chemo and after a week come back for an extended echo of his guts to see where that blood comes from. June 9, on the echo everything looked fine; No distortions, no visible metastases, no bleeding, nothing was there to see what the blood in the urine could explain. But there was still some blood in it and his creatinine was even slightly higher than the week before. The only explanation for the blood in the urine is that the kidneys are slightly damaged inside, so Calhoun must be on a nierdieet. That in itself is no problem at all, especially not with Barfen, and Calhoun eats everything I do to him. Meanwhile we went to De Bilt and Tomas was very satisfied with Calhoun. He hamzah no negative things only showed indeed the medulla of the kidneys what to be affected. After a good acupuncture treatment, we were reassured to go home again. Before the 31st of July we have an appointment with Johan de Vos and we hope that the values will come back.


European Championship coursing in Pouch.

IMG_9897European Championship coursing in Pouch, Germany.

  During the weekend of 22 and 23 June. The European Championships coursing on the Pouch in the immediate vicinity of Bitterfeld was organised. The many negative rumors in advance and the high tide alarm ensured that we were prepared for everything. There would be no clean drinking water, the catering would not be good/sufficient, the area would have been inundated with all the consequences and there would be too little manpower to make everything run. Luckily it all came along and all this was fine. However, what was not in order and where it was going with a European championship coursing was the Coursingvelden. To begin with, the total area was strewn with glass shards. Several weeks before there was a concert and the visitors had left their glass bottles which were then broken by the bulldozers/lorries that had to clean the terrain again for the next event. Incredibly dangerous of course for a dog sporting event. For Thursday evening, a cleanup action was planned, if all the participants were to walk next to each other over the Coursingterreinen, it was necessary to clear the most and most dangerous glass. But… at seven IMG_1273o'clock a huge distress broke out. Gusts who had the Dixie toilets flying through the air, extremely heavy rain and big hails made sure that everyone hung on his awning/tent/Party tent. And it took quite a long time! Just before that the storm erupted, we sat down with a pretty large group to eat. Chris and Henriette had a tremendous uitgesloofd on this delicious meal, but it would literally fly in the air later. At the last moment we decided to pick up everything and move to our awning and canopy, about 20 meters away. But when Simon and Sonja went with a table loaded by the gate, and the table had to lift a little higher, a squall came and blew everything off the table! That happened to everyone who walked into his hands with a table. In no time it was a ravage of your Welsh. If the bugger had to be windows and skylights closed, awnings had to be turned on but because of the enormous wind this was almost impossible. An additional problem was that because of the hard rain, the roaring winds and the huge thunders that followed each other at a rapid pace, it was not understood if someone shouted at you something. Awnings had to be hung, but also our large party tent that I wanted to use for my ceramics was built. The hounds also walked outside and did not understand. Except Lavinia, who saw her chance where and began to eat all the food she could find on the ground, on. As the bugger we have done the hounds through open doors, not looking which hound where and if we all had them. Our awning at the front tent was already broken, so we first demolished it quickly before he could damage the car, when the canopy of Angelika was saved, that of Sonja could still wait (we thought) and then hung with eight men at the party tent. Large hail stones beat against our hands and that did twisted a lot of pain. In no time everyone was soaked and there was ten inches of water locally. Among others at my party tent where the ceramic boxes were already covered. There was no more saving here. Also our freezers stood deep in the water, all the chairs, dog beds/rugs that stood outside, everything, everything was soaked. When the storm fell and we could see the damage, the courage fell into our shoes. What an incredible gang!! Everywhere lay food, the pIMG_1269ans and dishes with food were filled with water, everywhere couched tables, chairs, plates and cutlery. Well, garbage bag and tidy. When the biggest troop was gone we went to watch the hounds. Most lay quietly to sleep only a confused brandir came at Angelika from the RV, Xena of Angelika, came from Sonja's camper and Silva from Sonja lag in our car. After having a bit of order again, we first got some drying and a glass of sect, we would see the next day. Friday shined the sun again and dried everything up quite quickly, except for the dog "water" bed, which needed a little longer. Of course I had an awful lot of extra work on my ceramics. All the boxes were soaked and several I couldn't even bite. First everything but displayed so that it could dry a bit in the right form, fortunately this went quite quickly and I could then extract everything and let the boxes dry and possibly paste back into the model with tape. The ceramics had nothing to do with it except the ones that were really under water, which after drying were pretty dusty and I have to finish with a tassel fabric.

Many had considerable damage and the enormous mess that had arisen took a lot of hours to clean up. In the meantime, the courses were turned off and it soon became apparent that two areas were not suitable in any case and did not meet the regulatory requirements of the FCI for a EKC-course. The minimum length is for the large varieties 800 meters and for the small varieties 600. Only Field 1 complied with this and it was also a fun and challenging course which was also well-overlooked by the officials. Two other fields were not fully overlooked for the Turner and the judges, the one had a length of 500 and the other 600 meters! Also the trailed courses did not suggest much. Last year, Simon agreed that he would also explain a course. This would be field 4. Simon had already started running a trail on Wednesday, but soon found out that he couldn't get rid of the necessary meters. It was promised that there was more mowing and that the glass would be cleared. Unfortunately this Friday had not yet happened and several people were in the meantime interfering with the race route so that Simon was forced to pull his hands. Here, something was put out where he was not behind. Field 4 would only be put into service on Sunday, and this area was not fully met by the requirements. Absolutely not championship worthy so!IMG_9619

On Friday-evening, the opening took place in the amphitheatre in the middle of the peninsula. There Simon (almost) was too late and had forgotten to attract his orange polo, I sent Sonja with that thing to him to dress and-audience him. IMG_9662There were several speakers, and the hounds who appeared to have won last year were still honoured. These were two, a German Azawakh and our Dutch Saluki; Non-Serviam Abdelhaziz of Henriette of Constance and Chris Bekker. The opening was brightened up by a ballet group with accompanying orchestra. The atmosphere was super again, and under the line of three orange colored Dutch people, a true party arose between the performances of the group.IMG_9663

Even Sonja couldn't control himself and stepped on Bernd Josh to work with him to dance a waltz on the merry Notes of the Wind Orchestra.

IMG_9681       IMG_9687       From 19 countries there were 808 hounds registered, with 157 reserves remaining. The number of hounds that actually started was on Saturday 305 and Sunday 443. The biggest report of course from Germany with 159 hounds, the Netherlands had 45 there. For the first time no Dutch Deerhounds at the start, where I was happy for several reasons. Firstly because of the glass, secondly because of the bad and short courses and thirdly because of the atypical Deerhounds that we currently see many appear on the Coursingveld and also win everywhere. By the way, this year it was very striking how many atypical rasvertegenwoordigers there milling about. Dogs that I really thought were the crossings were standing on stage in the evening. It is high time that all the greyhounds were tested on varietal purity.


What was noticed by the larger varieties like the greyhounds, the Deerhounds and the next day the Barsoi's, Chart Polski's and the Irish Wolfhounds, was that there was quite a percentage of lame going to the podium. And there are only twelve of them…. According to the Chef D'équipe this was not by glass but by the bad courses/terrains. There were also several hounds unsubscribed for the second circulation due to injuries. Among other glass anyway??? All in all, the Netherlands did not perform badly, two first places, four second places, one fourth and one fifth place and yet we sang three times the Wilhelmus. IMG_9746 I would like to add another critical note; We see more and more often that the FCI regulations for International Sighthound races and Lure coursing Events are not respected. In this case rules No. 1.2 Protection of Animals The safety and health of the animals must always guide all officials and participants during racing and lure coursing events. and 4.11.2 Track length for lure coursing. Distances to be applied for FCI European Lure coursing Championship • For Whippets and Italian Greyhounds: 600-800 metres • For all other Sighthound breeds: 800-1000 metres Small variations of the above distances are tolerated. Two years back, at the EKC in the Netherlands, there was a Whippet without her union booklet and she had already done a test run on the field where she was allowed to walk the same day. At least two rules have been violated in this one hound alone! Last year, in Hungary, because of the ground squirrel-holes were life-threatening, there was (just like this year) not enough spare material available and so I can go on. Rules are apparently to trample on. Is it not possible to abolish them all better? That makes it a lot more relaxed!  

Pressure, pressure, pressure.

Finally I have time again to report some about the O'Cockaigne hounds. Almost the whole month we have been on the road with hounds and caravan. But I start with April 20. On this day was the show in Goes. For this I had Brandir enrolled in the Youth class. Only three Deerhounds were reported; Prince of Jasper and Ineke, Bibelot of Marijn and Brandir. Prince became BOB and Brandir got the reserve CAC. He now has one point for his Dutch youth Championship and as the CAC moves on, also a tip for the "adult" championship.

On Tuesday, April 23, Calhoun received his 6th chemo cure. In the meantime he loses a lot of hair but where it was practically bald, it starts to grow again. He didn't respond so well to this "last" cure. He has not eaten for a long time and has therefore fallen pretty well. He was also very quickly tired and did not make much sense in walking. Since Johan de Vos wants to deal with him again, we had an appointment before 10 May. First blood pricking and checking and then we would take long pictures. The blood results were not so smash hit, some values were too high and it was decided that no chemo would be given. The long pictures looked "beautiful". HIEP!!!! That was at least something! In the meantime Calhoun is again completely the old and Tuesday 4 June we go again to Terneuzen for possibly its next chemo cure. On Thursday the 2nd of MIMG_9106ay we headed for Berlin. The night was halfway by Sonja, Brandir did not know what he saw when his sister came to greet him! The next morning we drove all the way to Göhlsdorf, Simon was invited to join the international coursing judging and I was asked to approve during their CAC show. The coursing would take place on a large fenced lawn and fortunately the hounds could stretch the legs here on Friday afternoon. But of course there also had to be walked. Saturday morning, Simon, Angelika and Sonja went on the road and soon left the majority of the 9 hounds. It was immediately hit, several hares had to choose the Hazenpad and Calhoun got red wild in his nose and was right away. After a thick 15 minutes he came exhaustIMG_9115 Copyed back, which had walked enough for the rest of the day! And Simon had enough stress for the rest of the weekend, which left Calhoun (fortunately) no more loose! The weather was extraordinary, almost 30 degrees but with a little wind so it was still well toefen. Only for a big walk it was soon too hot for our elderly club; 3 of 10 years and 1 of 11.5. On Saturday so the show, Sonja showed Brandir, Bernice and Silva. There were 9 Deerhounds reported, 8 present. Brandir and Bernice got their first YOUTHCAC and Brandir became JeugdBOB. BOB and BIS became the Kilbourne Harvest Moon, the brother of the father of Brandir and Bernice, living in Finland. Sunday, the coursing for which two Finnish Deerhounds were reported. One of them was blixen the Great Scott, this male had walked with Calhoun in the Czech Republic during the EKC in 2009. It was clear to see that he was a day old! Monday morning we all left again. We first went to Tüttleben to put our caravan there before the Pentecost weekend. From here we drove home on Tuesday.


Thursday, May 9th we had the Deerhound club match. Brandir became third in his class, Coney won the veteran class and Caintha was third in this class. Friday morning 10 May so first with Calhoun to Terneuzen. Then quickly get some stuff in the car, Calhoun out and Brandier Erin and head towards Dortmund. Sonja had left with me at the same time so that we would arrive roughly right in Dortmund. Unfortunately, Sonja landed in more traffic jams than me and I was there before. After a short fifteen minutes brandir and Bernice could greet each other again and we made a lovely walk in the large nearby park. Saturday was the VDH-Europasieger-Ausstellung in the Westphalia halls. 18 Deerhounds reported, 17 present. Brandir won the Youth Class (2) and got his second YOUTHCAC, Europe became Jugendsieger and JugendBOB. Bernice was not reported. For the Sunday there were 9 Deerhounds reported and all present. Brandir was now the only one in the youth class and was given a ZG because he was too young. Why do you sign a young dog in the Youth class???? Surely you can't expect a male of less than a year to finish??!! Luckily we could get away early so we could pack everything quietly and at the end of the afternoon I was back home. Brandir, 1 year and 3 days young.Wednesday morning we left again towards Tüttleben where we arrived around three. Angelika and Sonja were there a little later. After having installed everything again, we first took a glass of sect. It was delicious again and the enjoyment could begin. Although I have to admit that I still have to say that I did not travel to the world exhibition in Budapest. For this show I had reported in November Calhoun, Brandir and Bernice. Unfortunately, the bone cancer at Calhoun was reported. I still tried to replace him with Coney but got zero on the petition. Bernice continued to suffer from her panostitis and I decided not to go. Because just to travel with brandir that end and feel in it and in sad because of Calhoun, I didn't feel like it either. Anyway, then make the best of it in Tüttleben. Brandir and Bernice had a lot of fun together and together with Angelika and Sonja we stripIMG_9210ped Cody on Thursday of his coat. In stages we shaved and cut him and when he was finished he felt like a young god again. IMG_9354               IMG_9365  

Saturday there were 6 Deerhounds reported for the show. Brandir got his 3rd and thus last YOUTHCAC and may now call himself German Youth champion (DWZRV) He was also JeugdBOB. Since he was also the only male, he was automatically the best dog and bunch, he had to make the course against Xena of Angelika, an adult bitch who later became BIS. Bernice got her 2nd Youthcac. At least she shows up very well, we are already very happy with it. Hopefully she will be even stronger in her work because that doesn't look very nice yet.

C14In the meantime it had often rained very violently and there were gigantic puddles everywhere, so also on the Coursingterrein. Sunday and Monday was the coursing for which Simon was asked to build, run and master the course. On Wednesday afternoon he had already started to turn it off there on Thursday morning the town would partially mow the pasture. At first, Simon had explained a nice long trail, but then it turned out that the chainsaw, normally an iron-strong rotary device, did not pull it. Everything went down again, shortened, extra cut, nothing helped. It really was on the chainsaw. Sin of the beautiful long trail! But because of the rain it was a very spectacular route, the people had to go through water but also the hounds,IMG_9269 Copy which of course gave great pictures for the photo dig. Also the Middenterrein of the racecourse, where Brandir and Bernice could go out of their roof every day, showed large puddles. Since Brandir is absolutely not a water rat, Sonja drew her shoes at a given moment and stepped into the lake. Bernice followed faithfully but Brandir trusted it for no penny. After many lures and candies offering, Brandir stepped gently into the puddle and sure enough, he walked by! Next, Sonja lured him a few more times and now he has not disappeared. Meyappan, Meyappan, what a wimp! IMG_9456 Copy

On Tuesday there was racecourse training. In recent years Calhoun has always done a round race course, he loved that! Also now I got him up for a round. When he heard the hare and saw he was not to keep! He jumped around and screamed of enthusiasm. When he finally took the turn, he dragged me past the Starthok and was barely able to wait until the hare came. He started out super enthusiastic and walked the whole round. No more Saluki times for Calhoun but he has enjoyed it!! WTwo Houndsednesday Kookdag. Sonja, Angelika and Simon would cook for about 20 men and leave, after the shopping, the kitchen. In comparison with two years back, when there were 60 people to eat, they didn't have much work. At seven o'clock we were able to sit at the table and as usual everyone loved it!

Because of the rain we decided not to stay any longer, Thursday packed up again and drove home in one jerk. Bergen laundry, a wet awning, a dirty caravan and my ceramics that I want to finish before the EKC at the end of June, ensured that there was little time left to bore us. Tomorrow we will depart again towards Lichtenvoorde where Renvereniging Swift organises a coursing for the first time for which Simon has offered his cooperation. Hopefully the weather is a bit like that.

IMG_9139 Copy


SCAN0091After almost two years, on 15 March, I finally received the title "Dutch Champion beauty and performance" for Calhoun. Today, after returning home, I found a large "board of Management" envelope in the bus containing the same title for Caintha. They are the first two Deerhounds in the Netherlands who can wear this title.SCAN0090

We had another wonderful weekend in Axel. Simon has lived two days with the turntable and I with the hounds. Coney is made in stages and with such days I have a little more time for it, but after an hour of picking and combing, CoC2ney has always been spit bales and as soon as I'm not careful, she pinches it. I can imagine a bit of it and leave it alone for a while. Calhoun had a super weekend. On Friday he had already noticed that the adjoining park choked the rabbits. Since it is "very" difficult to keep him on the leash, I let him go. Together with Brandir he regularly plunged into the bushes. Mad fun! On Saturday he has coursed together with Caintha. He started again as a spear and enjoyed it clearly. We continue to find it scary but he knows how to use his body very well. Since about two months, Caintha gets tablets for her slightly too underactive thyroid gland. I found them so lethargic for a while and she was not comfortable in her skin. After an extensive blood test showed that her thyroid value was just slightly below normal, it was really minimal! But those tablets are trying and yes, they became more active and cheerful. After six weeks again blood decreased and now the value was good. So we love it, it's also much more pleasant for her!

Weekend wide show in England.


Since Sonja and I had planned to go to the wide show of the English Deerhound Club, Sonja stayed the days between Pentecost weekend and the wide show here. Fortunately it's a lot better with Bernice and so the puppies had fun for ten. The first days they simply couldn't stop playing and we had to get them in every now and then to relax. The problem is that when they get tired, they are going to make estimation mistakes and then run against them somewhere. They had jumped over a bank a few times, but at some point this went wrong and Brandir walked on three legs with a hole in his wrist, a hefty abrasion on his knee and a huge swollen second thigh. Traumeel and cold compresses did their miracles and the next day he ran again like a kachru. Also Silva and Calhoun find it wonderful to chase behind the puppies here on the premises but we prefer not because it always ends in a jar of chopping on one of the two puppies. Anyway after a little week of playing, Brandir and Bernice were a bit quieter and that gave good prospects for the trip to England as it was of course for the first time that they had to behave neatly in a hotel and fortunately they did that too.IMG_8996 The trip through the Eurotunnel was successful until we came to London in England. Here they were, as always, with the road busy and this caused of course long traffic jams. A little later than planned we arrived at the hotel and we first started walking with the hounds. Most of the vast estate was confiscated by a golf course, but there were also a few sports fields where no chicken could be seen. Here we have the daily Brandir and Bernice can have a good romp because they really need it! Unfortunately we forgot to take the camera every time, otherwise we really had some very nice pictures. Pity! Brandir found all those Deerhounds very exciting, every time there was someone with a Deerhound on the line he had to look at that, just as if he had never seen a Deerhound! He always wanted to greet them all and especially the very small puppies he found brilliant. At one point we were talking to Mick Peach when Toby, the breeder of Brandir and Bernice, came to us. A joyful resounding and after a good look also recognized the puppies Toby. I noticed that in one of the cars that stood with us, a Deerhound was very interested in looking at us. Until Betina came to us and said it was CSCARF! I walked right to him and through the Autorek I was completely licked. Betina had very serious hair just verzwikt and on this I immediately offered to show Cscarf the next day. That was a good idIMG_9009ea.


On Saturday we had to be out of the feathers because Brandir was in the first class. Judge was Sandy Platt of the Charbonell Deerhounds. The weather was fortunately slightly better than Friday, less wind but still very fresh. The sun seemed watery but in the course of the day she became stronger and when the wind was not there, it was delicious. Brandir was in the puppy class in which 11 were reported but 8 were present. He could not very much concentrate on showing, all the Deerhounds around the ring where he was not allowed to go was very difficult for him. He looked his eyes out! Yet the ring training, which I had followed with him for a few weeks, was very fruitful. The walk went fine and occasionally he kept standing neatly, by straining the tension and showing something too little cornDeerhound Club OS 6APR13 Image 63 (Nikon ref 136)ering but I was not allowed to complain because he was third!

Cscarf stood in Open Dog, 10 reported, 7 present. He showed himself very well by me and although he was not in top condition, he walked like a spear, I could barely keep him up. He was placed second, behind the Crufts winner this year. In the end he became a reserve Best Dog, 45 males behind him! C14

Sunday we were again early on as I promised Betina to walk with Cscarf in the Champion Parade. At half past ten we were at the ring but there was still virtually no one present. Normally you will get a folder on Friday on arrival with all information about this weekend; What time, what and where. Very handy. But this time we had not received anything and we had to ask someone every time with the result that we received occasional contradictory information. Anyway, we were clearly too early but this had the advantage that Brandir and Bernice could get used to the bagpipe player. They found it very interesting and had to look up close.IMG_9058 In ten quarters, most English champions were present and I had to head with Cscarf behind the bagpipe player to the ring. I have done this a number of times now and always find this a very emotional moment. Mary Girling suggested every champion and during the honorary lap through the ring we were rewarded by the bystanders with a loud applause. Then quickly a comb by brandir because it was reported for the Maiden Dog or Bitch Class. He was somewhat more relaxed, what got accustomed to all the Deerhounds to the ring and showed a lot better. He became third of the five and got his second beautiful yellow rosette. A wonderful toy! After having enjoyed the beautiful weather, all the Deerhounds and our friends and acquaintances have said goodbye, we headed back to the Netherlands. Of course we had a back-up in Belgium and in the evening after Eights got tired but met at home. It was a very nice weekend and the puppies have learned a lot again! IMG_9037IMG_9095

Calhoun is living on the Coursingveld!

CC2000 had a wonderful weekend again!DSC_2520

  Despite the great cold, during the Easter weekend we were a guest at mini camping "de Ganzenhof" in Bladel with our Coursingvrienden. Here we organized another delicious funcoursing on a large pasture. A small 60 hounds were reported there and only Talreja with her Barzoi's was not present by circumstances. Marc Gale lived again in his passion and made many beautiful pictures. Marc…. Thanks!!! Sonja was also back from the party and she was so sweet to bring a bag of home-baked biscuits for every participating hound. The hounds found them Héééérlijk!! Sonja, on behalf of everyone, thanks againDSC_2464!! For me this weekend had something very special. Brandir and Bernice had done something with us on a horse meadow in February, but never when there were other people and dogs. Despite the growing pains, Bernice ran well, and she was definitely not distracted. Once she has grown over this ailment, I think she will become a very good coursing hound. Brandir ran the entire trail very well following and all at a decent speed; A promise for the future. Caintha and Calhoun walked all day to whine that they actually wanted courses. Caintha is already 10 years old and I had said long ago that there was no more cDSC_2536oursing but she wanted so much so I voted. Also Silva, almost 7 years young, wanted to stretch her legs again and finally we decided to Caintha, Silva and Calhoun at the same time to Coursingveld. A number of people looked strange when we appeared with this trio at the start. "What Crazy does a Deerhound with three-legged courses do?" But people had to know what Calhoun is doing on those three legs! I was already noticing Calhoun that it was serious and not like the last tDSC_2538imes; Fanatically walk to the start and then remain standing. Also Caintha was again old fashioned fanatic. At the start they were barely kept, they really felt like it. But we had told Simon to turn a small piece, about 300/350 meters was enough. DSC_2539The first piece they ran right away but they soon got a bit out of it, so we looked a bit less tense. Because yes, it was for the first time that Calhoun went behind the Nephaasje and on a collision we were not waiting. DSC_2543   It was clear that they enjoyed all three of them and arrived at the reception it was also perfect. Simon knows exactly how to turn to avoid colDSC_2544lisions. It was wonderful to see Calhoun again courses and he also found it blissful. I am glad that at the time I took the decision to let his paw amputate, he is doing so well. And I'm sure if I hadn't done it, I should have let him sleep long ago. I hope that several people, by Calhoun, are convinced that a large hound can live very well on three legs and have a lot of fun.



3 X 10 = 30!!!


IMG_8892 Copy

Caintha, Cute Coney and Commander Cody 10 years Young!

Today, March 26, Caintha, Cute Coney and Commander Cody, have become 10 years old. A very respectable age! They are still very fit, walk along every day and play with Brandir. Caintha and Coney lived here all their lives, but Cody came back last June and has in no time adapted to our rhythm of life. With traveling he has no problem and the long walks he finds delicious.      IMG_8897 Copy Cody is a real woolly but that makes him quite attractive. Most people still think he's a puppy, especially if he's gonna play with a stick or make crazy bokkesprong! There he is very good at it!       IMG_8874 Copy IMG_8870 Copy     Is IMG_8872 Copyit not a lovely little guy?!IMG_8944 Copy

IMG_8948 Copy

IMG_8884 Copy

IMG_8928 Copy   IMG_8905 Copy We have been to "the most" today. A recreation area just across the border in Belgium. You can enjoy walking but the most important thing is that it consists of sand and water! And today there was also a severe wind! What does a greyhound want even more??!!             Also Calhoun is doing brave!

The Deerhound standard in Word and image.

A Deerhound consists of curved lines.After having worked for months, I have now published it; "The Deerhound standard in Word and image".

You can find this under ' De Deerhound '. For a long time I had the idea to do this because there are many people who actually have no idea what is meant in the standard or if there is no image. Since I have been in the Deerhoundwereld for a while and when judge has learned some about anatomy, I think I am doing well. If you have any questions, additions and/or comments, I would be happy to hear that.

Calhoun, still going strong!

In the meantime Calhoun has had his third chemo cure and fortunately again no nasty side effects. The first four days after administering, he gets Cerenia tablets against nausea and they do their job fine. He just keeps eating. Also the Peroxicam he still gets. However, he is IMG_8798currently losing his garnish. Also his paws are getting balder. But if that's the worst, I'll make sure. Johan de Vos has decided to Carboplatin Calhoun one time and the other time epirubicin to serve this in connection with the kind of osteosarcoma. Now but hope that the desired effect also reveals itself; Longer service life. However, Calhoun receives holistic support and recently Salvestrol. This seems to work very strongly celbeschermend and we have already heard very positive stories about it. So try it! In the meantime, we find that at Calhoun his hearing was in his linkerachterpoot. He barely listens, and certainly if he thinks something to see or wants to see something, he is gone. I can only walk a little behind him because he does not do it in principle. If I stay in his neighbourhood, and IMG_8669 Copyat some point the others give a biscuit loud and clear, he will come back again. It is difficult, because you have to take the time, as soon as you have an appointment there is no more. Keeping him on the leash is very difficult because his tempo is quite different and it is quite difficult for him to walk more slowly. If I want to walk so that it's easy for him, I have to jog. I like that, but not 20 minutes or longer! It is also quite frightening when he shoots behind, when something happens with his right hind leg we have a big problem. But yes, he still has to be able to stay a little himself and enjoy life.