How do I get a coursinglicentie for my hound?

Below ' article IX. 34 ' of chapter III title 9 "Coursing" of the national Ren and coursing regulations. This is how you can get a coursinglicentie for your hound. Hound with Hare "A Coursinglicentie is issued by the Commission. Coursingwedstrijden can only be taken by dogs, with a valid start-up license issued by the Commission. In order to issue a coursing and launch license and to overwrite a starting license on the name of a new owner, an amount to be determined at the rates decision shall be payable. If the Commission considers that the state in which a start-up licence is being used is in the way of its effective use, it may involve the start-up license. The Commission shall, on request, waive a duplicate of a start-up license that has been withheld or retained on the basis of the previous sentence, against payment of the fee for a starting license as stated in the tariffs decision. An issued start license remains the property of the Commission. Participants are obliged to pass on the results obtained abroad to the Commission. The validity of a start-up license expires at the end of the Coursingseizoen for which it was issued or if the owner of the dog is not a member of the Home Association which has applied for the start licence where the Home association is the Commission Immediately from the end of the membership. A starting licence which, in connection with a penalty imposed on the owner of the dog, may not be used or whose validity has lapsed, must be returned to the Commission without delay. For dogs of the breeds that need to be measured and are dimensioned because they are too high, a starter license for the Sprinter class is issued for national competitions as referred to in article IX. 8. C. A. Starting licences are issued only for dogs that are:-15 months old if they belong to the varieties Whippets, Italian greyhounds, Cirneco, Basenji, Podengo Portuges Medio and Pequeno and those at the beginning of the calendar year the age of eight Have not yet reached the age of 18 months if they belong to the other varieties and which, at the beginning of the calendar year, have not yet reached the eight-year period,-which are registered in the Dutch studbook position as belonging to one of the win Dhondenrassen, Podenco Ibicenco, Podenco Canario, Pharaohound, CirnecIMG_4593o, Podengo Portuges or Basenji. -for which a HONDENPAS has been issued. -owned by a member of the Windhondenren Association requesting the start license. B. A starting license must be requested from the Commission by the Dog's home association, using a form available to the Commission. If a dog is requested for the first time, the application must be accompanied by:-A copy of the pedigree; -a copy of the registration certificate; -A copy of the Union booklet showing that the dog has not been vaccinated for more than 12 months before Hondenziekte, hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parvo and kennel cough; -A copy of the Union booklet showing that the dog has a valid rabies vaccination; -A picture of 6 × 4 cm. With the entire dog with the head to the right. -A haasvastverklaring or a good round declaration as referred to in article VI. 19 or a valid renlicentie; -For the varieties to be measured, a copy of the measurement report referred to in article VI. 26 paragraph 5. Applications for starting licenses for a new Coursingseizoen must be submitted annually before the start of the new season. The application must be accompanied by:-The starting license of the dog concerned for the preceding season; -a copy of a valid certificate of vaccination against rabies in the event that the graft is not valid throughout the new season; -in a case referred to in article VI. 28, first paragraph, and article VI. 29, a copy of the new measurement report. C. A coursinglicentie is issued to the owner of the dog only after the designated Association officer has satisfied that the decks, basket and belt of this owner comply with the requirements and in good And the owner is in possession of these rules. D. In the case of transfer of ownership of a dog with a valid start-up licence, the new owner must submit the licence to the Commission with the modified ascription within two weeks of receipt of the registration certificate, using its home association, with the Request to change the ascription. The request shall be accompanied by a copy of the registration document certifying that the new owner is registered as owner in the Dutch studbook position. 2.   A haasvastverklaring may be issued by three persons empowered to do so by the Commission if the dog has walked two Coursingparcoursen in an association with a rasgenoot. In the case of a numeric small variety, the routes may be walked with as much as possible equivalent dog of another breed rather than with a rasgenoot. In order to obtain a coursinglicentie the dog or a haasvastverklaring or a good round declaration according to article VI. 19 must have obtained or in possession of a valid renlicentie. 3.   Articles VI. 23 to VI. 32 Apply to varieties of Whippets and Italian Greyhounds ".