A second life for the engraved pictures.

2002 Bild Schilder 002Engraved images.

If you show up intensively, you will also receive many cups. Storing all cups is not an option, but you can keep the pictures that are on it. Usually they are of metal or plastic, you can pick them up with a sharp knife, but if the printed paper labels are not usually possible. The plates of the cups that have value, e.g. A CAC at a large tender, an BIS or a first place of an important coursingwedstrijd, you can collect and paste into a photo frame. You can keep the substrate neutral or with a coloured rag/piece of cardboard. You can only paste the pictures on it or also do some nice photos. You can also give every hound its own price list or paste it per year from all the shown hounds. If you don't want such a striking "painting" on the wall, you can simply paste the pictures into a beautiful album. Please note that the paper is sturdy enough!


Do you have any nice ideas for the engraved pictures, please let me know and I mention it hereby.