A pass on the place for Calhoun.

C16After having received his 7th chemo cure on June 4, Calhoun, he has been lousy for a few days. Lifeless, diarrhea and not eating said me more than enough. On the 1st of July we went back to Terneuzen and his blood was also watched in his urine. It turned out that there were traces of blood in his urine, and some blood values were too high. So… no chemo and after a week come back for an extended echo of his guts to see where that blood comes from. June 9, on the echo everything looked fine; No distortions, no visible metastases, no bleeding, nothing was there to see what the blood in the urine could explain. But there was still some blood in it and his creatinine was even slightly higher than the week before. The only explanation for the blood in the urine is that the kidneys are slightly damaged inside, so Calhoun must be on a nierdieet. That in itself is no problem at all, especially not with Barfen, and Calhoun eats everything I do to him. Meanwhile we went to De Bilt and Tomas was very satisfied with Calhoun. He hamzah no negative things only showed indeed the medulla of the kidneys what to be affected. After a good acupuncture treatment, we were reassured to go home again. Before the 31st of July we have an appointment with Johan de Vos and we hope that the values will come back.


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