Complaint about Calhoun!

C14Last week there was suddenly a very nice gentleman with us on the pavement. When he was halfway through the terrain he was of course noticed by the hounds and exuberantly greeted by Caintha, Brandir and Calhoun. Once we came to our house, the best man expressed himself as a controller of the dog or animal protection, I do not know anymore. He told Calhoun that he was looking for a complaint because of the fact that Calhoun coursing had walked! I told him that he had just been stormed and greeted by Calhoun and that so it went fine with him. Then I called Calhoun and the best man couldn'tDSC_2547 say anything other than that Calhoun looked beautiful. The other hounds and how they live here, gave him the same. Of course, there was talk about Calhoun's courses, but the gentleman soon had to say that the complaint didn't hit anything. I told the best man that Calhoun was already a puppy of 5 to 6 weeks behind the plastic patch and that he kept doing all his life, plastic and real. Also that during a normal walk or round-racing here on our own terrain behind Brandir on, 100 times more intensively than such a small piece of "coursing" what he did during the trainings of an association or our own Coursingfeestje. The nice gentleman made notes and showed clearly that he had the feeling for nothing to have come. And that was of course the case. When I accompanied him back to his car, he said, "It's a paradise for those dogs." And yes, it's not for nothing to be called O ' Cockaigne.

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I do have a suspicion of who has hurled this. I just want to say that it was/is laughable and that I very much think it is wasting precious time of people who are really desperately needed in a lot of other places and that it is a waste of money that has cost this action. I therefore propose to the person responsible to make a substantial donation to the body where he has lodged this complaint. That would be really sporty!!

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