Cute Coney O'Cockaigne

IMG_8948 CopyCeltic Cross Coney


"The Love of My Life", Cute Coney O'Cockaigne, is no longer among us. Saturday 14 September at 7.00 o'clock in the morning, I have to say goodbye to her.


A week earlier we were still at the Jahresausstellung in Hoisdorf (D) where I showed Coney in the veteran class. The Thursday she had a lot of fun in the creek and the woods at Sonja. Nothing pointed to the coming doom. Monday the 9th of September she didn't make much sense in the forest walk and didn't want to eat in the evening either. Strange, because Coney was a very good eater after her sterilization. Tuesday evening she ate again with lots of appetite and I thought the trip might have been too much for her. After all, she was almost ten and a half. But on Wednesday morning Simon woke me up with the announcement that Coney had spat blood. Right I stood next to my bed and went to look. Coney did not show sick or lousy, but there was a puddle of blood under her snoot on the ground. She had no fever, only an inciting thirst. Very unusual. In no time I was at the vet and she was groped, X-ray and echoed. Nothing to feel, nothing to see. She also gave no pain. The diagnosis that was made was; Most likely a stomach ulcer, quite possibly a tumor. I went home with thIMG_0496e necessary medicine and in the course of the afternoon Coney gave up a little bit of blood with water, but then it was over. This gave hope.


On Wednesday-evening, her temperature went up well above 40 degrees. Soon to the duty vet for an injection since I was afraid that the temperature would only go on and that I would be in trouble in the middle of the night. Her temperature dropped and Thursday morning she was quiet and she walked a little bit. Thursday afternoon back for control, now she did hurt and I got painkillers with it. She still wanted to eat nothing, just drink. Friday, her temperature had fallen below 38, for her normal. She became increasingly unstable when she went out to do a pee but she was quiet and relaxed. By twelve o'clock at night it went wrong, she got pain and became restless. After consultation with the vet, I gave her more pain relief and spent the night next to her. Every now and then she was quiet and dozed both in but then flared the pain again and I had to give her some again. By half past six, I gave her some more, but she didn't react anymore and kept a lot of pain. At half past six, Rens called out his bed and asked if he could get the right. With half an hour he was there and has redeemed Coney from her pains. I have gone too quickly, and I realise that it is no longer there.


My Coney, my "Cutie the Beauty", she has given me so much, a bunch of wonderful children, many moments when I was very proud on her but especially much love. What a wonderful character she had!!


All her details can be found under O'Cockaigne Deerhounds-Our Deerhounds

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