Deerhound Jahresausstellung to Hoisdorf (D)

Due to Coney's sickness and death I had not yet come to report the Deerhound Jahresausstellung. But better late than never. IMG_0486 IMG_0487On 7 September The annual Deerhound Jahresausstellung took place in Hoisdorf (D). There were 66 Deerhounds reported for the widely known keur Mistress Mrs. Lisbeth Mach. Since this location was rather in the north of Germany, the number of hounds reported was lower than normal. There were also two other shows and the races in Versoix. As usual, the show was opened with Scottish music and every participant was given a glass of whisky when entering the ring.   After the "Stolper class" in which 9 puppies were viewed, the veterans first came into the ring. Eight veterans bitches were reported there, unfortunately one absent. Best veteran became Fritzen Romantic (eight years and three months) of Rüdiger Jaacks, she became later even best bitch! My Cute Coney (ten years and five months) was placed fourth. IMG_0496   The males were then approved. Two dogs in the Puppieklas.   Hereafter the Youth class in which Brandir had to compete against the ' Youth World Champion ' Fortheringhay's Fearwald Fable by Cristina Wüger. This beautiful young male won a shiny empire by Brandir. But Brandir got (in my opinion very unjustifiably) the trophy for ' best head of the Puppy and youth classes '. IMG_0505         IMG_0503                     Then the five champions came into the ring. Here Pyefleet won Raffles from Rüdiger Jaacks, he would later become BOB and BIS2. In the Open Class five males of which only one got a ZG appeared. Neroche Indigo to Oelmühle won this class, beautiful male but can be a bit more masculine. Unfortunately, Lisbeth Mach did not really rigorously accept what I always see as a disadvantage for the breed. In the Bitches puppy class only one dog. Five Bitches in the youth class including Bernice. Bernice did not want to show himself, did not let himself be groped and walked like a mop. She was third, because she is very rastypisch, with too high a valued ZG.IMG_0517

Seven Deerhound bitches in the intermediate class, one ZG and seven bitches in the Champion class, all with a U. Four girls in the use dog class including my Caintha of ten and a half years. She was fourth, partly because she ran something lame. Best of this class was Grayrory's Exclusive of Ake and Maria Käck. This maid also got the trophy for ' best head of the adult classes ' and Beinn Mhor McGrain Caoinlan (2h) from Danuta Materzok-Köppen got the ' Terichline Feet Trophy '.

IMG_0544         Nine bitches were reported there for the Open class. This was won by Fritzen Celeste of Randi butts but my preference was for Grayrory's Fabulous. Fabulous has a better front, the head is Rastypischer (also in relation to the body) and has a better topline.   IMG_0552 IMG_0553                           Anyway, for BOB so raffles and Romantic, both of Rüdiger Jaacks, back in the ring and Raffles went with the honor off.

Photo 6

Left Fritzs Romantic with "The Cute Coney Forest Trophy", in the middle Lisbeth Mach and right Pyefleet Raffles with the "Miss Norah Hartley Trophy" and owner Rüdiger Jaacks. The complete results can be found at "exhibition results".  

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