Hound with HareCC2000

  On the 2nd of November we had a very successful weekend with CC2000. Via a tip from Talreja we arrived in low ants. After Simon had been looking a few times and had made appointments, we were very welcome on 2 November. A small sixty dogs were logged in and quite a few campers and caravans came to the terrain during the course of the Thursday. The weather forecasts were not really smash hit for the Saturday but in the end it all turned out to be very nice, it was a bit fresh and at some point it was gemiezer-raining but all this was not allowed to press the fun. In the surroundings you could walk a lovely and because it was at the end of a road it was also very quiet. Really a place to return again. Since I have not made any pictures myself, here is the link to a series of photos made by our "court photographer" Marc Gale. HTTP://WWW.FLICKR.COM/PHOTOS/BLIZZARDJE/SETS/72157637320353825/for the Friday night we had a fat 20 man to eat. Jacqueline always finds it a challenge to put something tasty for many people on the table, and this time again it has worked fine. It is always very cosy and most of them continue to talk to the late hours. It was again a really old-fashioned weekend course. No whining, everyone lets his hound walk to his own liking and insight, no gestrezzzz and especially many happy dogs snoeten. Delicious!!!    

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