Calhoun will soon be celebrating its second birthday this month!

IMG_0368At the end of August, I got blood again at Calhoun. The creatinine was then 140. Not frighteningly high but higher than late July. On 10 October the weather had risen slightly, to 142. Since I did not see that rising line, I had made an appointment before 18 November with Mr R.J. Cantu. This doctor is specialized in nutrition and wanted to see if Calhoun's diet could be adapted so that his kidneys would be more well-known. I had already emailed Calhoun's complete nutrition list and during the consultation, Mr. Cantu told me that it was one of the better nutritional lists he had seen from private individuals. Also Calhoun's urine and blood were researched and now it turned out to be my fright the creatinine rose to 176! Also there was still some blood in his urine. Mr Cantu mailed me that same afternoon the result of the blood and urine tests with the necessary changes for the diet. Calhoun had to eat more, I also found him slightly too skinny, and there had to be more choline, zinc, iodine and less gistocal and no more garlic by his food. The 200 grams of boiled potatoes were 400 and the amount of mashed vegetables was also doubled. Calhoun became a potato eater! The meat I kept at about 200 grams. Luckily he ate it well but soon I noticed that it was very much. He arrived within 11 days a thick half kilo, which was fine but really much heavier he should not be because then his joints are taxed too much. By now I had an appointment with Johan de Vos. On Friday 29 November a CT scan would be made to see if there were any metastases.

Celtic Hare

The days before November 29th I had quite a bit of nerves. How would it look? How high would the creatinine be now?

First of all, Calhoun was well looked at and felt. No strange things. Then his blood and urine were examined again. For his urine I have to make another ultrasound because there is still some blood in it. But then came the first good news, the creatinine was again sunk to 141! That goes again in the right direction! Also the other values were slightly lower. Then an X-ray has been taken to see if there were any metastases. If they were already on an X-ray, we didn't have to make a scan anymore. That would be a waste of money and time. But……. The X-ray looked beautiful! Nothing to see, at least no metastases. So Calhoun and prick got to go to sleep and was pushed into the scanner a little later. After a small half hour he passed and I was left with him in a room to let him wake up. Now the scan was viewed and I was told that everything looked fine! What a relief, no metastases to see, Calhoun may have a while on this kind of bastard running around!! It is of course not a guarantee and next month it may be different but we are now almost a year after the amputation so we have good hope that it will continue to go well for much longer. So on December 21st we draw a bottle of sect open on Calhoun's second birthday, last December 2 he was 6, 21 December he becomes 1!!!

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We hope to do so often! A playing Calhoun! and a coursing Calhoun!


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