becomes Chidish father???


On 17 and 18 November, Cockaigne Chidish of the Meirse Weiden Olórin vom Welzerberg covered. If everything goes as desired, puppies will be born at Iris Coppee around 20 January.

Iris has been in Deerhounds for about as long as I have and has already brought several Deerhound litters under the kennel name ' vom Welzerberg ' which is in the name of Susanne Ottofülling, breeder of Irish Wolfhounds and formerly also Deerhounds in Germany. Iris has also shown and coursing with her hounds, so she has a lot of experience and understanding of the breed.


The pups are born in her house and remain in the house, with their mother Olórin and between the Australian Terriers. Since Iris has a grooming salon, there are regularly people and children on the floor. The puppies also go in the car at a very young age to a well-fenced piece of land where they can take a good fool and run. So the puppies are super well socialized!

Both Chidish and Olórin are examined at their heart just before the cover and were found well. Chidish is also Factor VII free.

If genetics does not let us down, the puppies of the work type are built with beautiful ribwelving and powerful bone.


The maternal great grandmother of Chidish, Cute Coney O'Cockaigne, is a sister of the grandfather of Olórin on mothers side, Chazz O'Cockaigne.

If you are interested in a puppy, please contact Iris; Tel: 0315-654859 or via the e-mail

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